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    お前はもう死んでいる。(Omai wa mou shindeiru)
    — Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star

    Japanball, officially known as the State of Hentaiball, Kawaiiball and Dekuball Japanball, is an island located in the part of East Asia. is a imperialistic sovereign state with a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The capital and largest metropolitan area in the world and the capital cityball is Tokyo-icon.png Tokyoball. The Emperor is a figurehead who performs ceremonial duties. Japanball is the largest island country in East Asia and the 4th largest island country in the world. his clay has a total of 377 975 square kilometers, making him the 61st biggest country. 126 million people live there which makes it the 11th most populous countryball in the world (2021) and 2nd most populated island country, just behind Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball. It has the 8th largest exclusive economic zone which is 4,470,000 sq km. Since most of Japan's clay is sea territory it does not yet have the technology to live in the sea. He is also called "land of the rising sun" because being the most eastern country in East Asia and the kanji (symbols) literally mean "the sun's origin" (日本).

    Japanball has the third-largest economy in the world. He is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), the countryballs with the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon.png EUball. He is also a member of the exclusive G7 (Group of Seven) and the OECD-icon.png OECDball for one of the most economic countryballs in the world, and the UN-icon.png UNball. He is considered a great power. Throughout its history, Japanball has achieved outstanding scientific and economic progress. Japanball is also one of two balls that can have cat ears and cattail (kawaii), the other is Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball. He also invented emojis.

    His clay is made of about 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are Hokkaido-icon.png Hokkaidō, also a prefectureball, Honshū, Kyūshū, and Shikoku. Honshū can be divided into the regionballs of Tōhoku, Kantō, Chūbu, Kansai, Chūgoku, which along with the other islands adds to a total of 8 regionballs. Japanball is divided into 47 prefectureballs, consisting of 2 urban prefectureballs, 1 territoryball, 1 metropolisball (his capitalball Tokyo-icon.png Tokyoball), and 43 prefectureballs proper. Japanball is separated from his neighbors by vast seas. His neighbors are North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball and South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball and China-icon.png Chinaball to the west, Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball to the southwest, and Russia-icon.png Russiaball to the north. His maritime borders are the Okhotsk Sea to the north, the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea to the south, East Sea to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

    He was once an isolated feudal country with a warrior class known as the samurai and Shogun (military dictators) as the de facto rulers from 1192 till 1868. This made Japan a "warrior nation". Then he became a major world player and Asian superpower as the Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball. It was one of the largest empires in history. He was a member of the Entente in WW1. He was one of the few major non-European empires, just like his then-friendly-rival, USA-icon.png USAball. Later he joined the Nazi-icon.png Axis Powers in WW2, but lost and went back to living peacefully, and thus creating stuff that strengthens his economy. He was really an avid fan of art since the 15th century. Nowadays Japanboru has a lot of "soft power" influence and gets more money through his greatest invention -- The DVD. He is famous for high tech and video games like Sonic, Kirby, Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, etc. The USA-icon.png American-written 1947 constitution made Japan a pacifist country. In 2015 he had the 4th highest ranked military force Self-Defense Forces in the world. USA-icon.png USAball wants Japan-icon.pngJapanball to help more in the world. So it is gradually shedding its pacifist ideals. Sadly, his population is also decreasing due to anime girls.

    Despite being wealthy and developed, Japanball is not considered an Hong Kong-icon.png South Korea-icon.png Singapore-icon.png Taiwan-icon.png Asian Tiger.


    Japanball lives in harmony with ancient traditions and high tech. Harmony, the collective (greater good), traditions, and unity are important in Japanball culture and society. The group is often put before the individual. Japan-icon.png Japanball respects his ancient culture such as sumo wrestling, tea ceremony, martial arts, festivals, etc. He loves to eat seafood like sushi that he fishes from his vast sea territory. Japanball likes life with rules, order, cleanliness, and hierarchy and dislikes unpredictable things such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and Godzilla. Fujisan (Mount Fuji)(Japanese:富士山) is regarded as a sacred mountain and admired for its natural beauty. He loves the sun because Japan is the "land of the rising sun" (Nihon, 日本). He is polite and a tech-guru. Politeness depends on your status. Japanball is a workaholic and he loves to work it's all for money. He also works into the night to serve his company. He has little free time and frequently puts work before dating, family, and friends. Japan-icon.png Japanball enjoys all kinds of anime and video games. He can act modest and shy to strangers. Japan-icon.png Japanball likes everything that is kawaii. Gaining and keeping honor is sometimes more important than material things. Japanball is punctual and wants everything to be on time, getting angry when other countries are a few minutes late.

    Japan-icon.png Japanball is semi-pacifist due to the 1947 constitution that was forced given by USA-icon.png USAball. It made Japan-icon.png Japanball kawaii like a catgirl. However, tensions and disputes with neighbors South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball, China-icon.png Chinaball, Russia-icon.png Russiaball, and a possible nuclear threat from North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball lead to the rearming of Japanball to protect itself. The pacifism is slowly, but surely decreasing.

