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    For its younger version when it once controlled the mainland, see Republic of Chinaball (1912-1949).

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    I like to be a cat!
    Taiwanball to Japanball

    Taiwanball, officially known as the Republic of Chinaball, is a semi-recognised island countryball, located in the Western Pacific Ocean and East Asia. It controls the island of Taiwan (formally known as Formosa), along with a few other tiny islands closer to Chinaball. Due to being an island, it has no land borders, but its closest neighbors are Chinaball to the west, Philippinesball to the south, and the Ryukyu Islands of Japanball to the east. Taiwanball is fully claimed by the PRCball, who wants to reunify with it by making them the Special Administrative Region of Taiwanball, like Hong Kongball and Macauball.

    Taiwanball is divided into 2 nominal provinceballs, 6 special municipalityballs, 3 provincial cityballs, and 13 countyballs, including its capital Taipeiball being one of the municipalityballs located in the North. It has 32,260 km² of clay, making it the 134th largest countryball if you recognise them (ahead of Guinea-Bissauball and behind Switzerlandball), and it is also the 57th most populous with >23.3 million people, ahead of Sri Lankaball and behind Nigerball.

    Due to not being a fully recognized countryball, Taiwanball has not been able to join any sort of international organizations. They were temporarily a member of the UNball, until their communist sibling replaced them in 1971, 22 years after the Chinese Civil War ended (or not?). Only 13 countryballs recognise it today, with that number going back and forth. Taiwanball also has 110 diplomatic missions.

    Despite its pressured and limited official recognition, Taiwanball fortunately has worked very hard in order to sustain its resurrection, and they succeeded. This is why many popular countryballs secretly look at them as a fully functional and independent countryball. Of course, obviously due to the One China Policy, they do not recognize it on paper to not cause problems with Chinaball, but as of now, 47 countryballs have non-diplomatic/de-facto relations and most if not all of them have de facto embassies run by Taiwanball. It has a big economy (the 21st biggest by GDP and also by PPP), mainly made up of several kinds of manufacturing, specially electronics and semiconductor (Your electronic devices that you use to read this page most likely has its component produced by it!).

    Although they used to be a totalitarian dictatorship under martial law, they later transitioned to a representative democratic republic under a unique system that combines both the parliamentary & semi-presidential systems. In contrast, Chinaball, while also semi-presidential, operates distinctly as a one-party socialist republic, labeled frequently as a form of dictatorship.

    Taiwanball's birthday is on October 10, known as Double Tenth Day, which is different from other national day celebrations. Double Tenth Day always shows huge military parades, and has been observed since 1949.

    History (Island of Taiwan)

    The island of Formosa was born as a 7ball (unlike all other East Asian balls) until the 1600's, when two separate colonies got their hands over the island. One to Dutch Republicball in 1624, and one to Spanish Empireball.

    They were given the name “Ilha Formosa” or “Beautiful Island” by Portugalball. Dutch Formosaball anschlussed its Spanish sibling and kicked the Spanish in 1642. Formosa, under Dutch rule, leads to mass Han immigration which attracted Kingdom of Tungningball (fake Mingball) to occupy it as a base to strike back at Qingball, but the former wasn't very successful because Qingball kicked it out and became the new rulers of Formosa. In the 1880s, Franceball took control of areas close to Taipeiball but failed to take clay. USAball also tried but failed miserably.

    Many of the Hokkienballs from Qingball's Fujianball province, being the majority of the population right after the Hakka. In May, 1895, the Qingball[1] rulers were kicked out by Republic of Formosaball.

    In October 1895, Republic of Formosaball was occupied and annexed by the Empire of Japanball. It spent the next 50 years with it.

    The Republic of China (1912-1949)

    From 1912, the Republic of Chinaball was born after killing Qingball.

    In 1945, after USAball and Republic of Chinaball blew up the Empire of Japanball, Taiwan was given to the care of Nationalist Chinaball. To make sure that its soul would take over its clay without Japanese remnants, Taiwanball shot up much of Formosaball on February 28, 1947, in an incident known as 228. It also invited Mandarin teachers from the mainland to teach the inhabitants of its clay, who were speaking Japanese.

    To cement their claims over all of China, Formosa, Tibetball, and even Mongoliaball, Taiwanball wrote this in Section I, Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of China, 1947, saying "The territory of the Republic of China according to its existing national boundaries shall not be altered except by resolution of the National Assembly".

