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    Gepidsball, also known as Gepidiaball were a Germanic tribe and kingdomball.


    Gepidsball evolved from 2balls, it possibly originated when Gothsball migrated to modern Polandball in three ships, the members of the last ship whould become Gepidball's ancestors.

    Gepidsball was first mentioned in the 3rd century living around Transylvaniaball, were they would stay for the rest of their history.

    Around the early 5th century they became vassals of Hunball but broke free at the battle of Nedao in 454, but would be defeated by Ostrogothsball in 469.

    After a while they would have a dispute with Ostrogothsball over Syrmiaball, but eventually Gepidiaball won.

    In around 537 Gepidiaball began to strengthen, which made Byzantineball ally with Lombardsball. In 539, most of Byzantineball's army was in Persiaball, so Gepidiaball plundered Moesiaball, while Franksball raided northern Italyball.

    Afterwards, Gepidiaball attempted to expel Lombardsball from Pannoniaball, making both try to ally Byzantineball, so it picked Lombardsball but they were routed by Herulesball and the sides signed a 2 year truce; but it made Gepidiaball feel betrayed so they allied Kutrigursball but they were defeated by Lombardsball and Byzantineball.

    Gepidiaball was finally overrun by Avarball in the 567, some Gepidballs joined Lombardball's invasion of Italyball but many remained.




    • Gothsball - My closest sibling, we migrated together, I once attacked it. Also, stop making fun of my name!!!
    • Ostrogothic Kingdomball - It made me a part of Hunball, and defeated me in 469, we were rarely friends.
    • Hunnic Empireball - Attila was nice to me but after he died I gained independence from it.
    • Byzantine Empireball - Mixed relations, sometimes it would ally Lombardsball and other times ally me, not sorry for raiding Moesiaball.



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