    Many people in USA-icon.pngAmerica and plenty of other countries associate Japan with, Shoguns, Samurai, Shinobi Ninjas (Japanese:忍び) from the Sengoku jidai (Japanese: 戦国時代) and the Edo jidai (Japanese:江戸時代), despite Japanball being very ahead of those old days.

    As the 4th largest island country, the Japan-icon.png Japanball people are islanders. Many people have an island mentality. He prefers to be inward-looking and preoccupied with their own weird culture and society. They see themselves as superior unique from all other countryballs. They like to live in their own world and care less about other countryballs. Sometimes Japan-icon.png Japanball becomes isolationist when it had enough of the barbarians gaijins (foreigners) on their clay. It finds the continental people (continentball) gaijins strange and entertaining. As a fellow island country, Japanball can better understand UK-icon.png Igirisu-san, Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan-san​​, Philippines-icon.png Firipin-kun, Palau-icon.png Parao-kun, and Indonesia-icon.png Indoneshia-kun.

    And VERY, VERY, Kawaii.


    1-icon.png Prehistoric and Ancient Japan 1-icon.png

    The first arrival to the Japanese archipelago was the Caucasian-looking 1-icon.png Jomonball (14,000 – 1000 BC). They had a hunter-gatherer culture and made the finest pottery. Then the 1-icon.png Yayoi Japanball (1000 BC - 300 AD) arrived and brought new technology such as iron tools and rice cultivation. Japan became a settled agricultural society. The 1-icon.png Jomonballs and 1-icon.png Yayoiballs mixed and formed the modern Japanball people.

    Classical Japan

    Like all historically existed formal regimes in Japan, his 'leader de jure' is the Kousitsuball (皇室ボール), the Japanese Imperial Familyball, founded since 660 BC, the age of Jimmu (神武天皇). There were long periods of clan warfare and civil wars. At first, Japanball practiced Shintoism before learning about Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism. He started having emperors and eventually became a samurai. For most of Japanball history, it was ruled by military governments. The Shogun (supreme military dictator), the daimyo (feudal lords), and the samurai (military nobility, officers) ruled Japan from 1192 till 1868. Kousitsuball was mostly a figurehead without real power. The nobility had limited power largely in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. So Japanball has many centuries of militarism as a "warrior" country were samurai, katanas (weapons), ninjas and bushido were very important. After the WW2, Kousitsu-ball became the 'symbolic leader', not anymore the 'leader de facto'. But it's true that Kousitsu-ball had been, and is still the leader de jure since 660 BC.

    Feudal Japan

    Japanball's clay is far from the Asian continent. So it was difficult for continental people to reach the Japanese islands. The sea storms (tsunami) and steep mountains made it near impossible and very costly to invade, but some have tried like Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball.

    One day, after the Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongolballs, conquered most of Asia and Eastern Europe, like Russia. it tried to take Minamoto Clan-icon.png Kamakuraball's clay but couldn't because of mighty Kamikaze typhoon (神風) and the fierce samurai of Minamoto Clan-icon.png Kamakuraball. They resisted two Mongol invasions in 1274 and 1281. The Ashikaga shogunate ruled Japanball from 1338 to 1573.

    An important daimyo (feudal lord) was Oda-icon.png Oda Clanball. He (Oda Nobunaga, the leader of the clan) unified much of Japanball in the Sengoku period (warring-states) from 1560 to 1582 CE. The Oda-icon.png Oda Clanball successfully gained control over most of Japan's main island Honshu and he ruled much of ​Japanball until his death in 1582. He was succeeded by his best friend, the daimyo Toyotomi-icon.png Toyotomi Clanball (Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the leader of the clan). He ended the Sengoku period (warring-states of Japan) and ruled ruthlessly, dis-empowering those he hated and giving power to those he favored.

    In 1592, the Toyotomi-icon.png Toyotomi Clanball ordered the Japanese invasions of Joseon-icon.png Joseonball(1592–1598) to reach Ming-icon.png Mingball. He quickly captured Joseon-icon.png Joseonball's capital, but Admiral Yi won battles in the sea. The initial invasion was in 1592 which was a success. Then there was a brief truce in 1596. After that, there was a second invasion in 1597, but Joseon-icon.png Joseonball with the help of Ming-icon.png Mingball pushed him back. He retreated in 1597. Just before the final wars, the Toyotomi-icon.png Toyotomi Clanball died at 61 years old in 1598. This paved the way for Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball to rise to power and he ruled all of Japan as the Shogun (military dictator) from 1603 till 1867 CE.

    Japanball's fathers, Tokyo-icon.png Edoball and Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball, were reclusive hermits and closed most of Japan from foreigners. However, Japanball had connections with some westerners like the Dutch Empire-icon.png Dutch Empireball and PortugueseEmpire-icon.png Portugalball. Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball was very suspicious of foreigners gaijin such as the Dutch Empire-icon.png Dutch , UK-icon.png British Empireball, Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball, and USA-icon.png USAball. Japanball was closed for gaijin from 1635 until 1853 when USA-icon.png USAball arrived and taught him to open their markets totally not through Gunship Diplomacy.

