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    Give meh ma independence, ye dirty tea sipper ALSO GIVE MEH NOREHN IHERLAHND!
    You may take our lives but you will never take our FREEDOM
    — William Wallace
    Oh, they're gaun tae have tae glue ye back together...IN HELL!
    — TF2 Demoman (Tavish Finnegan Degroot)
    Dogs... I hate dogs.
    — John "Soap" Mactavish
    — Scotland Forever Anthem
    — Random Holdfast Player
    — Again, Random Holdfast Player

    Scotlandball, also known as Bagpipeball or Scottlandball, or Scotchball even Claymore Country, and SCOOOTTLAAAND FORREVVVERRBALL is a drunk countryball located north of Englandball. It, along with Englandball, Walesball and Northern Irelandball are part of UKball. It is the land of bagpipes, haggis, ships and Braveheart. As of September 2014, it cannot into independence (AH LIVE AGAIN!!) though it can into being good relative to evil sibling's children. With UKball leaving EUball it is starting to think about independence again and the UK has passed a recent bill allowing Scotland to have another referendum. This seams to imply that it does not know that EUball doesn't want it without the rest of UK. It also taught USAball about FREEDOM! and building huge walls. Now its independence movement is losing some of its support because of an idiot leader and it has been shown that 60% of him doesn't want a second independence referendum. It did have an independence rally but they didn't make up too much of its population. Also if it left the UK it would probably split like what happened with Ireland and Northern Ireland. But its interest in independence is falling anyway (most of the time he and the English actually agree and both regret Brexit). Besides, there seems to be a good chance of a good Brexit deal and UKball will probably rejoin afterwards. However, after Article 13 was passed even it started to question its place in the EU (THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM OF THE INTERNET). Nowadays during the COVID-19 pandemic, Scottish independence is once more at an all-time high. If it'll eventually get independence remains unknown.

    Political parties

    • Scottish National Party: The main Scottish nationalist party whose main goal is Scottish independence and EU membership. They tried to stop Brexit. Centre-left politics. Pushing for indyref2. As of August 2021 they are in a cooperation with the Scottish Greens.
    • Scottish Conservatives: The most outspoken critics of Scottish nationalism are Tories. They are trying to prevent indyref2. They criticised the SNP–Greens coalition government, calling it a "nationalist coalition of chaos".
    • Scottish Labour: Typical social-democratic party without nationalist characteristics.
    • Scottish Greens: Ecologist and Scottish nationalist party. Pushing for indyref2 like the SNP. Since August 2021 they are in cooperation with the Sturgeon government.
    • Scottish Liberal Democrats: Tried to stop Brexit. Hates Scottish nationalism.


    Flag Colours

    Colour Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Honolulu Blue 0, 94, 184 C-100-M48-Y0-K28 #005EB8
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF



    • Irelandball - Best friend eva'. We r' both Celtic siblings wha're mad at the UK fer oppressin' us. But noo heitthinks Ah'm ae traitah becuse Ah decided tae stay. Am sorre ye have te deal with de EU's coperite darectiv. Ah hope ye can survive it.
    • Cataloniaball - Yes, it can into independent
    • New Zealandball - Ah especially like Dunedinball due tae its Scottish flavour. Stæp headshotting mæh on TF2!
    • Walesball - Celtic sibling. But it likes sheep tae much.
    • Polandball - The UK's plumber. Tis lad has got thoosands o' people in ma clay, 'n' amazin' food tae. Ah cannae understand shite whit he's sayin' though, its language is that hard. But hey, after 100 years yer still ae good friend o' mine.
    • Franceball - Former rival o' the UK. DOMINATED YE FROG EATING LAD!
    • Italyball - Lots o' Italians in mae clay. Thank ye fae beating Englandball in the Euro final! But stop saying yae deep-fried pizza is better than mine, please.
    • Serbiaball - Named one o' its streets after ma nurse. Good guy.
    • Falklandsball - Don't let Argentina push ye aboot.
    • Bostonball - Stout Shako fer two refined!? Anyways, Thus Scout haelps me in the bloody TF2
    • Norwayball - It haes ae great an' stoatin relationship wi me.
    • Icelandball - Huh, you look just like Norway! You made the You Are A Pirate!!! song, which I did a remix of!
    • Nova Scotiaball - Ma child! Was so proud o' 'em tha A named it after meself.
    • West Papuaball - Distent Ocænia relative o' my fiend Vanuatu I wish i 'em Will recognized yuo.
    • Palestineball - Me Best Middle East Friend. I Hope You Came Back Soon :)
    • Texasball - I'm The British Texas aye thanks on protecting teh base in TF2
    • Ukraineball - Don’t ya worry, blad! Ah recognize Crimea as yours now since it kept callin’ mæh Bri’ish!


    • Englandball - Wait, A've just decided tae stay an' noo yer gonny get rebellious?! Really? We fought th'gither as siblings in WW2! Yer also mah football rival, though we rarely play games th'gither much nowadays. It likes scotch too though, so it's ok. SOON I WILL BE FREE
    • UKball - Okay, Ah decided to stay, but plox give more autonomy and I'll be fine.
    • EUball - Ah'm no sure hoo Ah feel aboot ye anymair. Ah wanted tae stay but then ye ban memes. INTERNET FREEDOM! Am Sorry pal, but ah don't think ah can go down this road of censorship you are. YE MAY TAKE OOR LIVES! BUT YE WILL NEVER TAKE OOR MEMES!
    • Russiaball - Serbia's aulder siblin' an' ally, but plees staup callin' Crimea Rushan. Also, staup loomin' auver ma fren and yunger sib'.



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