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    T h e y N e v e r G o t E t h i o p i a
    — bill wurtz
    Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball asking for food in 2003 (when he was poorest in the world)
    ብቸኛው የባዶነት ቅዝቃዜ ብቻ ነው የንስሐ ጊዜ ተጠናቅቋል ፣ ምክንያቱም ጥፋቶችህ በክፉ ዓይነትህ ከማንኛውም ተልእኮ ይበልጣሉ መጨረሻው ቅርብ ነው ፣ የኃጢያት መርከቦች ውዳሴ ይጠብቃል ፡፡ ለዓለማት ጌታ ለአላህ

    Ethiopiaball​​, Eden officially the Federal Democratic CommieRepublic of Burnt Face Ethiopiaball South Korea of Africa (but he is poort), formerly known as Abyssiniaball, is a poor as shit landlocked countryball within the Horn of Africa. He is bordered by Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball and Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball to the North, Kenya-icon.png Kenyaball to the South, Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball to the East, and Sudan-icon.png Sudanball and South Sudan-icon.png South Sudanball to the West. The countryball is divided into 9 regionballs, and two administrative cityballs being his capital Addis Ababa-icon.png Addis Abababall and Dire Dawa-icon.png Dire Dawaball, giving him a total area of 426,400 square miles, making him the 26th largest countryball in the world. As of 2019, he maintains a population of 112.079 million inhabitants, the most populated landlocked countryball in the World, as well as the second-most populous nation on the African continent after Nigeria-icon.png Nigeriaball and the 12th most populous nation in the world. He is also the founder and head of state of African Union-icon.png African Unionball and its head base is currently living in his capital Addis Ababa-icon.png Addis Abababall.

    He came from a very long history as is considered one of the oldest living countryballs. He was a site of the oldest evidence of Caveballs. Tracing its roots to the 2nd millennium BC, Ethiopia was a monarchy for most of its history. During the first centuries AD the Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball, followed by Zagwe-icon.png Zagweball, and Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball. In the 19th and 20th centuries, he was the only country in Africa to resist European colonial power along with Liberia-icon.png Liberiaball(although Liberia was colonized, just by the USA-icon.png Americans) except an invasion by Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball during WW2 and China-icon.png Chinaball present-day colonization.

    Currently, Ethiopiaball is very poor (But eradicating Starvation). He has undergone a series of famines, no money, no peace, and lives mostly on dry clay. Slowly, however, the country began to recover, and now the Ethiopian economy is one of the fastest-growing in Africa. In some Polandball comics, Ethiopiaball is depicted to be peanut-shaped instead of circular-shaped. This is a reference to his famine, poverty, and for that reason, why he is "thin". But this could change in the next years, the country starting to show signs of recovery of the bad years, In approximately 10-15 years, Ethiopia will become very rich and maybe until 2050 a very DEVELOPED country and even can into Obesity and Diabeetus. actually he cants into starvation anymore. Ethiopia also have the lowest drinking age in the world at the age of 15. Ethiopia is also known to be the most religious country in the world, having less than 1% of his population counts themselves as Atheists.

    His national Liberation from Fascist Italy-icon.png THE FASCITS day is June 4th.


    Ethiopia was born as a 4-icon.png 4ball but then those 4balls moved to Syria and Iraq to make farms instead of being the nomadic hunting and gathering people. Then some 8-icon.png 8balls had settled into the territory as a mini-empire to civilize themselves into tribes until the king of Solomon came and converted the Queen of Sheba into Judaism. Then some Semitic speaking 2-icon.png 2balls came and settled near his clay. Ethiopia, as well as all the other horned African countries, is a part of the Afro-Asiatic family.

    Some of the oldest evidence for modern caveballs are found in his clay which is widely considered the region from which caveballs set out for the Middle East and points beyond. Ethiopiaball likes to say to everyone that he is "the beginning of everything".

    The ethiopian Monarchy and empires started when the Queen of Sheba and King solomon had children and descended the ethiopian empire from there from 100AD- 1974AD from the same monarch family genetically related to them.

    He was a monarchy for most of its history. During the first centuries of the Common Era, the Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball (c.100-c.940) maintained a unified civilization in the region and is an early site of Christianity and also became the first African Jewish kingdom.

    Kingdom of Aksum-icon.pngThe Askum KingdomKingdom of Aksum-icon.png

    Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball made Ancient Egypt-icon.png Ancient Egyptball (now known as Egypt-icon.png Egyptball and Kush-icon.png Kushball (now known modernly as Sudan-icon.png Sudanball) irrelevant and started a new century of religious movements and becoming a glorious Christan African empire. Aksum had annexed Kush-icon.png Kushball and Ancient Egypt-icon.png Ancient Egyptball became part of SPQR-icon.png Ancient Romeball and eventually Coptic-icon.png Coptball. Askum also took an Asian kingdom Himyarite Kingdom-icon.png Himyarite Kingdomball (which is now known as Yemen-icon.png Yemenball). He and Israel-icon.png Solomon lead Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball to be part of the Afro-Asian family.

    The Kingdom of Aksum had a rich trading system and was the richest ancient African country during its time period comparing to current day poverty Ethiopia. He was trading with many countries such as the byzantine empire, China, Japan, North America, Egypt, Ghana, the Arab countries, and so on. Ethiopia's rich resources of water and coffee had lead towards a revolution of drinks of energy in which is famous today. It was also known that the kingdom of Axum had accepted the Islamic Prohte`s saw of Islam refuges from Mecca. Muslims were very appreciative, and the town Harari is one of the holiest sights of Islam. Many Ethiopians converted to the religion of Islam afterward.

