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    Choctawball, also known as the Choctaw Nation of Oklahomaball, is a Native American tribe living in southern USAball. He can into Five Civilized Tribes and also into rich.


    Before the Europeans discovered the New World, Choctawball's ancestors lived in what would become Mississippiball's clay.

    The first time he made any significant contact with Europeans was with Spanish Empireball, which, considering his ravenous lust for gold and riches, did not end well, and he ended up having to fight a bitter battle in order to drive him off. Then, he met Franceball while it was exploring the area around the Mississippi river. They became good friends, did trade, and allied against UKball. Afterwards, the Seven Years War happened, and he decided to be the UKball's friend instead, and he fought on his side in the American Revolutionary War.

    After USAball got his independence, nothing significant happened until 1830, when USAball decided that he didn't need the 3balls anymore and initiated the Indian Removal Act. He forced Choctawball to live in Oklahomaball's clay. Although most of the Choctawballs submitted to his will, some resisted, and today, these resistors still live in Mississippiball's clay and exist as two separate entities: the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians. The rest decided to stay in Oklahomaball's clay and founded the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Today, Choctawball has become a prosperous tribe and can into rich thanks to casino monies.


    • Irelandball - I'm sorry about your famine, but here I have 170 dollars hopefully thats enough.

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