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    Saint Louisball is a Missourian cityball.

    In 1877 it pulled an early Brexit (retroactively known as St. Lexit) when it seceded from the St. Louis county, complaining of "taxation without representation" like its adoptive parent USAball did to UKball more than 100 years earlier. At the time, it was bigger than Chicagoball, who would overtake it. Though, quite soon, and by 1900 it was the fourth largest city after New York Cityball, Chicagoball, and Philadelphiaball.

    In 1904, it could into both World's Fair and the Olympics. However, after the post-WWII suburbanization, St. Lexit began to backfire on it when St Louis county took the Missouriball largest county crown from it and continues to grow to this day. To add further insult, in 1990 Kansas Cityball became the largest city in Missouri. But, together with the County and all the others in eastern Missouri, they form the largest metro.

    As a rival of Kansas Cityball, it wins their baseball games, and they win former football games. It is also enemies with Saskatoonball, since the Blues almost moved there in 1986.

    It loves its baseball team, the Cardinals, who have won 16 World Series, the second most out of every baseball team. It also loves its hockey team, the Blues, which has made the playoffs six times in a row. In the 2018-2019 season, its team started off in dead last, but after a night by several of the players in a bar in Philadelphiaball where a drunk guy requested the song "Gloria" by Laura Branigan at regular intervals, they adopted it as their unofficial victory song for home games and went on an incredible run which culminated in winning their first Stanley Cup over Bostonball's Bruins in 7 games.

    Its Football team, the Rams, was stolen by Los Angelesball in 2016. Ever since St. Louisball hated football, and Stan Kronke, the owner of the Rams, who had helped Los Angelesball steal the team.

    It is famous for having the Anheuser-Busch brewery, where Budweiser beer is made. Other foods St. Louisball is famous for are St. Louis Style Pizza (commonly referred to as Imo's Pizza, after the local pizzeria chain), and Toasted Raviolis (shortened to Toasted Rav's)

    St. Louisball believes you can only live North of Delmar Boulevard if you are poor.