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    World War I, or also known as The Great War, was a global war that created Battlefield 1 in which the "educated, sophisticated, and fancy" Europeans started a mortal armed conflict which also included clashes in other parts of the world, which lasted from 1914-1918. It was the sixth most deadly conflict in the history of mankind and later paved the way for a number of geopolitical changes, such as revolutions and new borders in many of the countryballs involved.

    The immediate cause of WWI was Serbiaball. It pitted the Central Powers of German Empireball and Austria-Hungaryball and their allies against UKball and Franceball, and their allies and children and/or adoptive children. It resulted in the signing of the Treaties of Versailles and Trianon, and the creation of a League of Nations, to ensure such a war would never happen again. However, despite such attempts, and even more destructive World War followed a mere 20 years later.


    Buildup to War (1871-1914) Events Wars

    Ever since the birth of German Empireball in 1871, upon the defeat of Franceball in the Franco-Prussian War by his father, Kingdom of Prussiaball, a tension had been building up amongst the European countryballs towards war. This included an arms race between UKball, who had traditionally dominated the seas, and German Empireball, who was also forcefully adopting children in Africa and Oceania to play catchup to UKball and Franceball, who desperately wanted to regain her clay lost to German Empireball in 1871, Alsace-Lorraineball.

    In midst of this tension, relationships were built up, and in 1877, German Empireball became friends with Austria-Hungaryball and Russian Empireball. However, the Alliance of the Three Emperors did not last, as Russian Empireball disapproved of Austria-Hungaryball's interests in the Balkans, especially towards his distant cousin Kingdom of Serbiaball, who hated Austria-Hungaryball and Ottoman Empireball. German Empireball also built up warm relations towards Kingdom of Italyball in 1884, when he hosted the Berlin Conference. On January 30th, 1902 UKball made an alliance with Empire of Japanball.

    Meanwhile, UKball was reconciled with his ally Franceball in 1904 to form the Entente Cordiale, which was extended to include Russian Empireball in 1907, due to their mutual dislike of German Empireball's interests. Kingdom of Serbiaball was also unofficially included in this alliance, as were UKball and Franceball's many adoptive and biological children from overseas. German Empireball's rapid militarization was cause for worry for UKball, who was forced into the aforementioned arms race by 1900.

    War to End All Wars (1914-1916)

    In 1914, Kingdom of Serbiaball kicked Austria-Hungaryball right in the Archduke (?), which was Austria-Hungaryball's casus belli for an invasion of Serbiaball's clay. Serbiaball, however was supported by his distant cousin and fellow Slav Russian Empireball, who demanded Austria-Hungaryball leave Serbiaball alone. However, German Empireball's attention arrived at the scene, and he told Russiaball to leave his ally alone. In response, German Empireball declared war against Russian Empireball, German Empireball reasoned that Franceball would come to Russiaball's aid, and therefore should attack Franceball first, before Russiaball could sober up to fight him. However, the clay between Franceball and German Empireball's was too heavily defended, so German Empireball first invaded Luxembourgball and took control of the rail roads in her clay, next declared war on Franceball, and then invaded and occupied most of Belgiumball's and his clay to get to Franceball.

    However, Belgiumball slowed German Empireball's advance down enough for Franceball to get ready, and also got his guardian UKball into the war, for German Empireball's violation of his neutrality. As a result, Franceball was able to defend her clay before German Empireball could occupy it properly, and UKball beat him in a race to the sea(and got into a stalemate in the process), and Russian Empireball got ready faster than expected, causing German Empireball to face a two-front war.

    Austria-Hungaryball, attacked Kingdom of Serbiaball and his clay, and Russian Empireball, under the pretext of liberating his Slav brother from the dirty Habsburgs which both falled. German Empireball was forced to come to her aid, since Austria-Hungaryball was incompetent thus not being able to successfully invade Kingdom of Serbiaball and Russiaball. Around this time Kingdom of Montenegroball joined the Entente Powers however didn’t really do anything. Empire of Japanball, who had joined the war on the Entente side, defeated German Empireball and adopted Kiautshouball in 1914, then taking most of his adopted daughter German New Guineaball's clay. Ottoman Empireball joined the Central Power by attacking Russian Empireball’s navel bases on the Black Sea, and since this threatened the communications between UKball and Russian Empireball, they invaded Persiaball and then UKball invaded in to Mesopotamia. UKball’s Dominion’s and Colonies along with Franceball Colonies ended up helping UKball on Franceball's clay, where the stalemate between the Allies and German Empireball had lasted for over a year. Off the coast of UKball's son Falklandsball's clay, German Empireball was defeated by UKball in naval combat. Famously, UKball and German Empireball sang Christmas carols together along with playing football on Christmas-Eve 1914.

    UKball sent his sons Australiaball, and Newfoundlandball and daughters New Zealandball, and Indiaball to teach Ottoman Empireball a lesson. In 1915, Australiaball, Newfoundlandball, New Zealandball, and Indiaball landed in Gallipoli and Sulva Bay, but failed to defeat Ottoman Empireball, and also by his adopted daughter Union of South Africaball hade invade and conquer German Empireball's adoptive daughter German South-West Africaball's clay. Meanwhile, Kingdom of Italyball joined the war on the side of the entente, and attacked Austria-Hungaryball but was unsuccessful. Bulgariaball joined the Central Powers so that she could have her revenge on Kingdom of Serbiaball after what had happened during the Second Balkan War, with a little bit of help from Austria-Hungaryball they were able to invade and conquer Serbiaball and Montenegroball, however, Serbiaball managed to escape into Greeceball’s clay by going through Albaniaball’s clay and continued to fight from their. UKball took German Empireball's neglected adoptive son German Cameroonball and gave most of his clay to Franceball.

