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    The mountains and rivers that carved the Southern Empire, dwelled by the Southern Emperor.

    Its sovereignty is of nature's will and is allotted in script from the heaven.

    What gives these invaders the right to trespass it,

    They shall, in doing that, see themselves be defeated and shamed!

    Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.
    Chúc mừng năm mới!
    — Vietnam, celebrateing the 2022 Lunar New Year
    They are in the Trees!
    Murica-icon.png American soldiers, Vietnam War

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball officially the Socialist Republic of East Laosball Vietnamball, is very good at hide and seek the easternmost countryball on the Indochinese Peninsula in ASEAN-icon.png Southeast Asia. With a population of over 96 million, it is Earth-icon.png Earthball's fifteenth-most populous countryball. Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball borders China-icon.png Chinaball to the north and Laos-icon.png Laosball and Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball to the west. Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball also shares maritime borders with Thailand-icon.png Thailandball through the Gulf of Thailand and Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, and Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball through the South China Sea. Its capital is Hanoi-icon.png Hanoiball, and its largest cityball is Ho Chi Minh-icon.png Ho Chi Minh Cityball.

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball is one of the world's five remaining one-party socialist states officially espousing communism. It is sometimes referred to as a "liberal communist". It thinks of itself as a poor country and Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball, Japan-icon.png Japanball and Westerners are rich countries. Even so, it is one of the fastest economic growth countries in the Earth-icon.png World. It is also notable for being one of the most Atheism-icon.png atheist states in the Earth-icon.png World, although it has its own folk religion, it hates to admit it as a religion. It is also one of the most Anti-Chinese countryballs on Earth.

    Vietnamball is a narrow and coastal countryball that borders Chinaball, Laosball, and Cambodiaball and faces the Pacific Ocean from the east. It lies below the Tropic of Cancer. 3/4 of Vietnamball covered by mountains. Vietnamball has a diverse and multicultural population, home to 54 different ethnic groups that belong to a variety of Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian), Hmong-Mien, Tai-Kadai, Austroasiatic, Sino-Tibetan, and Afroasiatic ethnolinguist groups.

    The majority of Vietnamball's population are the Vietnamese or the Kinh people, a Vietic ethnic group that originated from the Red River Delta. The official language of Vietnamball is Vietnamese, the language of approximately 80 million people around the world that belongs to the Vietic subgroup of the Austroasiatic family.

    Vietnamball believes it has noble blood in its veins, by the mother Âu Cơ, a fairy, and the parent Lạc Long Quân, a dragonlord, make it stronger than all countryballs who dare fight it!

    Also, Vietnamball once drew "the attention of the world" for its victory over Franceball at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, which encouraged the revolution of 17 African colonies of France and became a "big meme source" by force the US must "leave its own war".

    Its national day is September 2nd.


    Vietnamball is a very strong nationalist countryball. Unlike other "communist" countryballs, it is very open to the world and is very good friends with USA-icon.png USAball. Although Vietnamball is (kind of) authoritarian, It is very proud of itself after an economic boom in the late 20th-century. It is very happy and never does anything against USA-icon.png USAball. When alert, it is aggressive. It also loves BEAUTIFUL nature, forests, and the sea. Transparency International's 2017 Corruption Perception Index ranks it 107th place out of 180 countries, making it sort of the least corrupt communist countryball in the world.


    Early humans had presented in Vietnam 800,000 years ago. The first modern humans in Vietnam, the Hoabinhian Negritoes arrived there around 20,000 years ago. Around 3,000 BC to 2,000 BC, Vietnam and mainland Southeast Asia were gradually settled by Austroasiatic peoples who had exoduses from Yunnan, Southern China. Early cultures and agriculturalist tribes emerged around 1,500 BC. The most notable culture was the Dongson culture, and its people were called the Lac Viet or Luoyue by ancient Chinese. In abstract, at the time there was a supposed kingdom of Van Lang, ruled by Hùng Kings. At that time, 1-icon.png Van Lang used the Khoa Đẩu script.

    According to ancient Chinese texts, in 257 BC the Hung Kings were deposed by a prince named Thuc Phan, chief of the Ouyue tribes, and formed the new kingdom of Au Lac. In 179 BC, Nanyue (Nam Việt), a state established by Zhao Tuo - a Chinese general in Guangzhou, conquered Au Lac.

