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    Serbian Empireball was a very stronk empireball which dominated the Balkans. It managed to slow down kebab conquest of Europe, but was ultimately defeated in the process. It liked to call itself the Empire of the Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians and Albaniansball.


    Serbian Empireball was a short-lived but powerful empire which dominated the Balkan peninsula for decades. He evolved from Kingdom of Serbiaball which conquered tons of clay from Byzantine Empireball due to the intervention in the Byzantine civil war.

    He dominated nearly all of Albaniaball and mainland Greeceball.  Serbian Empireball  then began to cripple, he could not handle the amount of clay he had taken. Stinky kebab saw this as an opportunity to further push into Europe.

    Serbian Empireball fought bravely and fiercely but horribly in an effort to push kebab back. This failed badly and eventually the empire began to collapse.

    Although Serbian Empireball was defeated, they had managed to weaken the Ottoman military, which was a major blow to the Sultan.

    After the Battle of Mohács in 1526, Jovan Nenad took control of Vojvodinaball and declared himself as Emperor of the Serbs but the new empire was shortly after annexed by the Ottomans in 1527.

    Serbian Empireball now remains a fond memory and wet dream of  Serbiaball.



    •  Serbiaball - Son. restore monarchy plox! but why yuo friends with our enemy descendant Greeceball AND WHY YUO HAVE OUR MAIN ENEMY Byzantineball FLAG IN YUO COATS OF ARMS AND FLAG!!!  !!!!!!!!!




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