    But 2 years later, its big communist sibling Chinaball soon beat it and took over most of its sibling's clay. It was forced to flee to the island and its seat was stolen by Chinaball.

    Even at the island though, it didn't stop its right-wing totalitarian ways and instilled a political repression known as "White Terror" starting from the Feburary 28th incident (228) which killed 18,000-28,000 people. White Terror and repression to against "commies" saw it kill further hundreds and thousands of people on the island until 1987 when Chiang Kai Shek died and his son stopped one-party rule leading to the rise of DPP.

    In the 1960s and 70s it highly industrialized and saw huge economic growth known as the Taiwan Miracle.

    From late 1970s to 90s, after the Kaohsiung Incident which united the opposition, liberal reforms had transformed Taiwanball from a totalitarian military dictatorship under martial law to a more liberal democracy.

    Formosa is completely possessed by the ROC, both fused into today's Taiwanball.

    History (ROC)

    Republic of Chinaball (ROCball) was born in 1911 after its parent ​ Qingball died. Its clay, inherited from its parent, had lots of foreign-occupied patches in it. In 1915, it almost became another dynastic Chinaball like its parent and ancestors because of president/emperor Yuan Shi-Kai, and this resulted in it having lots of warlord cliques, including Communist-controlled Chinaball/Chinese Soviet Republicball, which both later merged into ​​Chinaball, who would in turn nearly defeat the ROC.

    In the 1920s, Nationalist Chinaball had lots of tumours, and diseases fought each other for control of its body. In 1928, it became a Unitary state. Empire of Japanball took advantage of this to expand its territory in East Asia, by taking one of its children, Manchuriaball, and turning it into Manchukuoball in 1931. In 1937, Japanball kidnapped and raped Republic of Chinaball, just as it was beginning to recover from its illnesses.

    It's estimated during the rule of KMT, Republic of Chinaball killed 3 - 18 million people due to political repression to the communist rebels. (some of them are innocents but being wrongly regarded as communist).

    However, when USAball helped it defeat ​ Japanball in 1945, its rebellious communist sibling, ​ Communist-controlled Chinaball, became ​Chinaball and injured it in 1949, while it fled to Taiwan Provinceball and was named Taiwanball. Some sources wrongly regard the Republic of Chinaball to die in 1949, when its dead soul supposedly took over Taiwan Provinceball's sould. This is not true, as the Republic of Chinaball was never been eliminated or has died after 1914. Republic of Chinaball is currently alive through recognised until 1971 (when the UN started recognizing Chinaball). It was part of the UN until 1971.

    Current Situation

    Taiwanball and its sibling both speak Mandarin, but Taiwanball uses traditional Chinese characters for writing , whereas PRCball uses simplified Chinese characters (except for Hong Kongball and Macaoball). Taiwanball also has a Mandarin accent that weakens certain sounds.

    Taiwanball also usually speaks Taiwanese Hokkien (or just Taiwanese/Taiwanese Dialect), which is a Hokkien language but has some European loan words. Both of the brothers differ greatly on their age. Taiwanball is 112 years old, while PRCball is only in its 70s.

    According to an opinion poll released by the Mainland Affairs Council taken after the second 2008 meeting, 71.79% of the Taiwanese public supported continuing negotiations and solving issues between the two sides through the semi-official organizations, SEF and ARATS, 18.74% of the Taiwanese public did not support this, while 9.47% of the Taiwanese public did not have an opinion.

    In 2015, a poll conducted by the Taiwan Braintrust showed that about 90 percent of the population would identify themselves as Taiwanese rather than Chinese if they were to choose between the two. 8% would like to reunify with PRCball. The rest (2%) did not answer.