    Modern period

    During the late 1860s revolutions began to sprout across the nation, because the shoguns could not protect Japan and it had to modernize to prevent westerners from exploiting and taking its clay. The Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball Shogunate was replaced with the House of the rising sun and a modern constitutional monarchy. Its leader being Emperor Meiji had most power on, but the Prime Minister was the real ruler of the Empire of Japanball. In 1868 Japan started actively trading with other European countryballs as well, but Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Germany had yellow fever (not a real disease). Japan modernized quickly and became the only industrialized non-western country in the world. He also started to build up a large and modern army and navy, using it to capture Okinawa in 1873 and the Kuril Islands in 1875. Japanball looked at western colonial powers and started to imitate their behavior in Asia. In 1894, he went to war with Qing-icon.png Qing Chinaball and defeated the backward Qing empire the following year, taking his Formosan (Japanese Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball) clay as punishment along with (Qingdao-icon.png Qingdaoball) In 1904-1905, during the Russo-Japanese War he warred with the Russian-Empire-icon.png Russiaball, and won with an overwhelming naval victory. That was the first time in modern history that an East Asian power defeated a western power. Empire of Japanball solidified its status as the main superpower of East Asia. Then he took half of his Sakhalin clay. While Joseon-icon.png Joseonball was a vassal state of Ming-icon.png Chinese dynasties Qing-icon.png for centuries, Japan's victory changed the balance in the Far East. Japan was the dominant power. So Japan annexed Korea which became Japanese Korea-icon.png Japanese Koreaball. He developed an interest in extreme bondage and subjugation of its (unwilling) sex partners, Japanese Korea-icon.png Koreaball and Japanese Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, the former was raped in 1910.

    When World War I broke out in 1914, he fought with UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball as part of the Allies, capturing Germanyball's Chinese possession Tsingtao, and was granted a place in the League of Nations afterward. He also acquired Manchuria which was a puppet and later fully annexed as Manchukuo-icon.png Manchukuoball in 1932. But in the 1930s, he developed an interest in a kidnapping and raping Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball, which he did in 1937 before his new ally Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball attacked and raped France-icon.png Franceball. Oh and, even as neo-Nazi, Japan can into kawaii. He also kidnapped Second Philippine Republic-icon.png Philippinesball, British Singapore-icon.png Triangapore, British Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball, French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball, Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East Indiesball , Myanmar-icon.png Burmaball Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New Guineaball, Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball, and many pacific islands before brutally suppresing them and raping their women. However, they were "liberated" by USA-icon.png USAball, who also bombed ,or hurt badly, in its tentacles Hiroshima-icon.png Hiroshima and Nagasaki-icon.png Nagasaki parts. Japanball was shocked because it didn't have nuclear bombs. This lead to the only time in history that Japanball surrendered to a foreign power.

    Contemporary period

    In 1947, the Empire of Japanball lost all its overseas colonies and it was reformed as the "State of Japanball" with liberal democracy. Its constitution was written by USA-icon.png USAball which made it a pacifist country (article 9). Japanball has mixed feelings of pride and regrets for the Empire of Japanball. It learned from the past to do better. USA-icon.png USAball made it up to him by offering free psychotherapy sessions, aka the Marshall Plan, teaching him how to control his lust for its former colonies, and is now one of his best friends and trading partners. Japanball regained full independence in 1952. Japanball didn't have a military, but due to the Cold War and the threat of Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, he established the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) in 1954.

    Japanball achieved rapid growth in the 1950s to become the second-largest economy in Za Warudo in 1970. This made Japanball great power again. The asset price bubble burst in 1992. After that, there was a decade of economic stagnation and low growth. Japanball didn't sign a peace treaty withRussia-icon.png Russiaball yet due to a dispute over a part of Sakhalin-icon.png Sakhalin Oblastball's clay in the South Kuril Islands called Chishima (千島ボール) that were seized by Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball after the Empire of Japanball surrendered.

    Japanball became the third largest economy after China-icon.png Chinaball surpassed it in 2011. He can make anything but is very good at cars, ships, high-speed bullet trains, technology, and electronics. Japanese cartoons Anime (Japanese cartoons) became world-famous. its invent amazing TV shows like Takeshi's Castle and Ninja Warrior, even Ajinomoto, no one ever wins!

    On March 11, 2011, an earthquake and tsunami destroyed a huge chunk of Japan's clay. It also caused a nuclear meltdown poisoning a big chunk of Japan's clay. That was a very bad day for him.

    On April 14, 2016, MULTIPLE earthquakes struck the island of Kyushu. This caused the earthquake to transfer from Japan and Ecuador 3 days later, so now Ecuador-icon.png Ecuadorball blames Japan for damaging his country. Now the earthquake might trigger another one on the US west coast, but USA-icon.png USAball was glad that nothing happened after that.

    From 2012 to 2018, he got angry when North Korea-icon.png Kitachōsen fired missiles in the Sea of Japan.