    In 111 BCE, Han-icon.png Hanball conquered Nanyue and incorporated it into Imperial Chinaball rule for over a millennium until 880 AD. In Central Vietnam, the Austronesian Cham people led by Sri Mara, a Cham leader, overthrew the Chinese yokes in 192 AD and formed a strong, prosperous kingdom of Champaball.

    The Cham was the first Southeast Asian natives to have their own alphabets and script, being the most advanced in music, culture, science, economy, Buddhism and Hinduism, and military as well, which their impacts and legacy spread across East Asia and still remain today. Under Chinese rule, the patriotism and nationalism of the Vietnamese people led to many rebellions which resulted in several short-lived independent Vietnamese states.

    Around the 9th century, when the Tangball empire of Chinaball began its shrinking, the Vietnamese people thrived against the Chinese rulers for their freedom and finally resulted in 905 when the first time Vietnamese chieftains now rule their own state independently since the Tang domination.

    A fully independent Ngo dynasty-icon.png Vietnamese monarchy was finally formed in 939 after the Battle of Bạch Đằng River. In 968, king Dinh Bo Linh established the kingdom of Dai Vietball. Successive Vietnamese royal dynasties flourished as the nation expanded geographically and politically into Southeast Asia.

    They persisted in a strong influence on Buddhism, even making it a state religion. The Vietnamese initially adopted the Cham Pallava script, but later abandoned and chose the Chinese script as an official in 1174, and then created the Vietnamese script based on the Chinese logogram by the late 12th century. In 1407, Mingball invaded and turned Vietnam into a province, but Le Loi defeated the Ming and reestablished Dai Vietball.

    During the reign of King Le Thanh Tong (1460-1497) of the Le-iconv2.png Lê dynasty, it entered the period of what is considered by historians "The Golden Age of the Vietnamese" (ball). During Vietnamball's golden age, it defeated and annexed the long-term rival Champaball, then turned west and attacked Tai states of Kingdom of Lan Xangball, Lannaball, Kingdom of Avaball and their ally Malacca Sultanateball.

    After Le Thanh Tong's death, Dai Vietball quickly weakened and tore down because of bad successors. Two devastating civil wars occurred from 1533 to 1592 and 1627 to 1672, Dai Vietball was divided into two rival polities at the 18th parallel north, the Trịnh dynastyball and Nguyen ball. Dai Vietball was never able to regain its unity and strength under a single monarch like before.

    Finally, after the Tây Sơn Dynastyball revolution and the following deadly civil war in the late 18th century, the monarchies of Dai Vietball collapsed. Nguyen Phuc Anh, a Vietnamese prince, with assistance from France, managed to overcome all of its opponents, reunified the Vietnamese, and firstly found the independent and modern state of Vietnamball as Vietnamese Empireball, or Dainamball, in 1802.

    Early Dainamball ruled by Gia Long (Nguyen Phuc Anh), had relatively good relations with Europeans such as France-icon.png First French Empireball, Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Prussiaball, and had embassies with USA-icon.png USAball in 1812 and 1819, but had gone a short war against UK-icon.png British Empireball in 1808. Dainamball simply forced itself isolated from the rest of the world from 1820 to 1858 while persecuting Catholics.

    France-icon.png Franceball invaded Vietnamball in 1858 in revenge for its isolation polity. In 1883 the French launched their final campaign with 60,000 troops then finally got the Vietnamese capitulation in August 1883 through the Treaty of Hue that eventually made Vietnamball become a protectorate and later, a colony of Franceball.

    In 1887 Franceball created the French Indochinaball. In 1918 Vietnamese emperor Khải Định then abolished the old Vietnamese Nom script and Chinese characters and replaced it with the Latinized script developed in the 16th and 17th centuries that we know today.

    Following a Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanese occupation in the 1940s, the Vietnamese fought French rule in the First Indochina War, eventually expelling Franceball in 1954. Thereafter, Vietnam was divided politically into two rival states, Vietnam-icon.png North and South Vietnam-icon.png South Vietnamballs at the 17th north parallel. The conflict between the two sides intensified in what is known as the Vietnam War. The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975. It was easy for Vietnam to win since it had the lucky PPSH-41 and guerrilla warfare.

