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    I said Georgia, oh, Georgia
    Just an old, sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind...
    — Ray Charles
    I could go for a BBQ bacon burger, and a large order of fries, and an orange soda with no ice, and a piece of hot apple pie.
    — Coach from L4D2
    Kill all sons of bitches. That's my official instructions.
    — Ellis, also from L4D2
    Randy Tudor. Good man. DAMN fine man. Powerful 'stache. One of the greats.
    — Paul "Jesus" Monroe and Lee Everett from TWD
    Still. Not. Bitten.
    — Clementine Also from TWD

    Georgiaball is made in Geooooorgiaaaa a countryball southern stateball. It was founded on the principle of forgiving colonials in debts.

    A common stereotype involving Georgiaball in Polandball is that it is frequently confused with the impostor Georgiaball. It likes the show The Walking Dead, because of this and other stereotypes, it may be shown sporting a sheriff's hat and revolver.

    Georgiaball, like other Southern stateballs from the USAball is one of the states with the highest number of 8balls.


    Colonial period

    The Province of Georgiaball, later Georgiaball, was clay bought from 3ball by UKball. Spainball wanted Gerorgia colonyball's clay and fought for several years in the war of (Leeroy Robert) Jenkin's ear. Eventually Georgiaball grew-up and was inspired by its fellow members to fight UKball. It ratified the Constitution on January 2, 1788 and is the fourth to do so.

    Post-colonial period

    Georgiaball's original clay was into clay of Alabamaball, Mississippiball, and from what was formerly the Indian Reserveball. Because of its colonial charter, sometimes Georgiaball joke that Californiaball is into its clay. This is because UKball purposefully worded the charter so all lands west of Georgiaball belong to it.

    The charter defines the lower boarder as the 31st parallel and the northern border as the 35th parallel. Other stateballs have similar charters and overtime they have changed due to treaties, a number of scandals, and contested boarders due to poor wording. Some of the other stateballs include:

    The charters of these balls' clay probably lead to USAball feeling entitled to all lands west of it and this developed into Manifest Destiny.

    The Trail of Tears

    After much of the land discrepancy of the post-colonial period, Georgiaball found monies (gold) in its clay and this lead to many balls rushing to its clay to help it pick it up and dig it out. Other stateballs found monies, but the vast majority was on its clay, especially near Dahlonegaball's clay. However, due to treaties, this clay was shared by many 3balls and was hard for Georgiaball to get at. despite a long shared history with the most important Cherokeeball (chieftain) and Georgiaball (governor) being siblings, Georgiaball, with the help of USAball, moved a lot of 3balls to what is now Oklahomaball. The stateballs of Mississippiball, Floridaball, Alabamaball, North Carolinaball, and Tennesseeball also participated in The Trail of Tears. Many 3balls died on the way and the route was duly named the Trail of Tears. Georgiaball has since made many attempts to bring back 3balls and make them more welcome, but this is not always well-received and has led to animosity between Oklahomaball and the southeastern stateballs.

    3balls moved:

    The Civil War

    Antebellum period and Fort Sumter's capture

    The era after the Trail of Tears was dominated by Manifest Destiny, which brought into several growing problems such as the 3/5th clause and immigration, which stressed the political and civil construct of the American constitution. This led to a political divide in northern and southern stateballs, as prior to this political unions (called parties) were divided by political lines only, as the divide grew regional divides caused politics to shift over how to admit new stateballs into the union and their status on slavery. The north and south agreed that all new states would decide, however, both sides didn't play fair with both the north and south sending massive numbers of balls to be residents in these fledgling territories, so as to rig the elections into being a slave or free state. The violence causes an event know as bleeding Kansas, when Missouriball repeatedly stabbed Kansasball, when Missouriball tried to force Kansasball into becoming a slaver-state.

    After tension built there was a presidential election and the north with its greater political power and the free population was all but assured to win in its demands, with republican candidate Abraham Lincoln. This, along with the growing resentment for the Northerners seemingly unstoppable political will, lead to the Southerners deciding that they were too different to remain in one union. Each stateball crafted its own secession and broke from the union. Immediately after their secession, they banded together and formed CSAball. Georgiaball seceded on January 19, 1861, and was one of the eleven to do so.

    Despite the allegations of the unconstitutionality of secession, the newly elected Lincoln and his predecessor could not attack the south outright for secession or the issue of slavery. During the south's reclaiming of federal installations on their clay, many federal officers refused to surrender them. This lead to a further building of tension, especially at Fort Sumter. Lincoln, as a bid to claim an unprovoked attack, attempted to reinforce the fort under the guise of resupply of food and medical goods, the ship sent contained, in addition to the goods, soldiers, ammo, and other military supplies. The South Carolina army of Confederateball, not wanting to yield to Federal deception, fired on the ship. The attempted resupply of Fort Sumter and the ship's supplies were seen as an act of war, and then CSAball proceeded to fire on Fort Sumter. Lincoln then used this as a Casus Belli (reason for war) and declared the north had been attacked. The Southerners had sent an envoy to discuss peace but were refused as the northern balls did not want to recognize Confederateball. There was much fighting and later USAball enacted the Anaconda plan.

