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    Haririball used to be its own countryball until  Abyssinia was colonized adopted by the Ethiopian Empire. Harari is a very tiny region in Ethiopia, is one of the historical destinations in Islam and is the 4th most popular destination for Islamic travelers famous for its singing and rituals telling stories about Prophet Muhammad.

    A nickname for Harari is the "African Mecca" becasue it is the 4th holiest place in the religion of Islam and is the most holiest place in the Islamic religion located in the continent of Africa.


    Harariball was born as an  8ball (natives) and 2ball Yemeni travelers that crossed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait in Yemenball. It was belived their ancestors were known as the Harla.

    Harariball was originally founded as a city or Islamic state in Kingdom of Aksumball as a city of worship to the Muslims living in the Kingdom during the time in Honor of Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic King of Negus who adopted Islam to the Kingdom of Askum.

    In 1007 A.D., the Kingdom of Harari gained independence from The Christians and started to make their own trading systems with other parts of the world. Then it was adopted and taken care of by Adal Sultanateball for around 400 years. Adal was killed by Ethiopian Empireball. Harari became independent afterward.

    During the time of Harari's independence, it had gained international recognition from other Islamic countries of the world (mainly with Saudi Arabiaball and The Ottomans) and made several Islamic learning centers into the capital of Harar.

    Eventually, Harari became a part of what is known as Abyssinia in around the 16th century. Then it was "Occupied" but not colonized by the the Italians for only around 5 years during ww2.

    Now Harari is part of what is known as Ethiopia and now it is mainly known for its awesome history and THE HYENA MAN and can into with many Arab travelers due to cool history and religious songs!

    How to draw

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
    North Texas Green 7, 137, 48 C95-M0-Y65-K46 #078930
    Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

    Elbum colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Tufts Blue 65, 137, 221 C0.705-M0.380-Y0-K0.133 #4189DD
    Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09

    Drawing Harari is a little bit challenging but still very easy

    • Draw a red line and make white marks between
    • Draw a green and make white lines between
    • Draw the album (this is the hard part). Use blue white and yellow.

    And you're done!



    • Ogadeniaball and Afarball - Biological brothers. We were once part of Adal Sultanateball but then separated thanks to Imperalist pig.
    • Oromiaball - Kebab friend and neighbor. We get along very well.
    • Turkeyball - Although He had once colonized me, I forgave him because he had spread Islam and brought many beautiful cultures, and built many masjids for me. Thank you so much :3. He is a great adoptive father. I don't understand why many people dislike you.
    • Amharaball - I will never forgive him from creating Evil indiel empire but I did anyways. He is very nice now, not Islamophobic, and treats my people with kind manners We have a common enemy. Still, I don't know why you hate Oromiaball?


    • Somaliaball - Long lost Abo, but stop with the piracy. He barely even knows me anymore. :(
    • Ethiopiaball - This country makes very stupid decisions politically. He is very Islamophobic and he causes drama among my brothers Ogadeniaball and Afarball. But so far he had not messed and irritated me because I have protection for being the holiest place in Islam located in Africa, or Africa's mecca.


    • Tigrayball - This annoying Islamophobe bullies everyone and wrecks the place.
    • Ethiopian Empireball - Evil Imperialist who removed my the person who protected me the most from my clay. 1887 worst year of my life. Why did I deserve this? You murdered many of my newly wedded brides. Why. Remove Menelik!!!
    • Harareball - Name stealer!!!



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