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    Chuball was a historical countryball in 1-icon.png Ancient China. He was the biggest and fattest of the Warringstateballs until he got conquered by Qinball.



    When Zhou-icon.png Zhouball overthrew Shang-icon.png Shangball, Zhou-icon.png Zhouball gave Chu-icon.png Chuball fiefdom and soonly after that Chu-icon.png Chuball established File:Danyang-icon.png Danyangball as the capital of Chu-icon.png Chuball.

    Zhou-Chu War

    In 961 B.C.E Zhou-icon.png Zhouball lead two major campaigns against Chu-icon.png Chuball, states, and tribes soon conquering the area and the Han River Valley however while conquering most of the forces got mostly crushed and soon losing control of the much conquered territory. Winning the war Chu-icon.png Chuball became independent and continued growing to become a stronger state.

    Spring & Autumn Period

    During this period {{I|Chu}] Chuball became a strong state facing conflicts and battles with other states also Chu-icon.png Chuball moved capitals to Yingball and also conquered a lot of minor states absorbing them. Chu-icon.png Chuball decided after all past conflict to expand north across the china plains. In 648 B.C.E Chu-icon.png Chuball annexed File:Huang-icon.png Huangball and absorbed the land, the many states that were annexed and absorbed by Chu-icon.png Chuball.

    Chu-icon.png Chuball's neighbors weren't a big fan of him and soonly founded an alliance led by Jin-icon.png Jinball...




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