    Japanball struggles with its pacifist 1947 constitution that prevents it from having a normal military. It has the Japan Self-Defense Forces which was the 4th highest ranked in 2015. It has a security alliance with USA-icon.png USAball and relies on it for offensive military duties. USA-icon.png USAball wants Japanball to do more military activities in the alliance. Disputes with China-icon.png Chinaball caused Japanball's military resurgence. In 2015 collective-self defense was allowed. Japanball does more regional security in East and South-East Asia. However, there is still big opposition to changing article 9 of the 1947 constitution that was written by USA-icon.png USAball, and the disasters in Fukushima galvanized opposition to nuclear proliferation. The Tokugawa-icon.png samurai have not fully returned yet....

    On 1 May 2019, Crown Prince Naruhito became the new Emperor after Akihito abdicated the throne. He is a figurehead, a symbol of the state and unity of the people of Japanball.

    Shinzo Abe has resigned and Japanball feels sad, but luckily Yoshihide Suga has been chosen as the new Prime Minister that will continue what Abe wanted to do but was unable to do.

    In 2021, Japanball can into hosting the Olympics!


    Regions of Japanball

    Japanball is a unified island country. It is over 3,000 km (1,900 mi) long with 6,852 islands. The 5 main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. It is divided into 8 informal regions. Each region contains 1 or more prefectures. The regions are from north to south:


    Prefectures of Japanball

    There are a total of 47 prefectures.

    Hokkaido-icon.png Hokkaidō (region)

    Japan-icon (division).png Tōhoku (region)

    Kanto-icon.png Kantō (region)

    Chubu-icon.png Chūbu (region)

    Kansai-icon.png Kansai (region)

    Japan-icon (division).png Chūgoku (region)

    Shikoku-icon.png Shikoku (region)

    Kyushu-icon.png Kyūshū (region)

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    Crimson Glory 188, 0, 45 C0-M1-Y0.760-K0.262 #BC002D