    During the Vietnam War, Vietnam-icon.png North Vietnamball and Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Khmer Rougeball communists had formed an alliance to fight South Vietnam-icon.png South Vietnamball and USA-icon.png South Korea-icon.png Australia-icon.png New Zealand-icon.png Thailand-icon.png its alliances in their respective countries.

    In May 1975, the newly formed Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Democratic Kampucheaball, dominated by the Khmer Rougeball took over Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball. Despite their open display of cooperation with Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball, the Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Khmer Rougeball feared that the Vietnamese communists were scheming to form an Indochinese federation with Vietnam as the dominant force in the region.

    In 1978, the Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Democratic Kampucheaball began waging a war against the unified communist Vietnamball. The invasion, however, was soon repelled and resulted in the defeat of Democratic Kampuchea-icon.png Khmer Rougeball.

    On November 3, 1978, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball and Vietnamball signed a 25-year mutual defence treaty. In 1979, China-icon.png Chinaball insulted Vietnamball in the US by saying "The little child is getting naughty, it's time it gets spanked." when it allied with the Khmer Rouge. Chinaball invaded Vietnamball again like how it invaded Tibet and East Turkestan. However, Vietnamball won against Chinaball and it retreated weeks later.

    Vietnamball, unified under a communist government, remained impoverished and politically isolated because of the Bao Cấp movement. In 1986, under the Đổi Mới movement, the government initiated a series of economic and political reforms that began Vietnam's path towards integration into the world economy and developed the country over time. In 1995, it restored relations and currently lifted the embargo with a former enemy, USA-icon.png USAball.