    The government of Taiwan is divded into two sides:

    1. The Pan-Blue coalition, which used to be a full-on Chinese nationalist coalition, but now generally advocates a dual Taiwanese and Chinese identity, especially the KMT, which views Taiwan as the legitimate government of China, but that both sides have no jurisdiction over the other on one hand and that they should work together to achieve possible unification in the hopes of prosperity. The problem is that both sides have different stances on how China should be unified; the PRC's perspective sees that it may transform Taiwan into a special administrative region with a typically liberal autocratic governmental model, in which elections are only held for Chinese "patriots" & not for the residents. Meanwhile, the ROC's perspective aims to reunify China under the KMT to solidify their promise to create a free, democratic China. This method, which, despite the party being weaker than the CCP, can be TECHNICALLY possible, but only because there is really no actual solution between the two.
    2. The Pan-Green coalition, which is formed by the idea of formal Taiwanese independence, followed by the existence of a Taiwanese republic as they fear the Communist Party's influence over the KMT. However, the latter idea is no longer the main goal for the coalition. The Democratic Progressive Party, a liberal democratic party, used to support formal Taiwanese independence, but to avoid major conflicts, they now oppose it in favor of Huadu, the independence & existence of the Republic of China with a distinct Taiwanese identity. While this thought kinda puts the party between the two sides, the difference to the KMT is that the DPP advocates the existence of two Chinas, while the KMT advocates the existence of one China, similar to the CCP.

    PRCball, especially the people of it, sees it differently, they see the situation as an embarrassment and a scar, seeing the situation as a North Korea and South Korea situation where a country's people are split based on politics which's why PRCball wants to reunify. Another, and maybe the more important reason, is, that Taiwanball is officially called "Republic of Chinaball" and Chinaball is officially called "People's Republic of Chinaball". Both sides have laws that only allow the existence of 1 "Chinaball" and therefore both claim the other. Taiwanball also claims Mongoliaball.

    Taiwanball is protected by USAball and other allies. This means if PRCball attempts to anschluss it, it would face strong opposition from the allies, meaning that this could lead to countries stopping acknowledging the One China policy, financial sanctions, or the naval blockade of the Malacca Strait. Furthermore, USABall vowed that the US army would fight for Taiwan in a case of Chinese attack.

    Most other countryballs (including the USAball) don't want to recognize Taiwanball as an independent countryball because they believe that Chinaball will stop trading with them, despite Taiwanball having the interest to invest in them. But if you choose between 1.5 billion people to trade with or 23 million, usually one chooses the one with more people.

    When Taiwanball competes in international sports events, it does it under the name Chinese Taipeiball, technically not meant to make it seem Chinese, with its Mandarin name being Chunghwa Taipei, which means Taipei of the Chinese ethnic group. But as we discussed earlier, sadly, nearly nobody recognizes Taiwanball as the one and true Chinaball, which means that the "Chinese ethnic group" is a fancy way of saying Chinaball.

    In 2020, the Democratic Progressive Party President Tsai Ing-wen of the Pan-Green DPP won the election with a great majority, resulting in Han Kuo-yu's defeat.

    In 2024, a politician named Lai Ching-te won the elections and will be declared the President of the Republic of Taiwan China.





    Central America



    South America

    Taiwanball has de facto recognition by most of the countryballs that support NATO.


    朋友 (Friends)

