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    Why weren't yuo of neutral?
    Switzerlandball, when a countryball picks a side where nobody can fully agree on

    Switzerlandball, officially known as Neutralball Swiss Confederationball, is Yodel Ricola shouting a Medic Bag neutral countryball (despite the fact its flag is a plus and not an equal sign) located in Europe. It has a calm anthem is bordered by Germanyball to the north; Italyball to the south; Austriaball and Liechtensteinball to the east; and Franceball to the west, northwest, and southwest. The countryball is divided into 26 cantonballs, including the federal cityball (there is no capital that is legally recognized) Bernball. Bernball also acts as the capital of the Bern Cantonball located in the Midwest. Switzerlandball's area is 41,285 square kilometers,[1] making it the 132nd-largest countryball in the world. As of 28 February 2022, Switzerlandball's population is 8,759,376.[2] It can also into shelter of world war.

    Due to its neutral status, Switzerlandball hardly considers international organizations. Though while not in EUball, it still has large ties with them and is a member of the EFTAball and the Schengen Area, as well as the UNball like almost every other countryball.

    For the last 171 500 years, Switzerlandball has been able to stay surprisingly neutral, even though before it was a strong warrior. While all the other countryballs fought in WW1, WW2, and the Cold War, Switzerlandball sat out of everything and enjoyed its life, making it a popular countryball. Switzerlandball is best known for its neutrality, cheese, chocolate, lakes, mountains, gold, banks, clocks, mathematicians, and physicians. It is prosperous and thus cares significantly about its money. It is also very good at tennis, as Roger Federer comes from Switzerlandball.

    Its national day is 1 August, and it has delicious chocolates.

    Istorgia (History)

    In the earliest times, the territory now occupied by Switzerlandball was inhabited by Celtic Helvetii. The Romans dominated it from the first century B.C. to the fourth century A.D. The period marked when the population reached a higher level of civilization and began to enjoy more and more commerce.

    When SPQRball fell into decline, Germanic tribes from the north and west invaded Switzerlandball. In 800, the country became part of the empire of Charlemagne and then the Holy Roman Empire. Finally, in 1499, the Swiss confederates achieved their formal independence from the Holy Roman Empire.

    The Swiss nation then renounced expansionism and the war, which crossed its frontiers only in the period when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded the country there in the 19th century. Later, the Congress of Vienna of 1815 restored the confederation and its neutrality.

    Switzerland also had a short-lasting civil war with a rebellion called Childderbund in November 1847. This supposedly ended the periods of Restoration and Regeneration. No one talks about it, though, because Switzerland only wants to be remembered as neutral.

    In 1865 he created the red cross <3

    Switzerlandball industrialized very quickly and became the second one after UKball. While the First (1914-1918) and Second (1938-1945) World Wars took place, the Swiss distanced themselves from these hostilities because they were neutral. The Cold War (1947-1991) reinforced the role of neutral Switzerland and gave the nation a way out of its diplomatic isolation. Switzerlandball, however, did not join UNball for a few decades - even with Geneva being the European headquarters of the UNball and the Swiss actively playing in specialized agencies of the international body. After the end of the Cold War, Switzerlandball joined the Bretton Woods institutions in 1992 and only in 2002 became a member of the United Nations. In 1960, Switzerland joined other countries that do not strive to a European centralized administration, participating in EFTA (European Free Trade Association) with Norwayball, Icelandball, and Liechtensteinball. Switzerlandball does not share the view of many other countries with a single European currency.

    Relaziuns (Relationships)

    Amitschs (Friends)

    ( Austriaball and Liechtensteinball only good friend). Everyone else sorry!

    • Austriaball - It is the primary sibling of Deutschland and me. I don't know why they wears glasses, although their eyes are perfectly fine. We do a lot of activities together, especially skiing.
    • Liechtensteinball - Sibling and Freund who is the best micro state! You're so sweet! However, you are my only clay stealer - ONLY! - Best Sweet Freund.

    Neutre (Neutral) (Everyone else sorry!)

    Switzerland is always neutral with (almost) everyone, but especially:

    • Icelandball - Almost the same as Swedenball with its neutrality. But how are you number 1 in most peaceful countries?
    • Franceball - It is the European version of Japan. France loves my chocolates. Moreover, I speak the same language as them. I am part of FCH. Never forget 1798! HAHAHA, JE BEAT YOU (5)3-3(4), GET OUT OF EURO 2020! France and mon canton of Vaud even brought back the Games olympiques after 1503 years! Take this, SPQRball! Also, I can into GulliMax along with waffleman.
    • Belgiumball - Let's make better chocolates together! (We make the best chocolates at this point, though.) And we're also multilingual!
    • Germanyball - My sibling! It wants me to join their club to make it great again. No, I won't follow you! I AM SCHWEIZER!
    • Greeceball - Many people live in me, but Stefano Tsitsipas eliminated Roger Federer in the Australian Open.
    • Merkelreichtangle - YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME! But let me into Schengen and be a trade friend instead. Also, I'll join yuo in sanctioning Russiaball!
    • Holy Roman Empireball - The best parents a child can have.
    • Norwayball - A rich friend who will not into EUball too because we are too rich. You are no longer the world's most developed country. No hard feelings?
    • Denmarkball - Flag stealer! But you are a good friend. It gives LEGOs to me.
    • Finlandball - Weird cousin. Why are yuo joining NATOball? Also, good hockey rival.
    • Hungaryball - Good friend. It likes my chocolate. It is also a spouse of my sibling.
    • Polandball - HAPPY 100th ANNIVERSARY, MY GREAT FRIEND! I WISH YOU THE BEST! I will support your Huawei Crisis against those who hurt you! You're too valuable to lose!
    • NepalRawr - Mountain buddy!
    • Estoniaball - Nice friend.
    • Serbiaball - Quite a nice fellow. We both established relations and I gave it a embassy and two general consultates, and there's a majority of Serbian descents living in my country. However we are rivals in tennis. REMOVE DJOKOVIC!!!
    • Côte d'Ivoireball and Ghanaball - My poor children slaves chocolate makers from West Africa. MORE CHOCOLATE! and you was also staying out in Cold War thanks to your Prime Minister.
    • Canadaball - Loves my chocolate, and I love Canadian Maple syrup and Trudeau. Canada is my favorite idol when it comes to food. I can tell you all of the great facts about this idol - it even let me borrow Celine Dion for Eurovision in 1988... which I won! I support you against Russia. Nice work beating me in the IIHF this year. Heart Attack right there. I feel bad for the virus...
    • Saudi Arabiaball - It likes my chocolates some, and it got neutrals during WW2 and Cold War.
    • Egyptball - Just like Saudi Arabia, its staying out in Cold War
    • Ukraineball - Crimeaball is part of yuo.
    • Kosovoball - I recognize you. My Albanian population also mostly comes from your clay.
    • Russiaball - Crimea is Ukraine. But you know what? I don't have very much against you. Oh, what's that? You're invading Ukraineball? I'll sanction you! Why did you list me as an enemy?
    • USAball - It loves our hot chocolate. I wish it were more neutral, and I love its chocolate too!
    • Japanball - Asian version of France. I love to take pictures of our grass. My country influences its anime. And it makes anime based on my novel too!. Also, Emma Verde from Nijigasaki Love Live is of pure Swiss Descent! I like you.
    • Indiaball - It Love to watch movies in our alps, also, It was also Staty out but sadly they cannot into Neutral like me because of their Neighbors had conflict with them.
    • Chinaball - Love to make fake version of our watches be it likes my watches still
    • Baden-Württembergball - My favorite relative, I want them to join me and clean up the mistakes that my sibling did to them. Anschluss.
    • Maya chocolate friends - These three are good as me doing chocolate.
    • Wisconsinball - We make better cheese.
    • Israelcube - We make better bankers, also first Zionist congress was held in Baselball.
    • Tringapore - It can into neutral.
    • Bhutanball - Asian version of us.
    • Burundiball - African version of us. Not always neutral, though.
    • Rwandaball - Burundi's sibling who is role as my sibling.
    • Oregonball - Primary American version of us.
    • Coloradoball - Secondary American version of us.
    • Swedenball - Good friend who also stayed neutral until now. It also didn't participate In World War I, World War II, and the Cold War like me! Sweeten-Sweeterland stronk! please stop fighting with Denmarkball. Am now undisputed king of neutral.
    • Malaysiaball - Like Tringapore, it was used to be stayed Neutral. But UKball and Saudi Arabiaball let it in into alliance. Also it People likes Maggi
    • Thailandball - Good friend in Asia; many of its people clay live in me also you are been neutral until it was Allied with Japanball in WW2.
    • Costa Ricaball - Central American version of us but removing drugs.
    • Omanball - Relatable friend, stays out of intense regional conflicts like me.
    • NAMball - I am so neutral that I am not a member. I support the west.
    • Indonesiaball - Asian Friend, it has no allies and never take any side in the war thanks to your foreign policy even you are neutral than Tringapore, also Tell your Netizens to stop Making a critic of my Aare river
      • : Despite clearly visible entry and exit points, the Aare is dangerous and only suitable for confident river swimmers. Most Bernese children jump into the Aare for the first time with their parents.
      • Oops, Sorry Indonesia
    • Vaticanball - Yes, I am going to supply you with my guards.
    • Yugoslaviaball - Used to be a good friend. We were both unaligned in the Cold War, but I don't know where it is now. It is dead, unfortunately, though.
    • Bernball - My capital.
    • Gypsyball - You will not rob me fool.
    • ISISball - The terrorist thugs. But at least they never invaded me due to direct neutrality.
    • Italyball - Good neighbor. Part of my clay speaks Italian.
    • North Koreaball - Its current supreme leader was educated here, so in a way, we should be friends. But you seem to be a little nuke crazy and unfriendly to your neighbors.
    • NATOball - YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME TOO! but I support the west :)
    • Botswanaball - Another friend from Africa.
    • Philippinesball - My friend whose parent is the USA. OFWs in my clay are working hard and boosting my economy. Thank you :)
    • Uruguayball - South American version of us also loves weed chocolates.
    • Portugalball and Spainball - Most Loyal Vistors to stayings en mon clay, They mostly lived in Genevaball and Vaudball Also as for Spain, It has chocolates by discovered it
    • Assyriaball - Once I tried to make Aramaic the fifth national language through a radio show.
    • Palestineball - I do not recognize it but but some of its migrants settled in my clay too, hoping for its reconciliation with Israelcube.
    • Maltaball - Island friend. Island version of us.
    • UKball - My secret intelligence wanted to relocate to UKball in case of an invasion, and we are trading partners. However, it violated my airspace in World War II!
    • Tongaball - It is a nice country in Oceania, but why do yuo hate me just because I stole yuor flag? I'm pretty sure that is purely coincidental.