    • ASEAN-icon.png ASEAN - My real family, as I'm currently the leader of them.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - My good old comrade! Although you broke out of Soviet Unionball, you're a good friend of Vietnam, because you gave weapons. Thank you for the PPSH-41. Amongs them is the whole AK family.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Since you apologized and fixed your mistakes to me then I forgive what you've done to me. Nevertheless, you helped me a lot!
    • USA-icon.png USAball - We're cool partners! We immediately became friends after the Vietnam War so it and I can get along very well. You also has a large South Vietnamese diaspora in Texas and in some parts in California and Florida.
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - Hello main character of the comic. Thanks for helping me in the past. You and I also have many similarities in history. I wish you could into space. It is also the sibling of Czech-icon.pngCzech and Slovakia-icon.png Slovakia.
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - I like you and Kostas Lập. And your Greek mythology is so fascinating.
    • Czech-icon.png Czechiaball - Child of CSR. Most Vietnamese selling items is Czechia so we are best business friend. Vietnamese is a minority language in your nation with barely few of my people? Nice! We both have relations through Việt-Tiệp steel manufactory either!
    • Laos-icon.png Laosball - It's my good friend, I give them access to my sea freely whenever it wants. Also you gave me medicine and sandals.
    • Cuba-icon.png Cuba - Cuba's bilateral relations with Vietnam is committed to consolidate "the special relationship, loyal friendship, and comprehensive cooperation with Vietnam, governments and peoples" -Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz
    • Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball - Most of my Christian community is Catholic. I love it! But what if you found out I am a commie?
    • Bhutan-icon.png Bhutanball - Unknown
    • Egypt-icon.png Egyptball - They bullied Israel-icon.png Israelcube, great!
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - They gave shiny new weapons such as TAR-21 and Galil ACE, but stop bullying Palestine-icon.png Palestineball! Still, we're good friends though.
    • South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball; CAR-icon.png South Sudanball - We Vietnamese are living there to help you guys out of agricultural skills. Try hard or your citizens died off because of the arid climate!
    • Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball - A random rich dude with oil and member of ASEAN. Also they're controlling an island (claimed by us) in the South China Sea!
    • Italy-icon.png Italyball - Most of our Vietnamese children like your Winx Club series, your spaghetti and pizzas!
    • Singapore-icon.png Singapore - Good friend and co-worker in ASEAN, can both into hosting USA-icon.png USAball and North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball summit. It usually reminds me of Heunggong-icon.png Hong Kongball somehow.
    • Finland-icon.png Finlandball - Thanks for bringing Nokia. We have exchanged students.
    • Canada-icon.png Canada - It's really kind and friendly. It has one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver. I love Vancouver 🤤🤤. Also I love the Chinese people there!
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Best products in the world unlike China-icon.png This big fat pig! I like your manga, anime, monies and Motorcycles a lot and gib me more Motorcycles like Yamaha or Kawasaki plox. However, forget what your parent did to me in the past. I'm sorry because my citizen shoplifting.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Thank you Jawahalal Nehru for visiting our country! Thank you!
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Parent of USA. Thanks for helping us build the tallest building in Southeast Asia. (Your name and your child (Anh)'s name in Vietnamese confused me)
    • VC-icon.png Viet Congball - Hello, best sibling, and was of south! But it no longer exists, because it longed to unite with us after kicking RVN's arse!
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippines- My ASEAN best friend, kind, sweet and funny. It's also in this damn dispute. But unlike China-icon.png this bully, we've kept too well the peace on the disputed territory since my reunification. Please stop cursing when playing video games online.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestine- Free Palestine! We know Israel-icon.png Israelcube is our friend but it's oppressing you! (Just like what we suffered before :c)
    • Kuwait-icon.png Kuwait - We are invaded by USA-icon.pngBa'athist Iraq-icon.png USAball and Ba'athist Iraqball and we defeated them. We are good in good term because we have similar conflicts and experiences of War crime. More, we are good friend and we support this guy.
    • Iraq-icon.png Iraq - Thanks you for helping me when I was in trouble but why did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait in 1990? But present Kuwait forgived you.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazil - Do you like or love Lula da Silva?
    • Armenia-icon.png Armenia - Good Caucasian friend. But although I can't save you from Azerbaijan-icon.png a bullier.
    • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - Thanks for donor kebab, it's pretty tasty. Flexible for school, also thanks for not getting involved in Vietnam war and even protesting the war. Opening Vietnamese embassies in Ankara, Turkey and also for being a tourism partner. I know that you're neither a bird nor a food. But stop hating Armeniaball!
    • East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball - Thanks kamerad for fighting for my independence and equipment! I love the motorbikes you produced!
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - Give Mercedes, Volswagen, BMW and beer, it is also France's spouse.
    • Romania-icon.png Romania - Good friend. You helped me in the Vietnam War and in the present day, many of my workers in your clay are happy with your salary. And we are ancient too! Ceaucascu stronk! Woohoo!
    • California-icon.png Californiaball - Is a state of the USA. Best U.S State ever! It hates me for being a commie, but I like it by the say.
    • Texas-icon.png Texas - It hates me, but I like it too. Lots of Vietnamese population there but it hates commies. It's very conservative, not gonna lie.
    • Algeria-icon.png Algeria - A long lost relative that also gained independence from Franceball, Also helped me In Vietnam War against France-icon.png Franceball by switching sides.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - We recognize you as a part of China-icon.png Chinaball. We established representative offices and you've has been the fourth-largest source of foreign direct investment in my clay since 2006. Since you invented bubble tea everyone in Vietnam absolutely loves it, although I still think my Vietnamese eggnog coffee is better.
    • Madagascar-icon.png Madagascarball - An island that also gained independence from Franceball.
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Many of my students studying at its colleges. Also have many people on its clay.
    • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealand- Hello, the best friend of Aussie. Also have some students there.
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - You invented "Chữ Quốc Ngữ" (Modern Vietnamese alphabet), I don't like to use Han characters. And we both like Cristiano Ronaldo!
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - Nordic version of me! I love Minecraft-icon.png Minecraft and Pewdiepie! Drop some student there too. Also, thanks for helping me in the Vietnam War with aids!
    • Myanmar-icon.png Myanmarball - We can into friendship. I provided arms to the Tatmadaw. We can into similar star! BUT WHAT ON EARTH?! ARE YOU KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND EVEN Rohingya-icon.png ROHINGYAS?! STOP PLEASE!
    • Chile-icon.png Chile - Our relationship is nothing special. But it is longer than me. I used to think I was the longest in the world.
    • Thailand-icon.png Thailandball - Ewww, shemales. Good place to travel to and good at football. And my football team is the best in SEA! It's a good friend and trading partner so we are fine.
    • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kongball - I used to have refugees inside its clay so I guess I was its enemy? Our political stances are also very different so I thought it used to hate me. But THEN it became friendly and nice to me. I am so happy! 2017 BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES! Both can into remove Maoist pigs! You are one of my biggest trading partners. We both refuse to be friends with China-icon.png THIS BULLY! Our languages have very similar tones too. Now, I've called you Hồng Kông instead of Hương Cảng/Xianggang.
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball - I SUPPORT YOU AGAINST THAT Morocco-icon.png SATAN LAND!
    • Champa-icon.png Champa - Sorry for anschluss you in the past. I think I have stopped harassing Cham people, because Kinh people dont care and dont hate Islam. We will develop the Cham script and simplify it. I am studying your culture.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine - Good trading partner, but stop hating Russia! You are lucky that I didn't choose any side in Crimea.
    • Suriname-icon.pngSuriname - Ared star gang!
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Trading partner and Friend. I think USA-icon.png America and you hate each other because Iranian Islamic Revolution.