    The Kingdom of Aksum was well known for making a tall stone obelix which is now known as a historic site used for early orthodox christianitý statues or religious works of art. During the Fascist Italy-icon.png Italian invasion they tried to recreate or re-assemble the historic sight. The UN-icon.png United Nations had stooped the fascist and try to restore the ruins and finished around the time of 2007.

    Zagwe-icon.pngThe Zagwe DynastyZagwe-icon.png

    Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball came to an end when a noble named Mara Takla Haymanot overthrew the successors of Yodit and married the daughter of the last king of Aksum. This would provide him with the legitimacy to rule Ethiopia and form Zagwe-icon.png Zagweball which lasted from the 12th and thirteenth century. During the dynasty presence. The Lalibela church in which was handmade underground religious citings was built and had unfortunate persecution towards the Ethiopians who are currently Jews in which they made a kingdom called Ethiopia-icon Cube.png Beta Israelcube in order to protect themselves from the persecution of the Christians. They lasted untill 1627 when Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball] annexed it.

    Zagwe was also well known for uplifting the Coptic Orthodox Christian religion holy sights. Some Muslims lived in Ethiopia in this time period, but there was not a lot.

    The Zagwe dynasty were overthrown by the Solomonic dynasty that started Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball. The first Emperor of the Solomonic dynasty claimed to have been a descendant of Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball, ergo it considered a continuation of such and Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kingdom of Aksumball is sometimes referred to as part of the Solomonic dynasty. He, as Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball became known to the world as Abyssiniaball from the 1200s onwards.

    Adal-icon.png Adal Sultanateball (now known as present day Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball and Djiboutiball) had a war with Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssinia within territory disuptes in the 16th century. Abyssinia resisted the invasions with the help of Kingdom of Portugal-icon.png Kingdom of Portugalball, it got to keep Afar-icon.png Afarball while Adal gets to keep the rest of his territores and gave Harari-icon.png Harar Sultanateball independence, admiting defeat for Abyssinia. When Abyssinia was in his expansionist phase he annexed Harari-icon.png Harar Sultanateball. The masters of this invasion was the mind of the Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball in which goal was to make Abyssinia a muslim state.

    When Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball was finally at peace away from the kebab war, it had to deal with its own problems. Ethiopia was at the time a feudal society, where powerful princes, warlords, and regional chiefs would fight each other for supremacy, this period was known as Zemene Mesafint (the "era of the lords"), where the dynasty and emperor lacked power of taking central authority and couldn't do much to stop those people from tearing the country apart, since they didn't have an army of their own. Period is sometimes referred also as the Yejju dynasty, as the Yejjus who were Oromia-icon.png Oromoballs wielded the most power by serving as regents. Then, in the 1850s, Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball got a new Emperor named Tewodros II, and he turned out to be a very important person in Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopian history known for establishing the foundation for a united Ethiopia, which later rulers took inspiration from.

    Tewodros ended the Zemene Mesafint period, starting a centralized government in which all loyalty was to the emperor, the Negus Nagast (which means king of the kings in Amharic). After battling many regional warlords, he consolidated his power and started many reforms, such as forbidding the existence of local armies and creating a national standing one, reforming the political system by creating new administrative units with government-appointed officials, going even as far as confiscating certain land from the clergy and giving it to the peasantry. Naturally, he made a lot of enemies, such as the nobles and merchants who didn't like to lose their privileges and pay heavy taxes for the empower projects.

    Even though Tewodros established diplomatic relations with European countryballs and started a period of relative modernization, UK-icon.png UKball considered him to be hostile to their regional interests as he had "plans" to expand toward Egypt and Sudan, where the British had their own interests. Hostilities grew when UK-icon.png UKball refused to answer to his trade proposals, so Abyssiniaball imprisoned missionary-craftsmen and demanded them to teach Ethiopians how to make modern weapons. This let UK-icon.png UKball infuriated as they couldn't tolerate an African countryball producing such, they refused all bargain proposals and launched a military campaign against Ethiopia and Tewodros.

    The troops of Tewodros fought bravely but succumbed at the end, he committed suicide out of shame after UK-icon.png UKball captured his fortress. UK-icon.png UKball eventually left Ethiopia in chaos after one year, dismantling the union brought by the previous government, now many people were fighting for the throne following the power vacuum. Before they withdrew, the British made some military agreements with lords from Tigrayball, and thanks to that, Yohannes IV sieged power in 1871, three years after the British left Ethiopia. As it was expected, Yohannes was less hostile toward UK-icon.png UKball compared to his predecessor. During his rule, the army saw some modernization out of cooperation with the British.

    Yohannes rule was controversial, he reestablished good relations with the elites and gave more regional autonomy to them. Among his great deeds, the most important one was the victory in the war against the Khedivate of Egypt-icon.png Khedivate of Egyptball, a vassal state of the Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball, where they occupied Ethiopian territory on the north and the Red Sea coast. The victory was very important to Ethiopian military history as it proved the country was prepared to defend its independence and interests. Yohannes also cooperated with the UK-icon.png UKball during the war against Mahdist Sudanball, out of "friendship" and later of interests as Sudan threatened Ethiopia for cooperating with the British, he also wanted to take territories occupied by the Mahdists by "liberating" them before everyone. However, Yohannes ended up killed in battle.

