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Kalasinball is a provinceball of Thailand-icon.png Thailandball. It is one of Thailandball's seventy six provinces (changwat), and is located in upper north eastern Thailandball. It's nicknames are 'Green Heart of Thailand' and 'Mueang Nam Dam' (black water city). The province's motto is 'Reverend Father Ong Dam, Fahdang Song Yang City, Ponglang Exception, Phu Thai culture, Praewa Silk, Pha Savoey Phu Phan, Maha Tarn Lampao and Dinosaur, animal world, million years.'

The province came into existence on the 1st October 1947, but the Lawaballs had lived in the area 1,600 years ago, with the first settlement founded in 1793. It became a province earlier in the 20th century, but when Thailandball faced a great economic depression in 1932, it was absorbed as a district in Maha Sarakhamball, another province in Thailandball. The district became a province again in 1947.