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    Nieuwe Republiekball was a ancestor of South Africa-icon.png South Africaball and a boer republicball. He is the twin brother of South African Republic-icon.png South African Republicball who is the only one recongizing him other than German Empire-icon.png German Empireball. His land was composed of the former Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball after help Zuluball get rid of a zulu rival. He can into MURICAN because he can into guns.

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    South African Republic-icon.png South African Republicball - MY BEST BIG BROTHER! He teachings me how to braai fish and meat! I LOVE YUO!

    Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball - My other brother I don't prefer to stick around but I do anyway because he is of family. Please recongizings me soon!

    German Empire-icon.png German Empireball - Thanks for recognising even though we never interacted!

    Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball - Unlike my brother I was nice to him even though he mistrusts me a bit. But I don't know why he hates 2balls.

    South Africa-icon.png Apartheid doughnut South Afrika is SOUTH AFRIKA FOREVEAR! South Africa-icon.png
    Provinces and dependencies Western Cape-icon.png Western CapeballNorthern Cape-icon.png Northern CapeballEastern Cape-icon.png Eastern CapeballFree State-icon (South Africa).png Free StateballKwaZulu-Natal-icon.png KwaZulu-NatalballGauteng-icon.png GautengballNorthwest-icon (South Africa).png NorthwestballLimpopo-icon.png LimpopoballMpumalanga-icon.png MpumalangaballRobben Island-icon.png Robben IslandballSouth African Antarctica-icon.png Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoria-icon.png PretoriaballBloemfontein-icon.png BloemfonteinballCape Town-icon.png Cape TownballJohannesburg-icon.png Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8-icon.png 8ballKingdom of Zimbabwe-icon.png Kingdom of MapungubweballDutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch Cape ColonyballZulu-icon.png NdwandweballVoortrekker-icon.png VoortrekkerballNatalia Republic-icon.png Natalia RepublicballGriqualand West-icon.png Griqualand WestballGriqualand East-icon.png Griqualand EastballGoshen-icon.png GoshenballStellaland-icon.png StellalandballGerman South-West Africa-icon.png UpingtoniaballNieuwe Republiek-icon.png Nieuwe RepubliekballSouth African Republic-icon.png Klein VrystaatballZulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu KingdomballOrange Free State-icon.png Orange Free StateballSouth African Republic-icon.png TransvaalballColony of Natal-icon.png Colony of NatalballCape Colony-icon.png Cape ColonyballBritish Transvaal-icon.png British TransvaalballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Union of South AfricaballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Bantustanballs
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