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    Meanwhile Aksum was getting so strong they would like to build a long stick (obelisk).
    — bill wurtz

    The Kingdom of Aksumball was an ancient kingdom in Africa and the ancestor of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Aksumball evolved from an 8-icon.png 8ball and Jewish Semitic speaking 2-icon.png 2balls. Nobody knows specifically how he was established, but some believe that he is either the son of D'mtball or just one of his younger relatives. Or maybe from the tribes of the house of Solomon?  Aksumball was a prolific trader that was SPQR-icon.pngSPQRball's primary supplier of African goods, and acted as the middleman for his trade relations with Pandyanball. At first, Aksumball was Jewish but he converted to Christianity in 325, sparking tensions with the Beta Israelcube's in the kingdom who didn't convert. Aksumball removed Himyarite Kingdomball in 525, at Byzantine-icon.pngByzantine Empireball's request, for persecuting Christians. In 615 Aksumball gave shelter to a young Islam-icon.png Muslim as he was fleeing from Ancient Meccaball. Later on this allowed him to have better relations with kebabs than other Christian countryballs. The relationship wasn't perfect though, and he ended up fighting Rashidunball and Umayyadball on more than one occasion. Eventually Umayyadball took some of Aksumball's clay, destroyed his navy, and isolated him from trading partners which started his decline. Aksumball finally died in the 10th century when he was conquered by either Damotball (not to be confused with D'mtball) or Beta Israelcubes.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    • Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball - Best friend and customer who introduce Christianity to me. We not get along as well after 451 though. Stop with oppressings of coptic brethren, plox.
    • File:Copts-icon.png Coptball - Egyptian miaphysite brothers. I still stick with them after argument with Byzantine over nature of Kirisitosi.
    • Islam-icon.png Islam - Religion from Arebiya. I protect him back when he was little baby, because Lord and Savior teach to love neighbor. Was okay back then, but really must make telling Umayyad to stop raidings of me.
    • Manichaeanism-icon.png Manichaeismball - Weird religion from Sassanid-icon.png Farisi. He acknowledge me as great power though, so is good.
    • Himyarite Kingdom-icon.png Himyarite Kingdomball - Yemeni Jerk. Was fine at first, but turned into big asshole when he became Jew and started Christian persecutings. DO NOT THINK YOU CAN MAKE HURT OF CHRISTIANS ON MY WATCH! I SHALL ENSLAVE YOU!!
    • Kush-icon.png Kushball - Old Nubian guy. I take Meroëball from him in 330. His kids converted to Christianity, so I gettings along with them more.
    • Ethiopia-icon Cube.png Beta Israelcube - WHAT IS YUO PROBLEM?! Ever since I accepting Lord Iyesusi yuo only revolt. YUO ARE OF WORSE THAN YEMEN ASSHOLE! I MAKE SWEARINGS THAT YOU WILL BE OF DEATH ME SOMEDAY!
    • Pandyanball - Second best trading partner after Byzantine. I buy much spice and silk from him.

    Drawing[edit | edit source]

    First, be drawings of yellow circle.

    Color top third light green, and bottom third red.

    In center of yellow (middle) third, add small black Jewish Star with small black cross in the middle.

    Add eyes, and done!

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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