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    French Saint-Domingueball was a French colony in the Caribbean.


    During its time as a French colony, he produced most of French Empireball's Coffee and Sugar, and he owned lots of 8ball slaves. In 1791, there was an 8ball uprising that lead to the abolishment of slavery in Saint-Domingueball. In 1802, Franceball went through a revolution that saw the demand for the abolishment of slavery throughout the French Empire. Soon, the 8balls staged thier own revolution which lead to the independence of Saint Domingueball, which changed its name to Haitiball.



    • New Spainball - My parent by adoption, but it abandoned me. It also helped me out during the war!
    • Members of the Polish Legions who sided with the Haitians - You guys know how it feels to be enslaved, so it joined me. Together we can beat up Franceball now!
    • USAball - Ajaja! Me most trustworthy pal! It sent generals to aid my fighters!


    • UKball - Also helped me out during the war! But don't you dare try to colonize me!


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