    Negus Menelik of Shewa, didn't allow the son of Yohannes to take the throne after his death. This lead to a huge debate among the Ethiopian nobility that at the end recognized Menelik as the new Emperor. Menelik was a sympathizer of the deceased Emperor Tewodros, he aimed to follow his legacy in opposition to that of Yohannes, who was his long time rival. It was in his period that Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball was fully centralized, the numerous clan wars that had been devastating the country and making it unstable were definitely stopped, he also expanded to the lands which nowadays correspond to the modern Ethiopian borders, such as Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball and previously Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball territtories, such as current day Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball, Dervish Stateball and Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball.

    During the scramble of Africa, Italian colonial empire started to expand toward Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball and Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball, which used to be Ethiopia's territory. Abyssinia was at first fine with their peace treaty of taking Eritrea as there own, but the translation between the Amharic peace treaty and the Italian one was different. With the Italians believing they would take all of Ethiopia as their puppet coffee state who is not allowed to trade with anyone else other than Italy. Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssinia did not like this in which leads to the Abyssinia-icon (Korea).png Kingdom of Italy-icon (Africa).png First Italo-Ethiopian War.

    During his rule Menelik had defended a friendship with the Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball instead than with the UK-icon.png UKball, shifting away from Yohannes previous pro-British foreign policy. He emphasized the Orthodox christian links between the two countries, Russia then helped him during the First Italo-Ethiopian War, giving strong weapons, soldiers and supplies to support Ethiopia's independence.

    Emiye Menelik is very respected by the countryballs of Africa because he defended Ethiopia and defeated Italian-Empire-icon.png Italyball in their attempt to colonize him. After the First Italo-Ethiopian War Abyssinia started to have more calmer and diplomatic relationships towards UK-icon.png UKball. In this period the infanstructure also became better and some progressive reforms were carried out that helped to consolidate the Ethiopian position as an internationally recognized independent nation, the first modern bank in Ethiopia was founded as well as a modern postal system, later the telephone, telegraph, motor car, electricity to Addis Ababa (that became the permanent capital) and modern plumbing were introduced.

    But Emiye Menelik had also done bad things such as committing atrocities towards the Oromia-icon.png Somalia-icon.png Ethiopia-icon Cube.png Disrespected Ethnic groups during the time period when they attempted to revolt. Those ethnic groups (except for Somalis) were the target of slavery in the Arab slave trade. Menelik tried to definitely abolish slavery in Ethiopia, but seeing his efforts were not giving results, he eventually stopped trying to fiercly achieve such a goal. Currently, Beta Israelites are treated like uncivilized hooligans in modern-day Israel-icon.png Israelcube, Oromia-icon.png Ormos are the prime target for human trafficking, rape, detention camps, and massacres in countries like Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball.


    Due to the many invasions within using puppet states, Abyssinia decided to cut ties with Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball and backed the Allied powers, as they were worreid that Ethiopians could end up oppresed in a scenario where the Central powers would end up victorious. This lead Abyssinia to support Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball on the genocide, because they were both christian, and was irritated by the 3 invasions caused by his oppressor. Abyssinia even provided homes for escaped Armenians and took good care of them while they were getting persecuted in modern day Turkey.

    Abyssinia then invaded one of the Ottomans central power checkpoints, the Dervish State-icon.png Dervish Stateball and annexed and occuppied it untill 1915. He was helping USA-icon.png USAball and UK-icon.png UKball in the WW1, and ultimatly it helped lead to the death of Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball. Due to this, UK-icon.png UKball started to become friends with Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssinia because they had common goals. The results was the split of what is Dervish State-icon.png Dervish Stateball (now known as Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball, Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball and Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball or Greater Somalia) between UK-icon.png UKball Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball France-icon.png Franceball and Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball.

    It is important to remember that another internal power struggle happened in Ethiopia during this period, as designated emperor Lij Iyasu was seen as a sympathizer of the Dervish State-icon.png Dervish Stateball struggle against the Europeans, as well as pro-Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball, which would put Ethiopia on the side of the Central power. The British made claims a major jihad against Ethiopia was being launched and so Lij Iyasu was accused of being secretly a muslim conspiring against Ethiopia, this sparked panic among the nobility and the clergy. He was deposed by his aunt Zewditu in a coup supported by the Europeans obviously. Empress Zewditu fully backed their war efforts in Somaliland.

    Though Abyssinia stayed officially netural during WW1, they were clearly pro Allied powers as that culimnated in the end of that one annoying Somali invader and blockage of trading. The split of Somalia led to civial wars and desperate attempts of Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball during the Cold War and mordern days to unite with Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball, Ogadenia-icon.png Ogadenball and the Eastern coast of Kenya-icon.png Kenyaball, to become Brt681w.png Neo-Greater Somalia. Obviously they didn't achieve it because of their own civil wars.