    March to the sea

    A part of this plan had USAball marching across Georgiaball's clay and burning its fields and cotton. Georgiaball along with forces provided by Confederateball tried to stop the assault and turn back the Northern army. This led to the battle of Chickamaugua. The Confederate forces while successful in routing the Northern army failed to prevent them from recovering and regrouping. The reinforced Northern army marched south to Atlantaball. The Confederateball's forces lost the siege and Atlantaball was razed to the ground. The Northern forces then marched to Savannaball where they raised it and set the warehouses, where Georgiaball had been storing its cotton reserves, on fire. From that point forward, Georgiaball was unable to produce significant efforts to win the war for Confederateball. Eventually, Virginiaball surrendered on behalf of Confederateball and ended the war.


    The period of reconstruction marked a dark period of Georgiaball's history, with USAball often abusing its powers and causing problems within Georgiaball and the other Southernballs as a bid to make them better and end slavery. This is probably when Georgiaball lost its eye, as USAball to take its seal to put on offical papers, but failed to do so, so it made a new one that has several flaws. This created strong resentment and brotherhood among Southernerballs. This animosity led to the creation of the KKK, which led to a phenomenon known as the solid south. As a persistent disdain for federal repression and disagreement over federal laws, many southern stateballs changed their flags look to be more like Confederateball; the use of Confederateball's flag and similar flags spread as a way to remember those that died in the war.

    Because of continued distrust between 8balls and 2balls in the south, the Jim Crow laws were developed as a way to create a resolution of hate and anger left unresolved and agitated by the northernballs. In order to prevent an insurrection among Southernballs, USAball ignored them.

    Atlantaball was reconstructed and adopted the phoenix as its symbol, as the city was destroyed during the March to the Sea and was raised from the ashes. the areas devastated by the March to the Sea slowly recovered and that recovery changed the southern culture. as an example, many of Georgiaball's favorite dishes are often cheap, widely available, and include entrees that are generally seen as uncivilized or barbaric. Such dishes include chitlins (intestines), collard greens, grits, peanuts, and other similar foods. today we don't find these foods to be all that unappetizing, but during the time only desperate, poor and starving balls would dare to eat them. Its symbol is the reason why most of Atlanta's sports teams are named after birds, like the Falcons (who just lost the Super Bowl to those cheaters) and the Hawks. In the 2020 presidential election, Georgia's voters voted for Biden more, marking the first time since the 1970s that Georgiaball voted for Biden.



