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    Italian East Africaball was an Italian colonyball in the Horn of Africa that never existed.


    Colonzation and Pre-Introduction

    Since the Scramble for Africa, Kingdom of Italyball was left behind in modernization and was a bit too poor in Europe. Italy had always wanted its own Italian Empire in Africa for power. Upon the scramble, however, it went to the Somali coast and formed Italian Somalilandball out of making a deal with local sultanates claiming them as protectorates in East Africa. To expand more it became friendly with an African Countryball it just met called Abyssiniaball (nicknamed Ethiopian Empireball). At first, Abyssinia opened trade with Kingdom of Italyball and gave it lands of Italian Eritreaball in exchange for weapons. Italy's desire to conquer Ethiopia exploited and took advantage of its niceness when he made a treaty with Abyssiniaball though stating Ethiopia must follow orders to ONLY Italy, just like how Italy colonized Somalia with its other colonies.

    Abyssiniaball realizing this wasn't going to let its clay be dominated by some pasta dudes. It declined Italy's version of the treaty stating the Ethiopian version approves that Ethiopia can follow orders. Abyssinia wasn't just another dumb fool. Italy thought it was, but when he used Italian Eritreaball's clay to invade Ethiopia it failed in the Battle of Adwa.

    Succeeding this, Italy was very enraged by the loss of the First Italo-Ethiopian War to the recognized independent Abyssinia so it had to leave its alone and focused more on its colo- protectorates.

    Italiam Somaliland

    In Somalia, the Italian protectorates Sultanate of Hobyoball and Majeerteen Sultanateball would serve Kingdom of Italyball as long as they remained governing rule over their clay.

    Facism and WW2

    After WW1, Kingdom of Italyball was not happy for the small areas of land it gained in Europe, so it became fascist thanks to being brainwashed by facist mind control freaks; it officially declared himself a fascist dictatorship on that day onward.

    Fascist Italyball tried again this time In 1935, tried to anschluss Abyssiniaball in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, this time winning and not only occupying it creating the dark era of Ethiopia, but also partitioning it clay into smaller governorates. However, it doesn't count as colonization because Italy never brought actual colonial influence to Ethiopiaball's clay. After Italy committed crimes against the local population UNball steppe in and sanctioned Italy.

    Following the disband of Abyssinia, Italian Eritreaball and Italian Somalilandball upgraded into governorates in the newly formed "Italian East Africaball" in 1936. Eritrea would anschluss Afarball clay and some of Tigrayball's northern clay, while Somalilandball would completely anschluss Ogadeniaball's clay. 4 years later, Italy declared war against UKball. This meant Italian East Africaball had to invade British Somalilandball which was successful because it was surrounded.

    Not long after all the Horn of Africa became Italian, Italian East Africaball died in 1941 when UKball killed it during the East African Campaign. So the ruler of the colony died before Italian East Africa even went to work or even be a colony really.


    UKball knew how to revive Abyssiniaball by Abyssiniaball would regain Ogadeniaball from the now occupied Somalia Governorateball, and would gain the territory of Eritreaball. This wouldn't completly end Italian rule in the horn of Africa as the now not-so facist Italyball apologizes to UKball, who forgave him and seeing him as now trustworthy with colonies returning Somalia until it's independence in 1960.



    Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever!
    Major Axis Powers Nazi Germanyball Kingdom of Italyball Empire of Japanball
    Other Axis states Kingdom of Hungaryball Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Bulgariaball Slovak Republicball Independent State of Croatiaball Thailandball Vichy Franceball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
    Co-belligerent states Finlandball (1941-1944) • Kingdom of Iraqball (1941) • Pahlavi Iranball (1941) • Soviet Unionball (1939)
    Sieg Heil Mein Führer! Drittes Reich Über Alles!!!
    Occupied territories General Governmentball Military Administration of Luxembourgball Nazi Netherlandsball Nazi Belgium and Northern Franceball Nazi Norwayball Guernseyball Jerseyball Reichskommissariat Ostlandball Ukrainian National Committeeball Nazi Russiaball French Tunisiaball Italian Islands of Aegeanball Monacoball German–occupied territory of Montenegroball San Marinoball
    Puppet states Slovak Republicball Protectorate of Bohemia and Moraviaball Vichy Franceball Independent State of Croatiaball Hellenic Stateball Government of National Salvationball Lokotball Denmarkball Quisling regimeball Belarusian Central Councilball Albanian Kingdomball Slovene Home Guardball Italian Social Republicball Government of National Unityball Russian Liberation Armyball
    TRAITOR! Pizza 'Empire' of Italy
    Colonies and possessions Amoyball Italian East Africaball Italian Libyaball Shanghaiball Tientsinball
    Puppet states and occupied territory Albanian Kingdomball Corsicaball Independent State of Croatiaball Italian governorate of Montenegroball Hellenic Stateball Monacoball
    Gloriosu Nippon Stronk! 天皇陛下万歳!!!
    Colonies, possessions and mandates Hankouball Hangzhouball Japanese Koreaball Karafutoball Kwantung Leased Territoryball Suzhouball Japanese Taiwanball Tientsinball South Seas Mandateball
    Puppet states and occupied territories Manchukuoball Mengjiangball Republic of Nanjingball State of Burmaball Second Philippine Republicball Azad Hindball Empire of Vietnamball Kingdom of Kampucheaball Kingdom of Luang Prabang British North Borneoball Dutch East Indiesball Gilbert and Ellice Islandsball Guamball Hong Kongball Malayaball Nauruball New Guineaball Solomon Islandsball
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