    War-Template-1.gif WW2 War-Template-2.gif

    In 1935, Italyball came back and succeeded in "civilizing" him Obviously Ethiopia does not need it..since it was ALREADY civilized this time, but only for 6 years before Vivelaspin.gif Franceball and UK-icon (Africa soldier).png UKball helped Ethiopiaball kick him out in 1941. Meanwile during the Second italo Ethiopian war which was an event that happened during World War II, Ethiopia used illegal Dum-dum bullets and mutilated captured Italian and Eritrean soldiers... in response, Italy used mustard gas against soldiers and civilians. When Haile Selassie-icon.png Halie Selassie pleaded the League of Nations-icon.png League of Nationsball to help protect them during the war, UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball were scared of Italy, and therefore actually helped Italy win the war so they can side with ally powers. Due to being located in Africa, racist ideologies, and of course being an axis power, genocide in 6 years of occupation, the Italian holocaust happened. Lethal Gas attacking innocent civilians with inhuman weapons and committing genocide towards Beta Israel-icon.png Beta israelit citizens and the minority dark skined 8-icon.png Nubians from the southwest.

    Due to this cruelty New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball, Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Chinaball, and Second Spanish Republic-icon.png Second Spanish Republicball USA-icon.png USAball and Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball had refused to recognize Italian East Africa-icon.png Italian East Africaball as a colony of Abyssinia. When Liberated the Beta Israel-icon.png Beta isralites had fleed to Israel-icon.png Israelcube so they can practice Judaism freely without persecution or genocide. The 8-icon.png Nubians are now continuing their local lives and traditions living among the Omo valley and Gambela-icon.png Gambelaball. The League of Nations-icon.png League of Nationsball could not prevent ww2 from happening, so some nations tried on their own to stop Italy's torture and fascism. In the East African Campaign and North African Campaign, the Italian garrison and Eritrean askari were no match for the British and Abregenoch (Ethiopian national resistance) that liberated the country. UN-icon.png UNball then took Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball wheras Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssinia after been liberated was allowed to take Italian Eritrea-icon.png Italian Eritreaball away from Fascist Italy. Kingdom of Libya.gif Kingdom of Libyaball gained their independence. Only Italian Somaliland-icon.png Italian Somalilandball Stayed as a italian colony, but became a socialist-commiunist country named Somali Democratic Republic-icon.png Somali Democratic Republicball The success of not being colonized hat led Abyssina's colors to became the Pan-African colors, which subsequently, many newly born African countryballs adapted when the Europeans decided to decolonize. After ww2, Abyssinia was one of the founders of UN-icon.png UNball so that the world can prevent a WW3. Currently, Tedros is the WHO president, and he represents the country of Ethiopia.

    The cold war and the spread of rastafari

    Abyssinia had helped South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball during the Korean War..helping the USA-icon.png Capitalist along with many other countries which were allies of the United states. The debts in war had lead South Korea to have positive insights of ethiopia unlike most african countries. (she helps ethiopia for debt during the pandemic) When Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball had a drought for many Decades until Haile Selassie-icon.png Emperor Haile Selassie visited and brought rain which is a miracle towards the people of Jamaica in which lead towards the Jamaican people to belive that Selassie is a recarnation of god or a prophet and made a religious and social movement called Rastafari-icon.png Rastafari. Rastafari gained famous for pan africanisum and black nationalisum for jamaica. Currently there is around 1 million people saying that rastafari is their offical religion.

    After the Second Italo-Ethiopian War...Italy brought cattle from India-icon.png Indiaball in which had plenty of diseases so that Ethiopia was running out of food as revenge. This leads to a huge famine and lead for the people to lose hope apon the monarchy of Abyssinia as Haile Selassie-icon.png Emperor Haile Selassie's theocratic rule reached its limit in the 70s with the height of popular dissatisfaction due to conditions of misery, repression and corruption. In the face of this conflict, the imperial government agreed with the civil government to carry out some progressive political reforms, but such reforms did not progress, conditions did not improve, dissatisfaction continued and chaos in the government continued to increase.

    Derg-icon.pngThe Communism DaysPDR Ethiopia-icon.png

    In 1974, Abyssinia-icon.png Ethiopian Empireball announced the release of several state officials who had been convicted of corruption and other crimes, there were a series of demonstrations leading some low-ranking military personnel to found the Coordinating Committee of the Armed Forces, Police and Territorial Army (DERG), which had the initial objective of combating state corruption in the military. Derg-icon.png Dergball had arrested a lot of people close to the Emperor, which led to a proposed reform to institute a Constitutional Monarchy, but on September 12, Derg-icon.png Dergball organized the Ethiopian Revolution which deposed and arrested the Emperor, overthrew the civilian government, reorganized itself as the Provisional Military Administrative Council (PMAC) and took over the government, appointing military Aman Andom as head of state and government.

    Aman was in the minority in terms of supporters within Derg-icon.png Dergball, he went on to contradict central decisions on a number of issues, even trying to summon his supporters to overthrow Derg-icon.png Dergball, which led to his execution. The next president elected by Derg-icon.png Dergball was Tafari Benti, who announced the provisional government as officially Marxist-Leninist with the intention of establishing a socialist government. He executed the Haile Selassie-icon.png Emperor Haile Selassie, initiated policies for the establishment of Local Surveillance Committees (Soviet-icon.png Soviets), destroyed the feudal economy and started the collectivization of the rural and urban economy, expropriated the nobility and clergy, and started literacy and health programs, causing Derg-icon.png Dergball popularity to increase and the country to achieve great economic, social and political advances. Derg-icon.png Dergball however continued to further prolong the military regime, which led to conflicts between its internal factions that resulted in the "Ethiopian Red Terror", were many people were killed in street clashes.