    • Floridaball - It's pretty much my sibling, south of me. I'm not sure why it looks like a you know what... for some reason. I really love taking vacations on its turf, especially Walt Disney World in Orlandoball's clay. Fingers crossed, buddy!
    • USAball - My protective parent of mine. It basically hates terrorists, just like I do. Even though I never had any so far. Its shades reminds me of someone familiar, but I can't put my nonexistent hand on it.
    • Mexicoball - I don’t know why some of my close friends have complicated relations with it, but I like it! Don’t listen to some bastards who wish you should die in a hole, I will always be by your side! Hopefully, our relations will strengthen in the upcoming years!
    • Illinoisball - It's one of my cool friends in the Midwest, kinda chilling, rowdy, and also optimistic sometimes. I always go to its clay just to see people end up in the hospital for absolutely no reason at all.
    • Canadaball - It can be bland sometimes, but overall, a pretty cool guy. I normally recognize it as a American Rip-off sometimes, normally when its clay ALMOST looks exactly the same as my parent's clay.
    • Pennsylvaniaball - Fellow Zombie killing brother from the north! Although we lost the semi-finals to them, at least they won over the cheaters. But why do yuo hate my close allies? What did they do to yuo?? And I know how you feel about that so-called drug that makes you feel like a zombie. Don't worry, we'll remove those sons of bitches like we always do in the movies! We both like to play Left 4 Dead toghether.
    • Artsakhball - I recognize you.
    • Englandball - We both hate that identity stealer.
    • Nauruball - It's an intriguing island that’s the size of a freaking ant. It always tend to consume its food fried lord only knows why. I really think its nature and scenery is quite appealing to me and my friends; It also hates this kartvelian name stealing bastard.
    • Indianaball - It likes most states for no reason at all, so I decided to like it in return. However, HAWKS ARE BETTER THAN THE PACERS!!
    • Wisconsinball - Practically the same exact reason as to why I like that guy. Also, here is something you might like, YOU ARE THE BEST MIDWESTERN STATE, DON’T LET ANYONE THINK THAT YOU’RE NOT!!!
    • UKball - It's cool and all, but IT BETTER NOT COLONIZE US EVER AGAIN!!! It loves their tea and have nice scenery, but they could work on the whole “oral hygiene” thing going on with it, and also, two of its kids hate that name stealer.
    • Japanball - Who the hell doesn’t like it? Really who doesn’t? It is such a great person to spend time with! It is a whole lot cleaner than a few other careless bastards. It adores anime and even dirty pornography. It is also home to those the terrorists of all insects, the Asian Giant Hornet. I love it more than any other Asian country that I could think of!
    • Indonesiaball - It likes my coke and I like to go to Baliball for vacation though the trip is kinda expensive but I can pay it out with coke.
    • Russiaball - It’s my giant, Slavic badass friend of mine! I’m surprised how strong you’ve gotten and I appreciate your culture and your bravery throughout the years! I may not be a huge fan of your government, but that is set aside for now. I’m more than happy to (unofficially) recognize Crimeaball as your land! And feel free to invade that name stealer any time! But GET THE F*CK OUT OF UKRAINE DAMMIT! But can we play Left 4 Dead with my brother together again? Trust me, it's gonna be fun, dude.
    • Californiaball - I’m not sure why some of my fellow stattes hate it so much, but I love it! It’s quite similar when performing certain comparisons between it and myself. We both have large film industries, even though mine is bigger hahaha its movies look better in my opinion. I fucking love its bands; they bring so much vibe out in its clay! Although it is quite blue, I really don’t mind it. I recently turned blue not too long ago, and it’s not terrible. It’s extremely different, but it’s not bad. I always feel bad when your clay is set ablaze, I wish you would get a whole lot more rain at times. We also share similar relations with other countries from the globe; we both like Armeniaball and we both hate Vietnamball, and we both like Inanimate Insanity! Wait, WHY DO YUO HATE Saudi Arabiaball?!?!?! WHAT DID IT EVER DO TO YOU??? I THOUGHT YOU LIKED IT!!!
    • Finlandball - Its people are practically the Tom Bradies of all of ice hockey. I sometimes don’t get why it is depressed sometimes, but it is cool nonetheless.
    • Oregonball - It is close friends with Californiaball and it is home to the overrated Ducks. Speaking of which, there are quite a number of Ducks fans in my clay, FUCK THE BEAVERS!!! It is also the home of The Simpsons not fair. Hopefully, yuo can forgive me for defeating yuor Timbers in the 2018 MLS Finals.
    • Marylandball - It calls me its “best friend”, even though I have better friends though, it's still close. And before you say anything else; yes, I will annex the arrogant motherfucker. But however, the Terrapins are shit!
    • Iowaball - We are both sort of related with our personalities because we are both quite snappy. I have a lot of Hawkeye fans in my clay, but why do you hate Californiaball?!?!?!
    • Minnesotaball - Sometimes when I come to up to visit it, I feel like my sexy “Wii remote” shrinks to the size of a Tic Tac. It’s so fucking cold!! I just like it just because I want to have friends; plus, it has some amazing Caribou Coffee! Sweet Jesus!
    • Coloradoball - Extremely stoned ally. However, I am more of a Chargers person when it comes to the AFC West...
    • North Carolinaball - It’s like a similar version of me, only a lil more redneck. We both have popular cities and sports guys, we’re both also a lil less right then the others.
    • Afghanistanball - “That wasn’t supposed to happen” (Widget). I thought the operation would go swimmingly, but I guess not. To be honest, though, I kinda actually like you since, well… you emphasize Islam’s importance. Like a lot. And how you’re treating women like shit. I seriously hope that you and my parent can talk and cooperate instead of just acting shy between the two of you. I actually believe that you can open up to us this time!


