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    Jeju-doball also known as Cheju-doball and officially called as the Jeju Special Autonomous Provinceball, is an island provinceball of South Koreaball. There are two Jejuballs. This Jejuball is the province Jejuball, not the city Jejuball.

    Jeju-doball has the tallest mountain in South Korea, known as the Halla Mountain at 1,950m. It can turn into glass sculptures.


    During Sillaball and Goryeoball's time it was called Tamnaball.

    When Japanese Empireball invaded Korean Empireball, it was hard for Jeju-doball to travel to the mainland to work, but some managed to work in Japan, anyway.

    The People's Republic of Koreaball was established but USAball decided to make its own puppet state in Korea which became South Koreaball and killed People's Republic of Koreaball in the south.

    People's Republic of Koreaball then fled to Jeju-doball. South Koreaball and USAball said Jeju-doball was a filthy commie and went to the island and killed 33,000 people there which became known as the Jeju Massacre. People hid in caves which became massive graveyards after people were slaughtered.

    During the Korean War, the mainland was a battlefield, but Jeju-doball was peaceful. Not even a bullet was shot to Jeju-doball.

    In 2006 South Koreaball finally apologized to Jeju-doball for the massacre.

    Today, it is one of the famous travel places of South Koreaball.


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