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    Acre is the most evolved place in the world
    — Drawn Mask

    Acreball doesn't exist is Alien HUE a stateball of Brazil-icon.png Brazilball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Acre-icon.png Acreball was a part of Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball back in the time. His name is the same as an avampost during crusades.

    Because of the rubber many Brazil-icon.png Brazilians immigrate there. Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball makesso many acts that harmed the Brazil-icon.png Brazilian rubber tapers, so they kicked out the Bolivia-icon (soldier).png Bolivian troops, and on July 14 of 1899, Acre-icon.png Republic of Acreball was proclaimed, and was immediately invaded and dissolved by Brazil-icon.png Brazilball who started negotiations with Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball, Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball it was planning to give Acre-icon.png Acreball's administration to an Anglo-American company named Bolivian syndicate, because of this Brazil-icon.png Brazilball was angry because Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball was letting imperialist pigs into South America, it helped Acre-icon.png Acreball to gain independence. In 1903 Brazil-icon.png Brazilball started negotiations again with Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball for Acre-icon.png Acreball, Brazil paid 10k monies for Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball and built a railroad for Acreball.

    In 1904 Acre-icon.png Acreball was anschlussed by Brazil-icon.png Brazilball and become a federal territory, and in 1962 it became a federal state.

    Its flag was adopted in 1921.

    It is usually said in Brazil-icon.png Brazilball that Acre-icon.png Acreball is the land of dinosaurs, aliens and flying trees. It is also unknown how to enter that stateball. Many Sentinelese-icon.png Uncontacted peoples live in its clay.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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