    • USA-icon.png Unova Amelika-san - He can into arriance and tlade! Though watashi find it of stlange that whire he carrs me sick pervert for invent tentacre rape, he invent TREE BRANCH rape in his sick firm Evir Dead!! But arso can of rikings into our kawaii! BUT WHY YUO RUINING MY ECONOMY IN 1990S WITH YUOL PRAZA ACCOLD? I ARMOST BEAT YUO! But that's ok because you ale my boss Watashi heard about yuo new plesident, good ruck, I hope he brings peace and prosperity (His son rike anime!). And just to ret yuo know, DAISUKI!!!! USA ruvs oul video games, so I gib him his favourite one, Pokémon and Supel Malio Blothels. But we stirr of havings good lerationship. But 1945 never forget. But I'm sorry for calling Biden a rapist and pedophile and congrats to him for being the 46th President. Praystation and Nintendo bettel than Xbox! Hey Nani are you DOING?? NAZE YO TRYING TO DESTROYING YOUR CAPITOL BUILDING?!! Also I made two praces in my video game Pocket Monsters (Pokémon) (Unova and Alola) based on yuo, I hate Rogan Paur because he enter our forest, but it's all fine now..
    • Argentina-icon.png Aruzenchin-san - OMG IT'S AMATERASU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCHU!!!! Just kidding... Argentina is younger than me. In fact... a lot of countries are younger than me.
    • EU-icon.png Ōshūrengō-san, Indonesia-icon.png Indoneshia-kun and Philippines-icon.png Firipin-kun - They can rikings into our kawaii. Prease stop asking for asyrum, only a few can into residence.
    • Palau-icon.png Parao-kun - he is my little Brother. Watashi of kidnap him back then and govern him for 30 years after WW 1. Watashi help deveropu his islands, Watashi taught him to speak Japanese! he has many people with Japanese ancestry. So he cannot into weeaboo. He is the son of Firipin-chan.
    • Greece-icon.png Girisha-san - Is of good fliend, He can into debt many of my anime and manga that based of him, and we also have cool ancient histoly.
    • Hawaii-icon.pngKawaii Hawaii-kun - I made a Pokémon Region version of you, Alola!! Also solly for bombing yuol Pearl Harbor.
    • Hong Kong-icon.png Honkon-san - OF RICH ASIAN BUDDY!!!!! Watashi love him so much, but watachi can't hang out with him because he is best friends with my best friend. We are also of trading partners. Watashi support his protests. Watashi loving his milk tea!!!!! DEMOCRACY TO CHINA!!!!!
    • Portugal-icon.png Porutogaru-san - Ah yes, he is filst European countly to step on the cray of mine, and he intloduce me to the usage of muskets back then. Sengoku Period was getting boring with simpry just swords and bows. He knows we are expelienced with gunpowder, so he taught us how to into oul own Muskets duling the Sengoku Period.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Marēshia-kun - My waifu visited his clay in December 16. He also makes a parody called Covid Ball-Z!
    • Poland-icon.png Voltorb (Biriridama) Polando-san - Happy 100th bilthday!
    • Maldives-icon.png Mardivu-kun - Watashi is solly for destloying Yaahunbara boat. Watashi wirr gib yuo rice evely year. :3
    • Iran-icon.png Iran-san - We had a really great histoly. He is like me a very old country. He rikes our car brands and gibs Oir that I can make some good cars and shit for him, we rove cats too, but he is of fliends with the China-icon.png commies.
    • ASEAN-icon.png ASEAN-san, East Timor-icon.png Higashi timōru-kun, Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papuanyūginia-kun and Solomon Islands-icon.png Soromon shotō-kun - Trading partners, just trading partners and were gomen'nasai to yuor ASEANcoin's member (Except Thailand-icon.pngThailandball) 1942 NEVER FORGET.
    • Brazil-icon.png Burajiru-san - My South Amelican friend. He can into largest Japanese popuration outside of me and watashi also host one of the largest amount of his popuration. He also can into riking anime! Arigato.
    • El Salvador-icon.png Erusarubadoru-san - My central American friend that I support the benefits, and he also can into liking TV Series, Anime, and Video games! I aplecciate you for get a new president of 2019, and Dōmo-arigatō for visiting me.
    • India-icon.png Indo-kun - Hory rand where Buddhism came from (not really). He roves my anime and kawaii. He arso rikes my trains and technorogy and we supply him with our nuclear technology. We both have economic and military ties, with frequent military drills, and he can visit my base in Djibouti. He is arso of スケベ (perv). DEFEND CURRY!
    • Egypt-icon.png Ejiputo-san - Ancient Middle east friend. A very old country like me. We have great histoly and especiarry cat lovers.
    • Turkey-icon.png Toruko-san - Turkik Middle eastern friend. Watashi wants of be learnings flom yuo how to captuled Constantinopre .
    • Israel-icon.png Isuraeru-kun - Juden friend. Yuol tech is good. But not as good as mine.
    • Chile-icon.png Chiri-kun - Chiru-kun or Aureria, We can both into erquaku, he hito me once with one, I hito him back with other and so on...
    • Philippines-icon.png Firipin-chan - Futago Onee-chan and also an Otaku country (#1 otaku besides me) roves being kawaii especially their cospray queen Alodia (Even he rikes K-pop and Kdramas arso). Arso my fellow island and Nihonji like its curture as well is also some of my ferrow otaku countrymen rikes Breedman-senpai's anime-styred artworks (Even she's a roricon) maybe we can work together to make his comics into an Anime someday, Also aporogy to my Imperiaristic version of myserf for invading yuo and yuor people. We are arso good trading partners especiarry we gib investments arso keep-up the good work to fight drugs arso we sell them new Coast Guards vessers for their PCG and btw i designed your first microsaterrite the "DIWATA 1"? Japanese-Empire.gif But yuo said that i reform to my imperiaristic self? NIE, it wourd nevel happened in the future! Also watashi can speak Filipino a rittle bit! You're the Pro-Japanese? NANI? BEST OF FRIENDS! WATASHI DAISKI!!!
    • Italy-icon.png HetariaItaria-san - Is also an Otaku country roves being kawaii especially. He rikes to make cospray (Even he rikes K-pop and Kdramas arso). We are friends since Imperiaristic version of myserf. We are arso good trading partners. Super Mario is Italian. They made Eurobeat for assu. Oh and don't forget about WW2. Also Love Live! Sunshine!! Movie Over the Rainbow and Jojo Bizzare Adventures will be filmed in Itaria-chan's clay. Pasta is good.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan-san - Best basebarru friends! Fellow island country. Kawaii just rike me! Herupu each other in disaster! (biggest aid aftel what happen in Tōhoku) Don't wolly, I wirr stand with yuo against PRC Chugoku! HOMOSEX DETECTU. NANI?!!
    • Lee Teng Hui - Arigato for your service, rest in peace hero!
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indoneshia-kun - Same rike Phirippines, many of his people are anime rovel. Especiarry, Naruto. And gomenasai fol 1942. I killed many of yuor peopre 4 mirrion (by UN-icon.png UNball). But at reast, yuo learned from me how to be a nationarist.
    • Czechia-icon.png Checko-san - My friend, WHY YUO OF CALLING ME TOMIO OKAMURA?
    • Sweden-icon.png Swede-kun - We both rikes the song Caramerrdansenu especiarry since watashi translatu it in Nihonji version!
    • Denmark-icon.png Denmāku-kun - Another Noldic fliendo! Watashi rike his LEGOs. He arso hate that China-icon.png communistu. He arso calls him a fake Lego producing commie rororororo!
    • Norway-icon.png Noruwē-kun - Yet another Nordic fliendo! Rikes my anime.
    • Romania-icon.png Rūmania-san, Greece-icon.png Girisha-san, Bulgaria-icon.png Burugaria-san - They rike my anime and sushi (and Nintendo).
    • Serbia-icon.png Serubia-san - Good ord friend of mine who rikes mine stuff, but stop burrying Kosovo-icon.png Kosobo-kun and flee him from the plemises!
    • Georgia-icon.png Jojia-san - They rike us and we invest many moni there... they are very kawaii too. And arso can into sumo wrestring...
    • Yaroslavl Oblast-icon.png Yarosuraburi-kun - My best friend. He likes me.
    • France-icon.png Kalos Furansu-chan - European version of Me. Big fan, I rike its very much. She gave rittle Saitama-kun its own fun cycring race. The 6th Pokémon region (Kalos) is based off your northern European area!
    • Germany-icon.png Doitsu-kun - Great support in science and architecture and we were arries during the WW2 rororororo! Best friends forever! He also loves one of my anime, Girls Und Panzer.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Oranda-kun - One of my first tomodachi-desu. He can into rikings kawaii and my games, and he also usings to own one of Dejima-icon.png my islands aka Nagasaki-icon.png My son in the past.
    • Thailand-icon.png Tai-kun - Admirer and folced u to give yuo passage in WWII. He is arso Buddhist and has some kawaii correge girls.
    • Canada-icon.png Kanada-kun - My best friend who roves anime (I gave him Sailor Moon and InuYasha). BUT STOP CALLING ME China-icon.png CHUGOKU-SAN!
    • Iraq-icon.png Iraku-kun - Rikes my cal brands and we both have rich history and he is also a cat lover. meow meow unlike this guy that hates my cars.
    • Peru-icon.png Peru-kun - Good Sourth amerlican fliend that can into APEC like me! He has one of the biggest communities of japanese peopre! Goku is of populal thele, like Toyota! But I'm solly fol Alberto Fujimori, he of destloyed Peru.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mekishiko-kun - Son of Supein-chan! I rike his culture! And thanks for supporting my Kars cars!
    • Spain-icon.png Supein-chan - She rikes my cars and anime, I also riked its Paella in return.
    • Sri Lanka-icon.png Suriranka-kun - He defended me from paying reparations after World War II, loves my technology. I also give him much aid. But stay away from China, it does not care about anyone!
    • Vietnam-icon.png Betonamu-kun - Gomenasai for 1945. But we ale of good friends now. I heard you rike my anime very much. Sometimes he wants me to call him Etsunan but I think I'll stick with the current pronunciation. BUT STOP SHOPLIFTING PLOX!!!
    • Yakutia-icon.png Yakūchia-san - He became rearry interesting for me to visit. May I herp you somehow?
    • Somalia-icon.png Somali-kun - I made an anime based olf him! He leary rike it! It is carred One Piece!
    • Ethiopia-icon.png Efiopi-kun - He is rike me but levelse. He speakings of a bit properry, he is poor (hope yuo become rich), and he is of randrocked, whire I am the reverse of him (Isrand country, rich and worse grammar). How amazing to see a country that is levelse of me! Onry thing that is same is we are once Empires, once occupied and not coronized by European coronizers.
    • Yemen-icon.png Iemen-kun - Aww, Kankoku-san doesn't accept your refugees. So watashi can take your people here in my clay. We ale wercome yuo.
    • Nigeria-icon.png Naijeria-kun - Best African buddy! He of rikings my car brands rike Toyota and Honda! But do you rearry have to name everything in yuor cray after me?
    • Japanese-Empire.gif Empire of Japanball - My past serf. I wirr stirr have the power yuo have so I courd arways stay stronk. BUT I STIRR MOSTRY HATE YUO!!! (See enemies very below)
    • Albania-icon.png Arubania-san - I lecognized Kosobo-kun on you. He also rikes my anime!
    • Russia-icon.png Roshia-san - Rikes Orudo Japan car. And I rike Roritas. Doesn't wants to give Chisima-kun (千島ボール) back, but she's stirr a good countryball but Crimea-icon.png Kurimia-san belongs to Ukraine-icon.png Ukuraina-san. At reast we can into appreciating and visiting each other~~ Still dont know if EU-icon.png EUball wirr scold yuo again. but why did yuo ban isekai anime stop barring it remove!