    • USAball - Best North American friend who helped me with their relationship with Chinaball, and with defense. But please recognize me again! I'll help you from Huawei Crisis! Thanks for sending Nancy Pelosi to my clay! Oh wait, I forgot, we are similar flags too!
    • Hong Kongball - My biological son and best friend! I appreciate you back to China family!
    • Guatemalaball - It has been my longest ally since 1932. This communist is trying to trap it to withdraw my recognition. I hope you're doing well.
    • Franceball - Amazing partner, I love its pastries and takes on my classic bubble teas! I hope we can rule together one day! Also thank you for Oggy, it's one of the most popular cartoons in my clay narrated by the Taiwanese Cartoon Network. Fake China cannot into Oggy xixixi
    • Tibetball, Xinjiangball and Inner Mongoliaball - Fine! You three should into independence more quickly! To weaken 426 that can help me countattack mainland! ( But only for a while. Eventually, you all are my clay! )
    • South Vietnamball - You are not the true Vietnam anymore, but I still remeber the good times we had, and it's still alive inside California.
    • Japanball - In 1937 at Nanjingball, its parent raped me and got its cover blown. Well, sort of. Mainly because of Diaoyutai. REMEMBER ROC 1937 IN NANJINGBALL!!! Despite our past, it's a good friend in sports and we help each other a lot. Best friends in natural disasters (both have lots of earthquakes!). PLEASE RECOGNIZE ME AGAIN!!! Thanks for opposing that so-called UN Resolution 2758. I like her Kawaii and I like to be Kawaii cat as well.
    • Okinawaball - Little sibling. Your soba noodles are good, I love you so much!
    • Brazilball - It opposed the so-called UN Resolution 2758. I heard it just elected Jair Bolsonaro, good (I don't like fascists and right-wingists though), now we can remove the illegal Chinese government together. (why are you in BRICS?)
    • EUball - We surprisingly have close ties.
    • Belarusian protestors - Real Belarus.
    • FSAball - If you win, I believe/hope/pray you will establish diplomatic relations with me.
    • LGBTball - Even if most of my friends hate yuo, yuo are welcome to my clay! We both hate pride parade destroyer!
    • Vaticanball - They hate that Fake Chunghwa and also i hab that awesome university in my clay, thank you sooooooooo much
    • South Koreaball - My cousin. We had military solidarity and Korea was the last in Asia to leave me (1992). We don't have much of a good relationship after it decided to become "friends" with BAD 426 unless we still keep in touch without any Mainlander knew it. But most of the time, we team up to remove Fake ChungHwa and Fake Korea together. We also hate vodka and like strong burger.
    • ASEANcoin - Most of your members are into informal relations and we both hate Spratly Island Colonizer.
      • Malaysiaball - A lot of its 1ball came to stay in my clay, also it gave us Michael Wong, Fish Leong, and Namewee... yadde yadde yada. Also we both did great handling coronavirus in our country, Noor Hisham is your version of our Chen Shih Chung.
      • My Hokkien brother - My Hokkien brother who like my dramas.
      • Thailandball - We have informal relations, also a fellow member of the Milk Tea Alliance.
      • Tringapore - It likes me more than China. Also a fellow member of the Four Asian Tigers. PLEASE RECOGNIZE , okay? Oh yeah sure, its because I'm chewing chewing gum?
    • Somalilandball - A democratic African country. You can take out that corrupted Pirate freak because it's a mainland bootlicker. Sadly, only me and Ethiopia recognize you.
    • Micronesiaball - A friend can into recognition! Give up 426 right now then I can give you better life!
    • UKball - Hong Kong's European and loved parent. It does not recognize me, but I'm glad that it calls me the Real China. But anyway, we fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. You will be my best friend in the future, yay!
    • Eswatiniball - I'm glad that it recognizes me for being the Real China.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - Thank you for helping me build my bridge and train, and it also opposed UN Resolution 2758.
    • Kosovoball - My European counterpart. We both hate this imposter and Serbiaball like USAball. But your sibling hates me.
    • Paraguayball - A very good friend. It recognizes me and lives on the other side of the world in terms of coordinates and says it will always be loyal to me.
    • Kazakhbrick - Even though we don't have informal relations, but most of people like my bubble tea and you also like my son so we're good.
    • Palauball - Japan's child! It promised that it won't recognize my evil sibling, and still, we maintain very good relations.
    • Indiaball - It hates 426 and Pakistanball, or at least has some bias against it, it does not recognize me. It is, however, improving its relations with me a lot, we buy tea from it to make bubble milk tea, and also gives us money. You could just have oppose UN Resolution 2758. JAI HIND!!
    • Lithuaniaball - We recently established representative offices and gave me some vaccines to fight COVID-19 together, literally better than that stupid traitor.
    • Nauruball - It used to recognize my sibling but only for a short period. It apologized and recognized me again.....
    • Israelcube - We share a lot in common like for example we have a lot of bullies that ignore us. We are very developed allies of the US and such... It may not recognize me officially, but we can help each other.
    • Any country that recognizes Taiwan.
    • Libyaball - We both hate Gaddafiball & 426. I expect you'll establish representative offices with me soon.
    • Estoniaball - You can into Nordic for sure.
    • Ukraineball - Control your friend Georgiaball because it is friend with Fake Chung Hwa so I recognize Crimeaball as yours.
    • Canadaball - A sibling of USAball. It hosts my international students in British Columbia. I love him. Vancouver is real city of Canada
    • Spainball - It used to colonize my capital once, overall a huge dickhead. Even though we can into informal relations. In return, I opposed Cataloniaball's independence because it can into communism.
    • Colombiaball - Although it don't recognize me, but we have a common enemy.

