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    Izmirball is a Turkish cityball. It loves secularism and Boyoz. Also known as File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball.  Greeceball wants it back.


    • Population: 4,367 Million
    • Type: Cityball
    • Municipalities: 30
    • Area: 11.891 km² km²
    • Country: Türkiyeball
    • Region: Aegean Region
    • Party: CHP
    • Timezone: UTC+3


    Bronze Age

    The first settlements in File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball started around File:Bayraklı-icon.png Bayraklıball and File:Bornova-icon.png Bornovaball regions. Buildings in the regions had a familiar style with Troyans.

    Iron Age

    Writing came to File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball when the Hittitesball took control of the city. After some time, some stupid Balkan people came and brought back the dark age of File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball. While these things are going on some whacky Ancient Greek Tribe called Ionians came to the city. Ionians influnced the history of the city a lot. Temple of Athena and Homeraion is known to be build here by the Ionians.

    Hellenistic and Roman Period

    File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball was controlled by Macedonian Empire. After the Death of Alexandria, a civil war started in File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball. Just after the civil war, it was invaded by the File:Pergamum-icon.png Pergamumball. After the Death of III Attalos some pergamum king idk SPQR took over File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball. The city fall into the hands of Byzantine Empireball after the Collapse of The Roman Empire.

    Byzantine Empireball and Turkic Beyliks Period

    this is the part that everything turns into a shitstorm.

    First, Umayyads took the city to have a military hub close to the Constantinopleball.

    Second, Turkic Raiders stormed the city. and Çakabeyliğiball was established in the city.

    Third, Hospitaller Orderball took control of the city's shore.

    Fourth, Aydınoğullarıball took the inland, Genoaball took the shore of the city.

    Fifth, FINALLY AHHHHHH Ottomanball took the city completely. It got renamed to Aydın Vilayetiball.

    World War I

    After Ottomanball's defeat in the World War 1, they were forced to sign the TREATY OF SEVRES.

    File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball fell into the hands of Greeceball after the treaty. Thanks to Mustafa Kemal Paşa,

    File:Smyrna-icon.png Smyrnaball was saved from Greeceball and it was back into the fold.

    Republic Period

    At last, city's name finally became İzmirball and it got the Metropolis title. After that one by one all the municipalityballs got integrated into the metropolis.

    Other Cityballs

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