    • Bangladesh-icon.png Bangradeshu-san - You don't rook rell :( ill give you aid. Have some soup, I hope you can feel better. it hates it when I say that it is sick, but look at its green flag and poverty rates. She is definitely sick, and I will help its with aid and soup!!! (She hates the soup though and IDK WHY) *cries in rejection*
    • Bolivia-icon.png Boribia-san - He's an Anti-Imperiarist again! I thought you of changed, :( but he like my cars and my anime. And I nevel learized that yuo'le anti-Imperiarist because you have no sea. But anyways you're fine with me.
    • Mongolia-icon.png Mongoru-san - At some point we can be cooru but stirr... (See enemies list)
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saujiarabia-san - Is of sharia kebab but rikes, good I made car and gives, But I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YUOR ARABIAN STUDENTU DETOROYING MY BEAUTIFUL TEMPURU! ALSO, WHAT DID Canada-icon.png KANADA-KUN DO TO YOU IN 2018?! His people are 80% anime fans and come to my clay for educated!
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukuraina-san - Don't wolly, Crimea-icon.png Kurumia-san berongs to you.
    • UK-icon.png Galar Igirisu-san - Westeln fliendo. We are the most polite nations in za warudo. He is cat rovel too. And solly fol WW2, I seized yuor corony in Southeast Asia and South Pacific. As a fellow island country I understand and feel affiliated with yuo island culture. I'm not kirring Whales!
    • Hirohito-icon.png Hirohito - You make me to be powerful country duling the 19th century. You forced my people to killing each other like Chinese, Koreans, Firipinos in Asia or Pacific isrands. Then Amelika-san nuked me twice. So you did apologize and treat my people nice and work harding after WW2. You're the hero and rongest emperor of my history. Rest in Peace....
    • Okinawa-icon.png Okinawa-kun - Rittre Brother. He rives in my house with my kids. but... (see enemies list)
    • Finland-icon.png Finrando-san - Hatsune Miku sings yuor song, really sorry about that. Just blame Turkey-icon.png this thanksgiving bild instead.
    • Australia-icon.png Ōsutoraria-san - Yuor rittre "anti-wharing environmentarists (Sea shepherd) of rearry getting annoyings! I wirr remove kangaroo!! But at reast he rikes orudo Japan car. We're arries of USA-icon.png Amerika-san.
    • Soviet-icon.png Sobieto renpo-san - Not learry as an enemy. But he thank me because I make Tetlis the 2nd popurar game for him. (See enemies below)
    • GhanaCoffinDance-icon.png Ghana-san - He won against me in Worrd Cup 2018, congraturations.
    • Madagascar-icon.png Madagasukaru-san - I ferr solly fol firming anime rike ATTACK ON TITAN.
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakisutan-san - He is Commie rike China-icon.png Chinaball. He arso hates India-icon.png Indo-san. But at least he rikes my anime. Watashi want he dislikes China-icon.png Chinaball.
    • Qatar-icon.png Kataru-san- Other than footbarr not much of knowing him. But he roves my cars . He cray is firred with my Toyotas and lexus. A rot of anime rovers thele. Bur nevel folget the things you did to me in footbarr. First Agony of Doha 1993 and then Asia Cup finar 3-1. Wolst days of my rife. REMOVE!!!. Japan can also be a cattogirl
    • South Korea-icon.png Kankoku-san - Sometimes it distrustu me for my past. But we both have similar cultures and nearest clay to me. I raiku its K-pop, but stoppu asku me to aporogize and compensato anymore! IT'S ANNOYING!!!!!