    In 1977, Mengistu Haile Mariam initiated treaties between Derg-icon.png Dergball and Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball to establish a Soviet-style state, Tafari's opposition to those talks led to his execution and the consolidation of power by Mengistu that was elected as the new president. In the same year, Somalia-icon.png Somali Democratic Republicball invaded Ethiopia to take over the disputed territory of Ogadenia-icon.png Ogadeniaball, that they claimed Ethiopians had stolen in the past. The war brought huge losses to all sides and ended in 1978 after Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball suffered several defeats and Cuba-icon.png Cubaball convinced that the war was of no use to the communist cause. While Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball had been backed by most of the West just to be betrayed and bombed later to become the "government" we know today, Ethiopia gained the support of most of the Eastern Bloc and furthered its relations with it.

    In 1978, Derg-icon.png Dergball tried to better develop the economy which was suffering from a terrible crisis caused by political conflicts, the war with Somalia that together with already existent famines and droughts turned out to be a massive problem, with the Ethiopian famine becoming news all over the world and used as propaganda against the government. Derg-icon.png Dergball however had no great results had to receive international aid in face of the worsening conditions. While a lot of economic, military and political aid was provided by Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, capitalist countries would also send some aid, the regime still managed to maintain a fiscal administration and national productivity that prevented them from falling into debt with other countries such as the USA-icon.png USAball and UK-icon.png UKball.

    In the next years, the political situation didn't improve and the internal conflicts only got worse, being not just about socialist factions that used to compose the broad frames of Derg-icon.png Dergball fighting each other anymore. They became about separatist regions, local nationalists even receiving extended rights they never seen before, disagreeded over Derg-icon.png Dergball centralized model. These separatist regions were Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball, Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball, Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball, and Afar-icon.png Afarball. They would find a lot of support by the part of countries like the UK-icon.png UKball, but still only Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball gained independence in 1993. Due to Erireaballs independence. Ethiopia became landlocked. Ethiopia and Eritrea had many border-line issues until 2018.

    In 1984 the single communist party began to be organized for the establishment of a socialist republic. The new communist constitution was popularly approved in 1987, ending the 13 years of provisional government of Derg-icon.png Dergball and starting the brief communist government of PDR Ethiopia-icon.png PDR Ethiopiaball.

    With the political change in the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, the process of crisis and the overthrow of socialist regimes around the world began in the late 1980s, aggravating the internal situation in PDR Ethiopia-icon.png PDR Ethiopiaball that was already bad and ended up terrible. An ideal context of sabotage was created to dissolve the Ethiopian government. In 1989, a military coup organized by the newly formed Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and members of the government itself took place with the approval of the Soviet-icon.png Soviets, the incident demonstrated that part of the government did not have a large ideological compromise. The coup dissolved the communist government and started the development of new capitalism in 1991, with Mengistu exiled to Zimbabwe-icon.png Zimbabweball, where he still lives today.

    Modern Day Ethiopia

    After 1991, he was put into a transitional government until 1995 when the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiaball was founded under the leadership of new president Meles Zenawi, that moved the country to so called Ethnic federalism, that divided the country on ethnic lines into nine regional states and two multiethnic administrations. Ethnic groups also in theory received the "right of secession", in theory just as the government continued to violently fight anyone that aimed to do so.

    Unfortunately, Ethiopia continued starving, and living in poverty for a long time, but now started to recover from the bad times. Ethiopia is now one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. If Ethiopia countinues to progress in their current rate it will be richer than current Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball by 2030.

    On July 9, 2018, his Prime Minister and Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball's president restored diplomatic relations by finalizing their border, officially ending their border conflict.

    Around March 10, 2019, the Ethiopian Airlines had a recent airplane crash using the boieng 737 Max plane in which the piolets were not properly trained compared to the regular boieng 737. This caused some countries such as USAball to ban using this certain model of plane which is not properly settled for flight. This lead among 300+ deaths among the tradegy.

    Currently Ethiopia is on a feud with Egypt-icon.png Egyptball against the Grand Renaissance Ethiopian dam, and having some territoral disputes in Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball.


    Ethiopiaball is a generally friendly countryball and is nice to almost everybody except for Pasta and Damn removers but he is sometimes sad when reminded of his famine and can into deep depression sometimes. He is also very religous and would not take any excuses for unholy actions even though he literally started drinking alchol when he was only 15 . He sometimes get angry when his Annoying neighbors are acting corrupted as usual. He likes to make sarcastic and witty jokes sometimes. When Ethiopia is a female, it is usually a tsundere stereotypically. Ethiopiaball is the only african country that can into ski. Ethiopiaball is also very bold and has a really big ego when it comes to being historic. He is very brave, but is sometimes scared to think about the nightmarish famine that he had to deal with. He is a very bad piolet. If your going on an airplane or space..do not let him be your piolet!! EVER


    There are 10 provinces in Ethiopia

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    North Texas Green 7, 137, 48 C95-M0-Y65-K46 #078930
    Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09
    Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Cobalt Blue 15, 71, 175 C91-M59-Y0-K31 #0F47AF
    Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09

    Relationships ግንኙነቶች

    Friends (ጓደኞች/Gwadenyochi)