    EAT NIGHTMARES!/Nemesis (Enemies)

    None, due to direct neutrality, except for countries that hate or tried to invade it.

    Chantuns (Cantons)

    File:The polandball map of switzerland by atoxbcc defw9sy-fullview.jpg

    Switzerland has 26 federal states or Cantons (cantons in French, Kantone in German, and Cantoni in Italian). At first, it started with three cantons, which were referred to as Waldstätte. This was a term used to refer to Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. Currently, the term now used is Urschweiz.

    Cudesch (Quotes)

    One of the unhated nations due to its neutrality. (actually, some people hate it, shoot)
    Sur nos monts, quand le soleil Annonce un brillant réveil
    Switzerlandball begins sing for its anthem very peaceful
    Switzerlandball to its enemies
    — Pingu
    Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Turkey and Greece!
    — Yakko Warner
    Oh, oh... Chi... Chicka chickaaaaaa...
    — Dieter Meier from Yello singing "Oh Yeah"
    I, I went to hell and back, to find myself on track! I broke the code, woah-oh-oh!
    Like ammonites, I just gave it some time... now I found paaaradise, I broke the code, woah-oh-oh!
    — Nemo Mettler singing "The Code"


    • It is one of the richest countries, both in Europe and rest of the world.
    • Lys Assia, the winner in Eurovision history, was born in its clay.
      • Nemo Mettler, the first non-binary winner in Eurovision history, was also born in its clay.
    • They made swiss chocolates but also Switzerland just made about Chocolates
      • Cailler is one of oldest swiss chocolate brands to still exist, and it is owned by Swiss Company Nestlé as today.
      • Milk chocolate originated from its clay.
      • Speaking of which, its military also has chocolate. (Yum!)
      • Conching, a process used in the manufacture of chocolate whereby a surface scraping mixer and agitator, was invented by Rodolphe Lindt.
    • 16 is the legal minimum drinking age in its clay expect for Ticino.
      • In Ticino, 18 is the minimum drinking age instead. This was likely been done to stop prevent people from Italy who are under age of 18 from buying them.
    • One of its languages, Romansh is the only language in the Rhaeto-Romance group to be an official language.
    • Prior to becoming a UN member state, Switzerlandball was the first and longest UN observer state until 2002, when Switzerlandball joined the UNball as a full member state.
    • The French-speaking areas of Switzerlandball is nowadays called Romandie/Romandy by most since after World War I. Its former popular term wass Suisse française, which means "French Switzerland".
      • However, Romandie/Romandy is not an official territorial division of Switzerland any more than there is a clear linguistic boundary. It was only referrs to French-speaking areas in Switzerland by most Swiss people.
    • Switzerlandball loves to be called Natel, which is a generic trademark for mobile phones in its clay.
      • Its sibling, Liechtensteinball, also uses this term.
      • The word Natel is trademarked by a company named Swisscom.

    Infurmaziun per artists (Information for artists)

    Culurs da bandiera (Flag colors)

    The shade of red used in the Swiss flag was not de jure defined prior to 2017. And it's basically the same as Canadaball's shade of red as they have the same Pantone shade:[3][4]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Maximum Red 218, 41, 28 C0-M81-Y-87-K15 #DA291C
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Or use the vivid RGB/CMYK/HEX specifications, if you really want your eyes to burn:

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Red 255, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K0 #FF0000
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Cun tirar (How to draw)

    Switzerlandball has a drawing rating of easy.

    Drawing Switzerlandball is easy:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it with red.
    3. Draw a thick white cross on the center.
    4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!

    Galleria (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Switzerlandball.

    Click here to see it.

    Notes ed referenzas (Notes and references)

    1. The World Bank. "Land Area (Sq. Km) - Switzerland." World Bank Group, 2020, https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/AG.LND.TOTL.K2?locations=CH.
    2. Worldometers.info. "Switzerland Population (LIVE)." Worldometer, 28 Feb. 2022, https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/switzerland-population/.
    3. Flag of Switzerland
    4. https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drapeau_du_Canada#Description

    Vedi era (See also)

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