    • Macedonia-icon.png Kita Makedonia - BA-BAKA NA!!! YOU STORE WAGAHAI'S ORUDO EMPILE!!! Arexanda the Gureto is GREEKU! You ale of BULGARIAN!!
    • Belgium-icon.png Berugī - I was about to get into the 2018 qualtelfinars, but HE DEFEATED ME IN ROUND OF 16! 3-2 NEVER FOLGET! WAI YUO DO THIS TO ME?!!!
    • Colombia-icon.png Koronbia-san - I DEFEAT YUO AT THE 2018 WORLD CUP!! But we both hate Venezuelaball however..
    • Venezuela-icon.png Benezuera-kun - He hates me because watashi am of friend of Amerika-san, and he calls him a devir! But at least he rikes my anime. Watashi wants to be friend with yuo... Because you hate Koronbia.
    • Sakhalin-icon.png Karafuto - NOOOOOO YUO ARE MINE!!!! But at least many Ainu-icon.png Ainuballs choose me instead of yuo!!!
    • Illegal streaming sites - YOU'RE THE REASON WHY MY ANIMATORS ARE DYING AND YOU DIDN'T DONATED THEM! I'm sorry but I've decided to ban you... But I got new prime minister so... I'm not rearry sure that I wirr ban you... Also there's a regar anime channers on YouTube!! Don't anyone dare to watch irregar sites on my cray!!
    • Crimea-icon.png Kurimia-san - Yuo ale palt of Ukraine-icon.png Ukuraina-san's cray, not Russia-icon.png Roshia-kun's. He is just an occupier( even though most of you are Russians and Ukuraina-san is nazi). Arso stop carring My son Roshia-san's cray! Japanese Empire-icon (tangle).png Or erse... RORORORORORORO!!! Japanese Empire-icon (tangle).png
    • Syria-icon.png Suriya-kun - He onry hares my plime minister. But not my whole population.
    • Jordan-icon.png Yorudan-kun - Hah I defeated yuo by 6-0 me and China-icon.png Chungoku-san Hates yuo!!
    • Palestine-icon.png Parrestine-kun - You ale Israeru's clay, peliod. But wirr soon making yuo into kawaii anime! RORORORORORO
    • Belarus-icon.png Berarūshi-san - Resign Rukashenko NOW YOU ANNOYING BAKA!!! . 25 YEARS OF RURE IS TOO MUCHU
    • Tatmadaw-icon.png Tatmadaw-kun - Yuo are the one who is responsible for starting the rargest protest in my cray! REMOVE MIRITARY COUP IN Myanmar-icon.png MYANMAR!!
    • China-icon.png Chugoku-san - Ord Kawaii as some peopre wourd rike to take carr of hel and genocide is of rie! She arways comprained about Nanking Massacre! But gib minelars plox! (She arso had tlied many times to send me to therapy conversion but it did not seem of wolkings.) CHUGOKU IT'S NOT FAIL THAT I HAVE 300,000 CASES WHICH IS MORE CASES THAN YOU!! But othelwise hel peopre ale kind to mine, REMME BUY GENSHIN IMPACT FLOM YUO!!! I saw a video whele yuo thleatened to nuke me if I intelvene in Taiwan. If yuo do that yuo wirr rose all yuol anime and yuol main toulist soulce and destination( I know yuol peopre use VPN for my animes despite Govelment regurations RORORORORO). Also I may Nanking you again if you nuke RORORORORORORO!!! Japanese Empire-icon (tangle).png.and also what is that!?


