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"Two armies that fight each other is like one large army that commits suicide"

- Henri Barbusse

" I surrender!!!!" Surrender-icon.png

- Franceball when shown in a unfunny surrender meme for the 10,000 time

French Third Republicball was a republican régime of the french nationball and a continuation of the Napoleonic-icon.png Second French Empireball. He was relatively successful compared to the other French regimes out of colonizing new various lands in Africa and Asia, lasting longer than most french republic, lasting until 1940 after they surrendered Surrender-icon.png to Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball when he blitzkrieged through his clay. Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball puppet a nazi client state of Vichy France-icon.png Vichy Franceball challenged with the allied military resistance of Free France-icon.png Free Franceball fighting against the axis.

History[edit | edit source]

After Napoleonic-icon.png Second French Empireball got its ass kicked by Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Kingdom of Prussiaball who created the German Empire-icon.png North German Confederationball. Following Napoleon III was capture, Franceball was forced to give up control of Alsace-Lorraine-icon.png Alsace-Lorraineball to Prussia and to be forced to establish the anarchist state of the Paris Commune-icon.png Paris Communeball with only lasted for 40 days before it anschlussed it. The french republician government took power as an attempt to destroy the last fragments relating to the controversy of the monarchy tracing back to the Vivelaspin.gif revolution (even though Franceball considered switching back to monarchism a few times at this time).

France still feared German Empire-icon.png Imperial Germanyball who had a fast-growing economy and would do anything to get their Alsace-Lorraine-icon.png son back. Despite heavy loses in Franco-Prussian War, France helped it's ecomony catching up by bulding the Suez Canal project on the Khedivate of Egypt-icon.png Egyptian Khedivateball to get quick access to Asia. UK-icon.png UKball asked to join in on the project for the same goal of access to Asia (notably British Raj-icon.png India).

Franceball still continued to expand its chunk of worldwide influence and participate in the Scramble for Africa, with a series of sending its army to colonize African kingdoms starting from central africa all the way to the Sahara enslaving 8-icon.png 8balls. In asia the indochinese protectorates into a confederation known as French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball with swaths of land Siam-icon.png Siamball would later be forced to secede land in treaties. In 1897 France threw two wars and invaded Czech SR-icon.png Merina Kingdomball to make ice cream out of vanila spice and put animals in zoos and circuses for tourism and investment.

As tensions in europe rose between various countries, In 1910 Franceball wanted more monies so to make more ecomonic gain, it made a confederation (like French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball) that grouped up african colonies into one to sped up profit to the country. (I'm still writing so WIP)

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The Americas[edit | edit source]

  • Martinique-icon.png Martiniqueball - Daughter who lives the caribbean life with some automony. He still isn't too agreeable about it so things can work out with just some more automonie.
  • Guadeloupe-icon 2.png Guadeloupeball - Forgotton son who I forgot to bannigs slavery in his clay. I´ll be a better mama I promise! I promise to give you better reforms like Martinique!
  • French Guyana-icon.png French Guyanaball - My South American colony which later officially became an entity of me. He is not very rich and irrelevant although I should use him for something important other than cotton.

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