    中立 (Neutral)

    • 澳門 - Another nephew who loves gamble, Hong Kongball's twin. But its patriots are much more than Hong Kong, which forces me to keep neutral! But why this little guy likes me very much? So what did Innerland teach it?
    • Hondurasball (since 2023) - What? You want to build ties with 426 and break ties with me?
    • Moroccoball - We both hate 426. But why are you friends what that pirate devil??
    • Malaysiaball - We are of Austronesian relatives. But why it's friends with Commie faker? But other than that, its people like my boba tea. We both support freedom of Uyghurball.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - It supports fake Chunghwa now, but at least it helped me build my bridge. Thanks for at least apologizing to me and confessing to me.
    • Vietnamball - A good socialist. You gave pho and your yummy cuisine. But you're a commie so I don't like you that much unless you wanted to work with me. I'm sorry that I didn't help you when 426 was kicking your ass, because you were a communist that period. Very sorry.
    • Panamaball - Why don't you recognize me anymore?! WHY???
    • Cameroonball - It has Relations with me in 60s but they dont have informal relations.
    • Argentinaball - We have informal relations, but TELL YOUR STUPID CHILD TO CHANGE ITS NAME, although it and I had an antipode.
    • Solomon Islandsball - TRAITOR!!! But its citizens hate it for recognizing PRC.
    • Myanmarball - Although you like fake China, but at least we have informal relations, also the member of the Milk Tea Alliances. BUT STOP KILLING ROHINGYAS! You also used to steal my flag but changed it in 10 October 2010 so I like this flag much better than the previous one.
    • UNball - I got kicked out from you because I didn't get enough recognition?! I tried to regain position several times but it always made me turned down. But not for long!
    • Indonesiaball - An Austronesian sibling, since it was a Dutch child (like me) but why do you ban me from Asian games 1962?! But it loves my bubble teas and my gadgets (mostly ASUS products), It also kinda hates 426 for claiming Natuna Island, so it's ok.
    • Philippinesball - Sorry for persecuting Filipinos, but STOP SENDING OFWS! I don't want to be overcrowded but still OK. WHY DID YOU PUT FRIES ON BOBA? EWWW! At least we're against Chinaball.
    • El Salvadorball - Why did you also leave??
    • Mongoliaball - YOU ARE MINE!!! But at least we have informal relation so we're good.(?)
    • Albaniaball - 1971 NEVER FORGET! But at lease we both support Kosovo...
    • Ethiopiaball - A sorta complicated relationship. It supports my evil sibling and calls me fake China, so it's usually a fat dickhead. Because we support Somaliland and also hate Somaliaball. It's also friend of USAball too. So I'm putting it on neutral because it's still a dickhead.
    • Georgiaball - I hate you because Fake China makes you not recognize my passport.
    • 不丹 - Were both hate fake Chunghwa (it not really) but you got rekt by Kuwaitball by 20-0.
    • Abkhaziaball, Artsakhball, South Ossetiaball, Transnistriaball, Western Saharaball - I don't know whether I should be make friends with them. But they maybe hate Fake China like me.
    • 雙胞胎兄弟 - DAMN 426 BUT HAHAHAHA BITCH ASSSSS YUO CANNOT UNITE ME!!! ONLY I CAN INTO CHUNGHWA'S PROSPERITY AND PEACE! Regardless, I still into carings about yuo (especially the 2024 earthquake) because yuo is of my bro in blood. We can into trade agreements and I love your meme. I am an ikun for two and a half years now. SUN YAT-SEN STRONK!!! Nonetheless, I IS OF THE ORTHODOX, LEGITIMATE, AND INDEED REAL CHUNGHWA, YUO HEAR ME???!!! NEVER FORGET 1949!!! UNITE REPUBLIC OF CHINA NOW!!!
      • - keep yapping 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    敵人 (Enemies)

    How to Draw

    • 1.Draw a basic circle filled with red color.
    • 2.Use blue to draw the horizontal line from left side and also draw the vertical bar from the above side until reaching their intersection point.then fill the smaller part with blue.
    • 3.Draw a white round in the center of the blue part,then draw 12 white small equilateral triangles around the round.
    • 4.Draw the eye(s) on it,then you done!
    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Red 254, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K5 #F20000
    Cobalt Blue 0, 41, 204 C100-M80-Y0-K20 #0029CC
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF


    • 426 is an offensive word to mainlanders from Taiwanese,which means damn mainlander.It has same pronunciation with characters 死阿陸.


    Taiwanball has currently 13 counties.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Taiwanball.

    Click here to see it.

    1. Qingball
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