    Irelandball, UKball's slave, took this opportunity to rebel against his subjugation however would fail, and ultimately left UKball's home a few years later. By Mid 1916, the war that 'would be over by Christmas' had dragged on for two years now, but this time with a renewed spirit on UKball's side to make a big push, going over the top with Franceball, but they ultimately suffered heavy wounds, especially at the Somme, Mons, Ypres, Verdun, and Paschendale, but UKball defeated German Empireball at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. UKball then helped the oppressed Kingdom of Hejazball rebel against his master Ottoman Empireball, with the objective of protecting his adoptive son Sultanate of Egyptball's strategically important clay. Kingdom of Romaniaball entered the war on the side of the Ententr against Austria-Hungaryball and was successful at first then proceeded to get beat up by Bulgariaball, German Empireball, Austria-Hungaryball, and Ottoman Empireball for the reset of year and throughout most of 1917.

    The Tide turns, and Victory (1917- 1918)

    As the war progressed, it seemed as if the war was less about taking land, and more about wearing each other down. It wasn't obvious as to who was going to drop first, but the country that did was tired of not eating and had a large insurgence inside his clay.

    Hint: It was Russia.

    On March 16th, 1917 the Russian Empireball went through a slight government change after the February Revolution overthrew the monarchist government and was replace with a republic, however, he still was fighting German Empireball. However, German Empireball secret message to Mexicoball in 1917, offering to help him regain Texasball, New Mexicoball, and Arizonaball from USAball, the code was cracked by UKball and told USAball about the message, causing him to declare war on German Empireball on April 6th, 1917, giving the Entente Powers renewed hope. USAball, at the time considered just an emergent nation of North America (he was seen just like a newbie by the European countryballs fighting in the war), arrived in Europe in June 24th, 1917. On June 27th, 1917 Kingdom of Greeceball joined the Entente Powers after having her neutrally be compromised by Bulgariaball. On October 26th, 1917 Brazilball joined the Entente Powers to due to German Empireball sinking 3 of Brazilian ships. Tired of fighting Russian Republicball, German Empireball secretly infected Russian Republicball with communism in 1917, turning him into Russian Soviet Republicball on November 7th, 1917. On December 9th, 1917 Romaniaball, signed an armistice with the Central Powers so that they stop beating her up. December 15th, 1917 Russian Soviet Republicball signed an armistice with German Empireball so that he could focus more the civil war, at that point German Empireball had occupied Lithuaniaball, Courland and Semigalliaball, and Ukraineball (which would later be taken away), March 9th, 1918 Russian Soviet Republicball and the Central Powers signed the Treaty of Brest-Litvosk in which German Empireball took Georgiaball, United Baltic Duchyball, Finlandball, Belarusball, Crimeaball, and Don Republicball and Ottoman Empireball took Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasusball, and Azerbaijan. On May 8th Kingdom of Romaniaball and the Central Powers signed the Treaty of Bucharest (1918) in which Romaniaball gave back the clay she stole from Bulgariaball during the Second Balkan War and let German Empireball occupy a half of her coastal clay in agreement that Austria-Hungaryball and Bulgariaball would leave her clay. On May 28th, Armeniaball became independent and joined the Entente Power’s only to be occupied by the Ottoman Empireball a few days later.

    October of 1918 the war was going badly for German Empireball and his allies. Bulgariaball had surrendered on September 30 and Ottoman Empireball a month later had surrendered to UKball and Franceball, on October 28th Czechoslovakiaball declared independence from Austria-Hungaryball and joined the Entente Power’s, On October 29th a Revolution would break out in the German Empireball's clay. And on November 3th Austria-Hungaryball had also surrendered after Kingdom of Serbiaball librated himself with some help from Kingdom of Greeceball in 1918. By now, German Empireball had gone mad, and made a last desperate push across into Franceball's clay. He was ultimately defeated by USAball, UKball, and Franceball, who helped Belgiumball push German Empireball out of his clay, German Empireball was killed on November 9th 1918. A day before German Empireball son Weimar Republicball, agreed to an armistice, also Kingdom of Romaniaball redeclared war on him. German Empireball son, Weimar Republicball, agreed to an armistice, which was signed at 11:11 am, on the 11th of November 1918, to end the war at last.

    The Somaliland Campaign was an African campaign against Dervish Movementball to colonize to remove Central Powers. The Somaliland Campaign ended up as a British and Italian Victory with Dervish Movementball death. A small part of it known as Ogadeniaball was annexed by Ethiopian Empireball.

    After the war, UKball and Franceball forced Weimar Republicball to sign the Treaty of Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, in which he accepted responsibility for his father's violent actions, and also forced him to pay reparations, ultimately leading to his personality change, to become Nazi Germanyball, and start another world war 20 years later. Austria-Hungaryball Collapsed, and her children all given new names by the Treaty of Trianon, giving Kingdom of Romaniaball some clay including Kingdom of Italyball, and the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs,Croats and Slovenesball where as Ottoman Empireball was occupied. Later his other children Kingdom of Iraqball, British Palestinecube, and British Transjordanball were adopted UKball, and State of Aleppoball, State of Damascusball, Alawite Stateball, and Greater Lebanonball were adopted by Franceball. USAball thought about adopting Armeniaball however decided against that. USAball, now recognized by European countries and Empire of Japanball like an Great Power, helped create a League of Nations, which ultimately failed in it's main goal of preventing another world war.


    The Triple Entente

    Nations that severed diplomatic ties with the Central Powers, but didn't fight them:

    Nations that were aligned to the Entente, but didn't get involved:

    Central Powers

    Co-belligerents of the Central Powers:

    Client states of the Central Powers

    German Empire:
    Sublime Ottoman State:

    Supported By:

    Not aligned to Entente Powers or Central Powers:



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