    • North Korea-icon.png Kitachōsen-kun - He "accidentally" press the launch button and nearly nuked me! Now get out of my sight OR ERSE!
    • One China Policy - BAKA BAKA BAKA TAIWAN IS OF LEAR CHINA( even though his peopre don't wantu to be) , WOLST POLICY EVEL!!!
    • Soviet-icon.png 共産主義者 Kyōsan Syugisya (Commies) - これだけ言わせてください、共産主義はその国の国民と死んだ1億人を気にもとめない退化したシステムです!あなたはナチスのファシストよりもはるかに悪い!しかし、私とアメリカさんは、あなたが10代にとても人気があることを知りました!核兵器があなたの家を燃やすために来るとき、私たちはあなたの計画への動きを見ています !1!1! (Let me guess, Communism is a degenerate system that does not cares about it's own citizens and it's like they killed about a 1 hundred million people!! You're far even worse than Nazi fascist far-righters!!! But me and USA have figured out that you're so popular among the teenagers! BUT DO SO, WE ARE WATCHING YOUR MOVEMENTS TO PLAN WHEN NUKE COMING TO BURN YOUR HOUSE!!1!!!11! JUST YOU WAIT!!) ( But my first astronaut was launched into space by Soviet-san)
    • Mongolia-icon.png Mongoru-san - TRIED TO ANSCHLUSS ME TWICE as Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongor Empireball BUT DIED IN A KAMIKAZE! But we don't really interact with each other. But if he tries to invade me I am ready.
    • Japanese-Empire.gif Second Empire of Japanbarr Ryūkyū ōkoku - Actuarry my anschrussed victim. YUO ARE OKINAWA, A PALT OF JAPAN! YUO WIRR NEVEL INDEPENDENT FROM WATASHI!
    • Kurdistan-icon.png Kurudisutan - DARE YUO HATE MY CARS??????!!!!!! AND ARSO YUO HATE TORUKO, GO BACK TO IRAQ!!!
    • Dione-icon.png Dio Brando - Yare yare daze...

    Trivia (トリビア)

    • He was the oldest character in Polandball
    • Created Anime and Electronic Products anime is Best REMOVE K-POP
    • They has a 11th Larget Population in his clay
    • He was Failed To World Cup in 1970-1994
    • It has a very low birth rate.
    • Its population is declining.
    • Has a strange obsession with mecha (giant robots).
    • The Japanese do not pronounce the "L", so they use the "R".
    • When something catches his attention he usually approaches by opening his eyes more than normal and saying SUGOI!
    • Together with USA-icon.png USAball and France-icon.png Franceball (Ubisoft), they are the countries with the best video game industry today.
    • Together with Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball, South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball and Singapore-icon.pngTringapore he makes up the 4 Asian Tigers.
    • It has flavors of soda, chocolates, potatoes and other things very rare for other countryballs.
    • She can't stop showing its kawaii side. ONI-CHAAAN! YAMETE !!
    • They remember back in 1945 where his clay get bombed by USA-icon.png USAball
    • He was a Host of Olympic games but due the Pandemic they moved in 2021
    • His biggest loss are 0-8 to Italy-icon.png Italyball its was the official in 1936 and the unofficial was 2-15 by Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball I wirr Anschruss yuo Philippines-icon.png Firipini-kuni!!
    • In the Japan-icon.png Japanese language, the native name of the country (Nippon) is gender neutral (just like also happens in English-icon.png English). Japan has two national personifications, Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the Sun-icon.png and Emperor Jimmun, the legendary first Emperor of Japan (and descendant of Amaterasu, according to Japanese tradition).
    • It has an island that is literally full of cats that even outnumber humans in population.
    • Had a soldier in the Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball who did not know that the Second World War had ended and therefore never gave up or left, causing his sergeant to have to travel there more than 10 years later (1955), to tell him that the war was over, and they weren't going to kill him for being a Japanese soldier.
    • He committed war crimes worse than Nazi Germanyball but always denies that he committed them.
    • It has island territories in Oceania (Ogasawara Islands).
    • Until 2015, it was illegal to dance in a disco after midnight. This law was imposed after the Second World War.
    • Sometimes he is dressed in a white cat's tail and ears ("kawaii", as he would put it).
    • The commercials he does are very weird, singular, quirky, eccentric, unusual, and short.
    • He is afraid of Godzilla ... or practically any giant kaiju, because they always attack him and end up destroying Tokyo and for that he secretly builds giant robots under the city of the same name.
    • It is one of the Countryballs that makes the most animations and video games a year, especially its famous anime, which has been used both on television and on web pages all over the planet.

    How to draw

    This is how to draw Japanball:

    1. Draw a typical circle with a white background.
    2. Fill in a circle with crimson glory inside.
    3. Finally, draw the eyes.
    4. You can also put cat accessories (tail, ears) and kawaii eyes.
    5. You can draw the energized, warrior version with red streams going out in all directions. For reference check the flag of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Japanball.

    Click here to see it.

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