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    Kantōball is Filipino for corner a pokéball regionball of Japanball.

    In the Kantō regionball is located the capital of Japanball, Tokyoball. Kantoball is a highly populated region, with about 43 million people and 151 Pokémon centered around Tokyoball.

    Kanto includes Tokyoball, Kanagawaball, Chibaball, Saitamaball, Ibarakiball, Tochigiball and Gunmaball. Much of the region is a gigantic single block of urban area known as Greater Tokyo.

    Unlike other regions of Japan, few people identify themselves as being from Kanto, they would rather identify themselves as being from Tokyo, Yokohama or Saitama.

    Kanto people are often described as polite, reserved, simple and serious. There are actually basically two dialects in the region; namely, Yamanote and pika pika Shitamachi. Yamanote is spoken by the bureaucrats and the wealthy (its equivalent in English can be the RP British English or the accent of New York and Philadephia). The Shitamachi dialect on the other hand, is associated with working-class Tokyoites (English equivalent might be a Bronx, Joisey or Cockney accent).


    Kantōball was officially born as a   1ball, then unified into the   Japanese Empireball In 1923 a magnitude 7.9-8.2 Earthquake struck the Kanto Plain and firestorm engulf the whole plains, After World War 2 it unified into   Japanball.

    The original Pokemon Red and Green games were made by Gamefreak on 1995. When it arrived to America, they decided to change Pokémon green to Pokémon blue because it's more patriotic. The whole concept about going through the region of Kanto and catching all 151 pokemon became a huge sucess so later Pokemon yellow arrived the same game with pikachu then GS, RSE, DPpt, BW, B2W2, XY, ORAS, SM, USUM, SwSh, BDSP, SV and many more.


    zh:關東地方球 pl:Kantoball

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