    • Liberia-icon.png Layibērīya - My best friend. WE'RE NOT COLONIZED!!!!
    • Italy-icon.png T’alīyani - You were an invader and war criminal when you were under Fascists (Never forget THE MASSACERE OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS ORTHODOX AND JEWS, FUCK MUSSOLINI!) but we get along today! We are both Christians, and he is of recognizing usage of gas attacks now. Italy is also among the top 5 trading partners with Ethiopia and a major investor in the Ethiopian economy. He also helps me build of Ethiopian renaissance dam, Of thanks yuo!
    • Eritrea-icon.png Eritirīya - (Formely)ኤርትራ አንድ ደደብ ዝንጀሮ ነው!!! አንጎልህ ቆሻሻው ያነሰ ነው!! ጣሊያናዊ አሻንጉሊት አሳማ ዶግ!! ሁለቱን ድርጅቶች መዋሐድ!!! Scary psychotic mentally disturbed son, created from a war with Italy-icon.png Italyball. Worst enemy during my former self. AIRSTRIKE!!! ኤርትራ ወደ ሞት!!!!!!!!! We are getting along much better and is my best brother! And we will be no again!!!!
    • Iran-icon.png īrani - We have great histroy and cultural similarities. But the most important thing is: WE SURVIVED WORLD WAR II!!!
    • Philippines-icon.png Fīlīpinisī - Who doesn't love the philippines? Good friend because we both hate some Saudi Arabia-icon.png Stupid arabs who abuse our migrate workers. I also love their food. Our presidents get along and decided to make a travel ban to save our migrant workers.
    • GhanaCoffinDance-icon.png/Ghana-icon.png Gana - Fellow Pan Africanist ( WE FOUNDED THE AFRICA UNION SUCKERS European suckers!!!!!!!)who started trend of using my flag in independence movements. We are the founders of African Union-icon.png Ye’Afirīka Hibireti.
    • Armenia-icon.png Arimēnīya - He is my best frind in europe. I recognize your genocide and even provided a Christian home for your escaped refugees. I hate Ottoman-icon.png Evil Kebab Empire and will always support you against him. We were also the first Christians in the world.
    • Bolivia-icon.png Bolīvīya - Has a similar flag, size, and United Nations Charter date like me, also landlocked. We support each other. He helped me from my famine when I was a Communist.
    • Palestine-icon.png Filisit’i’ēmi - I recognize you.
    • Oman-icon.png Omani - You're one of the only middle east countries I like.
    • Lithuania-icon.png Myanmar-icon.png Lītu’ānīya and Mayinimari - Fans of my pan african movments, even though they are not in africa. Thanks for the support.
    • India-icon.png Hinidi - Another friend. I love his stuff and his country. More Bollywood movies, plox! though Ethiopian dramas are better. He helps me fight pirates together.
    • South Korea-icon.png Debubi Korīya - Trading partners. I helped its during the Korean War and it turning back favor by helping me in pandemic. Thank you for the aid. She also made Ethiopian food popular from its MUKBANGS!
    • China-icon.png Chayina - We have a lot in common with our history and he is helping me modernize today. He helps me build the grand renaissance dam.
    • Indonesia-icon.png īnidonēzhiya - Thank yuo for gibbing me food. Also, yuor Indomie is very yummy!
    • Thailand-icon.png Tayilanidi - Southeast Asian version of me. We both are the co-founders of croups near our regions (African Union-icon.png African Unionball and ASEAN-icon.png ASEANcoin) to make us more relevant. We also can into never colonize! We survived from the BRITS! They also likes my food.
    • UAE-icon.png Emirētisi - I like him because he does not slave my domestic workers unlike Saudi Arabia-icon.png This Evil ONE. And also thank you for helping me and Eritrea-icon.png my brother to fight against Tigray-icon.png the evil Tigrayans. I really appreciate the support.
    • Greece-icon.png Girīki - FASCIST REMOVER GANG!! LETS GOO!! Though He called me "land of the burnt faces" Is our bodies white or WHAT but he also called me a heart robber!! I find that sweet :).
    • Canada-icon.png Kanada - Friends. Gives me foreign aid, even one of his famous Youtubers Twomad(Muudea Sedik) is of Ethiopian descent.
    • UK-icon.png Talak’wa Birītaniya - Friends. He sends me food/aid occasionally. I see many balls calling him old, but compared to me he is a toddler; I have a millennium of ages. He also helped me to kick out Italy-icon.png T’alīyani Dīyabīlosi in 1941. but I never forgot your invasion. Coffee is still better then tea though.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mēkisiko - Strongly condemned Italian occupation of me, thank you!
    • Germany-icon.png Gerimeni - Biggest trade partner by far.
    • Egypt-icon.png Gibits’i (irl) - We both have a good history and we both have a big orthodox community in our countries. Also I love your culture and your traditions.
    • Finland-icon.png Fīnīlanid - Gives aid and water.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Nēzerilanidi - Big trade partner!
    • Switzerland-icon.png Siwīzerīlanidi - Another trade partner.
    • Kenya-icon.png Kēniya - One of my only nice neighbors... also we both love to run!
    • Somaliland-icon.png Somalīlanidi - He is a great friend, I hope that the others will recognize him very soon! My soon to be baby cousin. If only if Somalia was more accepting!!
    • Jamaica-icon.png Jamayika - He thinks I am god, it's weird and creepy but he seems nice and sweet.
    • New Zealand-icon.png Nīwizīlanidi, Soviet-icon.png Sovīyēti, Taiwan-icon.png Tayiwani, and Second Spanish Republic-icon.png Sipēni - They all condemned Italy along with aforementioned USA-icon.png Amērīka and Mexico-icon.png Mēkisiko.
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudani - Thanks for your support while I am in the war. Take as many refuges as you need. You help me first with the Beta Israel-icon.png Beta israelites during world war 2 and my communist phaze and now you are helping me with my refuges from Tigray-icon.png Tigray. I couldn't be any more thankful. I helped him take out his nasty genocidal president back in 2019.
    • Cuba-icon.png Kuba - Helped me in Ogaden war and Eritrean war, also sent doctors and aid.
    • Congo-icon.png Zimbabwe-icon.png Mali-icon.png Guinea-icon.png Guinea-Bissau-icon.png Cameroon-icon.png Togo-icon.png Benin-icon.png Burkina Faso-icon.png Senegal-icon.png Ghana-icon.png Mozambique-icon.png Mauritania-icon.png São Tomé and Príncipe-icon.png South Sudan-icon.png Kitts-icon.png Bolivia-icon.png Libya-icon.png Mauritius-icon.png Konigo, Zimibabuwē, Malī, gīni, gīnī - bīsawi, Kamēruni, Lemehēdi, Bēnīnī Burikinafaso Sēnēgali Gana Mozamibīki, Morītanīya Sa’o tomē ina pirīnichīpē Debubi sudani Seyiniti Kītisi ina Nēvīsi, Bolīvīya, Lībīya, and Morīshēsi - all can into the trend of using my flag colors. I like some of them more than I like the others though...
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Sawidī Arebiya, Iran-icon.png Irani, Afghanistan-icon.png Afiganīsitani, Liberia-icon.png Layibērīya, Japan-icon.png Japani, Mongolia-icon.png Monigolīya, Tonga-icon.png Toniga, Thailand-icon.png Tayilanidi, Bhutan-icon.png. Beḥatuni, South Korea-icon.pngNorth Korea-icon.png Korīya, Sentinelese-icon.png Semēni Sēnitīneli Desēti, and Nepal-icon.png Nēpali - We were all not colonized by Europe.

