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    Ancient Armeniaball was a Caucassia kingdom, disputed between SPQRball and Parthiaball.


    Ancient Armeniaball born shortly before Urartuball died. It was then adopted by Achaemenidball until becoming independent when Macedonball defeated Achaemenidball.

    In the first century BC, it rose to its greatest power, getting its independence from Seleucids and expanding its clay stretching from modern-day Georgia to the Mediterranean Sea by defeating Seleucidball, who was in its last years already. After a few decades SPQRball and Parthiaball hacked it back down to size though.

    It was allowed to exist because both SPQRball and Parthiaball knew that if one of them took its clay, the other would invade them. It was good friends with both though. It disliked Sassanidball for killing its friend Parthiaball. It was of mighty Panganism who followed glorious dragon-remover Vahagn and golden mother Anahit until 301, when it decided to become Christian (first country to do so), partly to piss Sassanidball off.

    It then made its own Elvish alphabet, that modern Armeniaball still uses. Eventually, its clay was divided up between Byzantineball and Sassanidball. It did not really die though, it merely got passed from empireball to empireball for a few centuries, resurfacing in the 800's AD as Bagratid Armeniaball.

    It had four main dynasties:

    • Orontid (570 BC - 200 BC)
    • Artaxiad (189 BC - 12 AD)
    • SPQRball Rule (12 AD - 54 AD)
    • Arsacid (54 AD - 428 AD)



    • Romans - Mostly a friend, though it is overbearing sometimes, and it wants my clay. As Arcasidball he beat it to become Christian first. But you claimed my throne!
    • Ancient Greeceball - We were good friends before SPQRball absorbed it. Similar culture and religion. Even borrowed its alphabet for a while. But the Anahit statue is of mine! It's not a statue of Aphrodite or Artemis dammit!
    • Parthiaball - Best friend, we also have similar culture and gods. Glory to Mihr/Mithra! But you claimed my throne!!
    • Caucasian Albaniaball - Cute little wannabe of me.
    • Kingdom of Pontusball - My little friend. Don't worry, I'll protect yuo.


    How to Draw

    Orontid Ancient Armeniaball was too old for flag, but Ancient Armeniaball had two flags later. In some comics Artaxiad Armeniaball is drawn as a rectangle similar to Reichtangle, owing to the time that he conquered much of the Middle East.

    Artaxiad Armeniaball:

    • Draw a circle
    • Draw a golden star/flower with eagles on each side with their heads turned toward each other.
    • Color background purple.
    • Draw the eyes and you're finished.

    Arsacid Armeniaball:

    • Same but draw two birds facing one another, with a golden sun design in between, against a blue background.


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