    • Texasball - Very complicated relations nowadays. We were friends for SO LONG until... I became a blue state. Then it started saying that I betrayed it and the entire South so it got ALL of the South to stop being friends with me. It says I betrayed the Republicans but WHAT ABOUT Arizonaball?! IT TURNED BLUE AND YOU DIDN’T GET MAD AT IT! OKAY THATS IT I’M FOR NOW ON Californiaball’s FRIEND! (I still like Texan culture and cowboys but WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE FRIENDSHIPS POLITICAL)
    • Alabamaball - It’s a dumbass redneck who is west of my clay. It’s sort of average, but THE CRIMSON TIDE SUCKS ASS! WHY WOULD YOU CHEAT IN ALMOST EVERY GAME THAT YUO PLAY IN??? YOU WEST DIVISION REDNECKS CAN BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE!!!
    • New Yorkball - It's okay if I had to give an honest opinion about it. It’s kind of dull, boring and somewhat lazy, and it has the tendency to SUCK BIG at sports. Furthermore, YUO SHALL NOT THE THE EMPIRE STATE, YUO ARE JUST AN IMPOSTER!! CALI DESERVES TO BE THE REAL EMPIRE STATE; IT’S BETTER THAN YUO!! Besides from that, we both have large film industries and we like the Atlantic coastline. Its pizza is not too shabby; I like it!
    • Armeniaball - Look, I may recognize Artsakhball as yours and acknowledge your genocide, but you don’t have to whine about it 24/7! You can be quite annoying at times and it drives me nuts! Aside from that, we have a few common friends.
    • South Carolinaball - Southern relative to the East of my clay. We both like college football and hate the Crimson Tide, but YUOR GAMECOCKS AND TIGERS WILL NEVER DEFEAT MY BULLDOGS AND YELLOW JACKETS!! My teams are way better than yours
    • Switzerlandball - Pussy who can’t seem to toughen up for once. Seriously, you need to learn to express your strength before it’s too late! Aside from that, its chocolate tastes as good as waking up on Christmas morning!.
    • Vermontball - It is enemies with some of my friends, but we are both close friends with Californiaball. It is extremely defensive about its maple syrup, and I’ll have to admit it tastes yummy!
    • Louisianaball - One of my Southern relatives who is a “western province” of Franceball. It is okay in some areas, while some of its towns are collapsing. Hurricanes are slamming on its coast, its economy is torn apart, cities like Bogalusa & Ruston are malodorous, and trash is piling everywhere. Wait, you are friends with Californiaball? That’s great!
    • Israelcube - Extremely complicated relations. On one hand, it is a pro-Western country with a rich and cultural heritage; but on the other hand, it steals money and forgets to pay the fucking bills! You’re the reason why a boatload of sports teams cheat all the time (I’m looking at you Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders, Rockets, Mavericks, Capitals, Astros, and Buccaneers)! And also, can you stop being rude to my lil' friend? It's not good to harass him, man!
    • Abkhaziaball and South Ossetiaball - Well, I don't know who you guys are, I know you guys hate my poppa. but hey, at least three of us hate That name stealing Kartvelian as much as we do! oh, anyways would ya mind if you like my 🍑 peaches? I bet both of you are gonna like this But not to forget, I am the only US state to recognize these kiddos (but I actually not) hehehehe.
    • Venezuelaball - STOP THREATENIN' MY POPPA! But eh, we both hate That filthy name stealing piece of shit. As for that, I'll give these 🍑 peaches as a prize for free.


    • Georgiaball (country) - NAME STEALER!!! It STOLE MY NAME!! FOR GOD SAKES CALL YOURSELF SAKARTVELO (BECAUSE YOU ARE KARTVELIAN)!!! 🍑 Or Else... Me, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia will kick your ass if you mess around with us, you ripoff. 🍑 I don't know why my Papa and Grandpa likes you.
    • Massachusettsball - STOP CHEATING IN THE NFL YOU BASTARD!! I am able to tolerate your Red Sox, Bruins, and even the Celtics; but the Patriots have got to go! You deserve to lose Tom Brady! He will never come back!
    • CSAball - YOU DESERVED TO DIE IN HELL YOU RACIST PIECE OF SH*T! I will never go down the path of racism ever again!!!
    • Ohiorawr - You are basically a poor, corrupt, white trash piece of shit in the worst region in the U.S.! We all can’t stand your f*cking bullsh*t! You ALWAYS give the Midwest a bad reputation! Also, Cali and the Lakers deserve LeBron James, not yuo! GO F*CK YOURSELF!!!
    • Austriaball, Latviaball and Lebanonball - YOU ALL STOLE MY FLAG! ADMIT IT!!!
    • Hungaryball - Spouse of flag stealer, so I hate you too
    • Alaskaball - Just a bland, inhabited piece of shit!
    • Michigancube - REMOVE CHERRY!
    • Delawareball - Shut the fuck up! Nobody will even care that you're the first state, and stop bothering my sibling!
    • Azerbaijanball - Good friend of the name stealer, so I hate you as well

    How to draw

    This is how to draw Georgiaball:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes
    2. Color them of red, white and red
    3. Color the up-left quarter of this blue
    4. Draw a yellow seal of Georgia (without background)
    5. Surround it with 13 white stars
    6. Draw the right eye and you've finished.


    • Ranked worst state/province flag by NAVA Ratings, but has changed their flag since.


    zh:喬治亞州球 pl:Georgiaball (State) pt:Geórgiaball

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