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    Gloria a la Patria que supo seguir, sobre el azul del mar el caminar del sol!
    Marcha Real with lyrics (Francoist anthem)

    Francoist Spainball, officially known as the Spanish Stateball and the Kingdom of Spainball, was a fascist countryball in Iberia and was the predecessor state to modern-day Spainball. It was the last countryball that made the continuation of the Spanish Empireball having control over Morocco and the Sahara.


    Francoist Spainball was established by fascist Right Wing rebels in the Second Spanish Republicball and in Spanish Moroccoball.

    The reason for this was the aim to combat against CNT-FAIball and the Communist Partisans (cancer cells in the body of Spainball) who were also taking advantage of the power grab during the Spanish Civil War.

     3 years later, with the help of Kingdom of Italyball and Nazi Germanyball, it won the Spanish Civil War and anschlussed all of Second Spanish Republicball's clay.

    Despite supporting the regimes of Nazi Germanyball and the Kingdom of Italyball, it did not join the Axis powers during WW2 as it wanted to remain neutral. Even when it was promised Gibraltar by Nazi Germanyball it still refused to join the war.

    After WW2, Francoist Spain was shunned by the Western Powers, most notably from  Franceball,  USAball and UKball.

    However, due to the ongoing Cold War with  Soviet Unionball, the Western powers were reluctant to work with Francoist Spainball as to gain a strategic advantage in the Mediterranean.

    Francoist Spainball would lose a lot of its colonial territories in North Africa due to it fighting with  Moroccoball who desired more territory and its independence.

    Francoist Spainball was dissolved after the death of the Caudillo, Francisco Franco. It was succeeded by Juan Carlos I who would transition  Spainball into the Constitutional Monarchy we know today.



    • Nazi Germanyball - Helped me during the Spanish Civil War, sent it some volunteers and maybe I should have helped it later on but needless to say, it's a damn psychopath, and we have disagreements with Hitler having said that he would rather have his teeth pulled out than meet with Franco. But it's still better than communists so it's OK I guess.
    • Kingdom of Italyball - Mussolini is a great friend I can trust! I wish it would join me and Salazar though, we true fascism.
    • Vaticanball - I am very Catholic! Anyone who detests my rule is a Pagan atheist communista! And he supports me against the godless commies.
    • Vichy Franceball - Was of helpings kill Azaña which we of thankings you for!
    • USAball - Fellow anti-communist. Unfortunately it is of democracy and sometimes we argue.
    • Franceball - Same as  USAball.
    • Chileball - My favourite child! It has very similar government to me, and it gives Communists just what they exactly deserve! Loan me a one of those helicopters, I need to use it to give filthy comunistas a ride.
    • Hungarian Revolutionary - They rised against vodka. I wanted to gib military aid to it but it was of late.
    • Paraguayball - Another good child! Stroessner met with Franco!
    • Second Portuguese Republicball - It helped me with the Spanish Civil War. Salazar is the best and so is the Estado Novo!
    • Republic of Cubaball - Go Batista!
    • Empire of Japanball - My Far East friend that recognized me after 1 December 1937.
    • Manchukuoball - My Japanese puppet friend who is also fascist.


    Every communist country, but especially...

    • USSRball - STUPID COMUNISTA!la division azul did a great job but you of not died! YOU FREAKING BRAIN WASHED MI CHILDS! COMO TE ATREVES!!
    • Cubaball - Even if I kept an embassy in your dirty communist clay you of removed it! You are not my child! I officially disown YUO!
    • North Vietnamball - Another filthy communist, I send some people to end it but still it still of alive. True Vietnamball should've won you filthy commie and you would be of dead.
    • Laosball - I don't know anything about you. But you are communist so you are scum.
    • North Koreaball - Another stupid communist, just like North Vietnamball, I tried to end it but still alive. You are fake Korea and worst Korea! South is the true Korea!
    • Chinaball - A giant filthy Communist that anschlussed Manchukuoball. TAIWAN REAL CHINA!
    • Soviet puppets - Sovietball's stupid commie puppets, atleast they all died at the end
    • International Brigades - Comintern and my enemy's volunteers.
    • SR Chileball Another commie son, atleast it its dead

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    pl:Francoist Spainball ru:Франкистская Испания

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