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    Belgian Congoball was a poor and weak colony in Africa of Belgian Empireball. It is scared because Belgiumball will countiue to cut off its hands if it doesn't give enough rubber or material as harsh punishment.


    After power of the colony was transferred from the king to the Belgian government, it was involved a few years later in World War I to anschluss take Rwandaball and Burundiball in the East African Campaign while Belgiumball's government was in exile.

    In WW2 Belgian Congoball's was financially used to support Belgiumball and the coffee and medical unit support helped British soldiers in the battles opposing Madagascarball (under Vichy occupation) and Burmaball.

    Soon independence of the state started to yearn, Belgiumball tried to keep it's presence but the Congolese rioted and Belguimball was forced in 1960 to acknowledge the independent country of Congo-Léopoldvilleball.

    How to draw

    1) Draw an empty Polandball and fill in with blue.

    2) Draw a yellow star in it, if optional draw the polandball in chains.


    pt:Congo Belgaball

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