    Netural/Frinemies (ገለልተኛ/Gelelitenya)

    • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - He protects me from somalia and my president and his president have good relations. However, he has many flaws and my people living in America really hate him. one CONTROL YOUR POLICE! and for two WHY ARE YOU ON A KEBAB side in water? I THOUGHT WE WERE BOTH KEBAB REMOVERS!!! I also heard you got virus, Tedros hope you have a full and swift recovery. Get well soon.
    • Israel-icon.png isira’ēli - Jew friend and far away brother. He got mad at me for supporting Palestine-icon.png Palestineball independence and accusing him of racism in 2019, he just sent more immigrants to his country in september. We made peace and diplomatic relations again. I really dislike the ideology of Zionism but.......As you say you gotta love family.
    • Turkey-icon.png Turīki - I hope this guy can into European Union. He has a great culture and beautful cites. But Here is the probloms with him. First recongize and appologizee to Armenia-icon.png Arimēnīya for the Armenian Genocide and for two stop supporting Somalia-icon.png That Pirate and support Somaliland-icon.png The civilized human. But at least we really hate Saudi Arabia-icon.png That filthy wahabbi pig.
    • Chile-icon.png Chīlī - We have embassadies and he is a really good trading partner but why you eat injera with forks and why steal the sea from Bolivia-icon.png my bestie bolivia? Now he is anti-imperialist because of yuo.
    • Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Arenigwadē Libya - Pan Africanist who I will forever respect and remember... but I'm not keen on how he supported my communist regime... He also likes Somalia and does not consider Somaliland independent so I do not know what's up with him. Also sort of evil.
    • UN-icon.png Yetebaberuti Menigisitati - I helped create yuo, plox gib aid!
    • Russia-icon.png Rashiya - He wants to cooperate with me and we are both Orthodox. He also supported me in the first war with Italy but stop bully Ukraine-icon.png Yukireni and handover that Crimea-icon.png Kirayimiya.
    • Somalia-icon.png Somalīya - Pirate brother. Is of needing to calm down. Frenemy. Also, you should give Somaliland-icon.png Somalīlanidi independence and try to recognize him ok? I really do not have the time to have war with you now my economy is growing rapidly, so please stop making threats! JUST CALM DOWN. PLEASE BE NICE! Also I am friends with Israel-icon.png Israelcube now so sorry. We are also having famines but now that I am becoming a developed country I can donate to you so you can be stable. Maybe I can improve your infrastructure and your overall personality and famishes with the UN-icon.png UNball and convince other countries besides me and Taiwan-icon.png Tawani to recognize Somaliland. Our relations have been generally good since 2017. Ethiopian Empire-icon (tangle).png But if you raid, I will make you my enemy again and Anschluss yuo, understand? Ethiopian Empire-icon (tangle).png
    • USA-icon.png Amērīka - We used to be friends till last year. He would send me aid/food occasionally and said he would protect me form Somalia-icon.png Kifuwi Zerafī. Then he decided to impose sanctions on me over war with Woyane parasites, me and my people are starting to hate him more day by day. Please Remove Santions and Help me fight against the Woyanes I don't deserve to be treated like this...

