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    2023 Israel–Hamas war

    On 7 October 2023, an armed conflict involving Hamasball and Israelcube happened after 3000 rockets were launched from Gazaball. Many people from both sides were massacred during the conflict. Hezbollahball was also involved in the conflict, fighting against Israel in the northern frontier. On 28th of October, Israelcube invaded the Gaza strip, with claims that they sucessfully surrounded Gaza city in a pocket by reaching the shore.

    International Country Reaction[edit]

    The conflict has sparked outcry from many countryballs against both Hamasball and Israelcube.

    • USAball - Israelcube is muh good friend and we send mighty American cruisers to deter crazy Hamasball. But, I would appreciate it if you toned down your strikes and avoid the risk of hitting hospitals.
    • Ukraineball - We fully support Israelcube's defense. Hamasball is just an evil puppet of the demon devil itself.
    • Indiaball - We give support to Israelcube during these tough times. However, Palestineball should still be independant.
    • Chinaball - We urge the need for cooperation and a two-state solution. I believe these two can share their clay peacefully one day.
    • Russiaball - This conflict is an example of fat burger's imperialist failures in the East, biased towards enabling Israeli genocide against Palestineball.
    • Indonesiaball - I can't believe that asshole destroyed my hospital in Gaza for no reason. It keeps on complaining aku for sheltering Hamas in my hospital. No matter what, Aku mau that zionist die if it keeps on slaughtering innocent Palestinians like this. However some of my people despise Israel while some of them despise Gaza because of what really happened in 7th october ago. I might didn't like Hamas, but I stand for Palestine, end of the story.
    • Turkeyball - Same as Indonesia, I always support Palestine whenever I want.
    • Iranball - Once again, the demonic Zionist regime has commited mass genocide against innocent men, women and children with blockades. Then, yuo blow up a hospital killing hundreds! Down with Israel and America! Welcome Palestine! Our patience is running out. Heed my warning Israelcube, leave... or else.
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