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    Fatimidball was a Fat and Timid Pyramid the fourth caliphate. However it was supposed by some islamic historians to not be named as Fatimid Caliphateball, because of the fact that it did not reach the holy cities of Makkahball and Medinaball.


    The dynasty was founded in 909 c.e. when the Fatimid armies overthrew the Aghlabid Dynastyball, who was a successor to Abbasid Caliphateball.

    Claiming decent from the prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima, the Fatimids, since their creation in 909, had been an enemy of the Abbasids, sponsoring the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam. Its history is very unknown. In 969 they conquered and founded Cairoball.

    Over time, the Fatimids would sink into internal problems, which would lead to a split in the Ismaili community. It all began in 1094 after the death of Caliph al-Mustansir Billah, who had two sons: Nizar and Musta'li.

    Nizar was designated as the heir apparent by his father. However, with the support of the powerful vizier al-Afdal Shahanshah, Musta'li seized power and assumed the title of caliph. This succession dispute led to a significant rift within the Fatimid ruling elite and among the Ismailis, with two main branches emerging: the Nizari and Musta'li, each with its own line of leadership and theological interpretations.

    Musta'li's would retain control of the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt and establish their own line of rulers. While the Nizari, led by Hasan-i Sabbah, established a network of strongholds in Persia and Syria that became known as Nizari Ismaili Stateball.

    In 1171 the dynasty came to an end with the overthrow by Salah-al-Din (or Saladin in the West), a Kurd who established Ayyubidball.




    • Seljukball - Don't try attacking me! We might ally against the Nizaris though! Also gib Jerusalemcube back to me because it is of mine!


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