    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - Fellow ĐỒNG CHÍ/동지 and crazy friend. BUT WHY YUO OP RUINING MY FRIENDSHIP WITH Malaysia-icon.png MALAYSIA! STOP TRYING TO FUCK THE WORLD UP! JUST GET A FUCKING GOOD LEADER!
    • Albania-icon.png Albania - Kosovoball is own Serbian Clay and not yuors, but it's still neutral with China-icon.png this ball.
    • Malaysia-icon.png Malaysia - It took away 2 football championship title, why? Share spratlys too! Good friends though, most of our youth like your Upin Ipin series. Your Chinese people are the best, and we are both also in ASEAN-icon.png ASEAN.
    • Somalia-icon.png Somalia - YOU MADE MY FLAG UGLY BY MAKING IT BLUE AND A WHITE STAR AND PIRATE HAT? PATHETIC! (But thanks for creating The Piracy jiu jiu jiu) But besides flag stealing I like it and I gib it aid.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesia - My good kebab friend but luwak coffee is made of an actual poop. Although it's not bad, Vietnamese coffee are of best coffee. AND WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR SHIPS COLLIDING WITH MINES?! We're ok now. also please don't sink our ships on the 4th.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Land of K-pop, Samsung, plastic surgency and some dramatic shits. Ehh, I mean gib investment, plox! Thanks for bring Park Hang-Seo. I'm OP appreciate that! But you apologized me for yuor war crimes you did.
    • Mongolia-icon.png Mongoliaball - It's alright. It tried to anschluss me in the past but I kicked its ass three times. But now, I am stronker then it and it is Russia's friends. Our relationship will be normal. But I'm still stronker than it, hehehe.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbia - Stop removing kebabs, I love them, y'know? But I support yuo in Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball situation so, friends?
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo - YOU ARE SERBIAN CLAY!
    • Estonia-icon.png Estonia - Sibling of Finland-icon.png Nokia but why yuo hate me because I like Russia-icon.png and being enemies with that Morocco-icon.png Western Sahara occupier? Stop hating my friend!
    • Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan - We're trading partners in ASEAN and helped you in 2010 floods.
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - We both friends with Russia-icon.png Russiaball but sorry, I need to recognise you as the part of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball.
    • Azerbaijan-icon.png Azerbaijan - My city and your capital has similar each other street names BUT YOU NEED TO STOP BULLYING ARMENIA FOR Artsakh-icon.png NARGONO-KARABAKH! But I like your sibling.
    • Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball - Just neutral


    How to draw

    Drawing Vietnamball is SUPER easy:

    1. Colour the basic circle shape red.
    2. Draw a yellow five-pointed star in the middle.
    3. Draw the eyes and you have finished. You can also draw a nón lá (Asian conical hat) for an addition.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Maximum Red 218, 37, 29 C0-M83-Y87-K15 #DA251D
    Yellow 255, 255, 0 C0-M0-Y100-K0 #FFFF00


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Vietnamball.

    Click here to see it.

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