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    Idahoball is a ho a state of Potatoland USAball. Known for the best potatoes in USA.


    Idahoball born as a 3ball, adopted by USAball. He was admitted to the Union in 1890. It is friends with Latviaball as they both can into potato. It also has a lot of Basque people for some reason. Pocatello, a city in Idaho is known for its former flag being the worst city flag in North America by the North American Vexillogical Association (NAVA).



    • Arizonaball - TimTom's friends, James, Jaiden, and Adam lived there. They landed on my capital Boise as their Meet and Greet.
    • Latviaball - Can into potatoes πŸ₯”! But my potatoes are better!
    • Irelandball - Also can into potato relationship πŸ₯”! Same thing as Latviaball.
    • Peruball - Creator of potatoes! we have equal potatoes.
    • Texasball - Also potato! Plus it is funny conservative cowboy state.
    • Montanaball - Neighbor to the east. Best US state friend.
    • USAball - Parent!
    • Washingtonball and Coloradoball - Part of them in the past.
    • Nebraskaball - He’s just like me but instead of potatoes he likes corn. He is also conservative.
    • UKball and Belgiumball - Can into fries! (Or chips/Frites, if you call it that.)
    • Haumeato - Planet potato!
    • Utahball - Can into southern neighbor.
    • Artsakhball - Even though you're a good friend with Californiaball I recognize yuo.
    • Yaroslavlball - Child of Russia! But you're my best friend.


    • Belarusball - Potato Partner! Even more potato πŸ₯”! my potatoes are the best potatoes! By the way, as a potato bud, I am very disappointed you are attacking protesters who want freedom. Please stop.
    • Oregonball - ANSCHLUSS! Potato is best join the way of the POTATO!


    How to draw

    Like almost every US state, Idahoball is only a seal on a blue background:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
    2. Draw the seal of Idaho in the center, over a red ribbon with the gold script STATE OF IDAHO
    3. Add the eyes and you've finished.




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