    Enemies (አኒሜ/Ānīmē)

    • ISIS-icon.png Ayisīsi - Please leave.. Why do you want a Christian country anyway? Genocide??? Go away!!!
    • Crimea-icon.png Kirayimiya - Yuo are still part of Ukraine-icon.png Yukireni's clay. So please stop getting cozy with Russia-icon.png Rashiya.
    • North Korea-icon.png Semēnawī Korīya - I made sancations on his country because he is a big threat with his nukes and I am friends with his sister. REMOVE KIM JONG UN PIG!!
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroko - Why did you help the Saxxiabs against me in 1978? I forgive you though..but remember....you have the guts to steal the house of Solomon flag. Israel never gave you attonomy because the house of Solomon star was never at your clay, it was in my clay (Sheba). Learn your history mate before of coming up with random flags...........
    • Egypt-icon.png Gibits’i (politically) - LET ME OF USING RIVERS! We are good outside of that though, we both love our history. I CANNOT SUFFER IN THIRST ANYMORE!!!!!!! WHY DOES USA-icon.png USAball Support you?? Are you not kebab? ALSO DID YOU JUST JOINED Oromia-icon.png HIS protests? Your kind of crazy nowadays.
    • Arab League-icon.png Turkey-icon.png Iran-icon.png Cyprus-icon.png Israel-icon.png The Entire Middle East - Why do you all hate my immigrants and domestic workers? Is it because...oh dammm...a pile of racists. I hate most of you, just some of you are worst then others.
    • South Sudan-icon.png Debubi Sudani - I am sorry but I do not recognize you. My president Sahle-Work Zewde tried to make peace with you but you just keep on rejecting the offers over and over.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo - Sorry But you are rightful Serbian clay
    • Soviet-icon.png Gidiya - I will never forget you killing my last king. But you know, at least you are in the orthodox religon.
    • Anti-Ethiopia-icon.png Oromo-icon.png 8-icon.png BLM (Black Lives Matter), OLM (Oromo Lives Matter) and SLM (Sidama Lives Matter or Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region Lives Matter) protest riotors - Great, now I am decending into civil war after my economy is improving! SCREW ALL OF YUO FOR RIOTING!
    • EU-icon.png Ye’āwiropa Hibireti - He hates me for cutting food, electricity and water supply for Tigrays, AND REMOVE SANCTIONS!
    • Sudan-icon.png Sudani - Sometimes When he declares war on me just because of a BORDER DISPUTE!
    • Eritrea-icon.png Debubawī K’eyi Bahiri - Ethiopian Empire-icon (tangle).png GIB SEA or else
    • Italian-Empire-icon.png Dīyabilosi - He tried to rape "Colonize" Abyssinia-icon.png My mother!! You thought that your the only one?? Ottoman-icon.png Egypt-icon.png Somalia-icon.png UK-icon.png all of these tried so...your offically the 5th person who tried to colnize!!! And you occupied me only for six years! This is not colonialism! (I think...) AND SAVE BETA ISRALITE JEWS!!!
    • Ottoman-icon.png Otomani - that man who invaded me three times and supported Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball ancestors. Thats all it takes for me to hate you more then Fascists gas.
    • Washington-icon.png BOEING - You are responsible for killing 300 innocent Ethiopians because you want to test with a stupid model! JUST TEST THAT MODEL WITHOUT ANYONE IN IT FIRST!
    • Greece-icon.png Girīki (only when he makes fun of his name) - STOP CALLING ME "BURNT FACE"!!! (Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia's name is based on the Greek words aitho, (I burn) and ops (face), which is called "Burnt Face")


    • Addis Ababa-icon.png Addis Ababa - Joy of my life :) and capital city. He loves Adidas (like Russia-icon.png Russia!)
    • Afar-icon.png Afar - Kebab son, I like him when he isn't separatist. Once was stolen from me by Adal-icon.png Adal, he make him kebab. Also, please stop accusing me of kidnapping you. But thanks for helping me with Tigrayball.
    • Amhara-icon.png Amhara - My oldest Son, I use his language.and second favorite son since he made me relevant. And I'm sorry that Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball and Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball are massacring yuo, don't worry, they will be punished, starting with Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball.
    • Benishangul-Gumuz-icon.png Beninshangul-Gumuz - Son with two personalities, one being Benishangul and the other being Gumuz. The population here is mostly south Sudanese refuges who escaped from the cruelty from their previous president.
    • Dire Dawa-icon.png Dire Dawa - Son, but I don't love you as much as I love Addis because of your extremely hot temperatures.
    • Gambela-icon.png Gambela - The tribal son, settle down plox and stop hurting your lips!
    • Harari-icon.png Harari - Daughter. Religious Kebab I colonized in the 1800's. Adal-icon.png Adal had made its a kebab with some yodeling Muslim stories. I think he is its inspiration I guess?
    • Oromia-icon.png Oromia - Angry and rebellious son. He is the second oldest. We have a bad history and he can into protest so I make him PM. I am sorry for the genocide from Menilik okay? BUT NO RIGHTS FOR YOU!! You will be punished too with you friend fur hurting amhara.
    • Somali-icon (Ethiopia).png Somaliball (Ogaden) - Son, I rightfully conquested you, stop trying to join pirate kebab because your economy would be screwed otherwise.
    • Southern Nations-icon.png SNNPR (Southern "Nations, Nationalities", and People's Region) - Daughter with a stupid name and cool flag, who just gave birth do Sidama.
    • Sidamo-icon.png Sidamaball - SNNPR got pregnant and gave me a new grandson. He is so cute, but my question is, who is the father? probably that no good Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball
    • Tigray-icon.png Tigray - Son who is always bullying my other children (especially Amharaball).He is misbehaving again now and he needs to be punished


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