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    Adanaball is a cityball of  Turkeyball.

    Adanaball is kinda like the Floridaball of Turkeyball as all of the crazy news headlines originate from there. Some notable ones include some guy shooting at the sun because its too hot and some guy kicking a bomb and defusing it because it ran out of paitence waiting for the bomb squad. Adanaball lies in the heart of Cilicia, a distinct geo-cultural region, at a time, was one of the most important regions of the classical world by being crossroads for religions and civilizations. Home to six million people, Cilicia is one of the largest population concentrations in the Near East, as well an agriculturally productive area, owing to its large fertile plain of Çukurova. Adding the large population centers surrounding Cilicia, almost 10 million people reside within two hours' drive from the Adanaball city center. The city turned into a powerhouse of Cilicia with the Turkic takeover in 1359. It remained as the capital of the Ramadanid Emirateball until 1608, and then the regional center for the Ottoman Empireball, Turkeyball and shortly for the French Cilicia. The cityball boomed with the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, and emerged as a hub for international cotton trade. Here is heart of Kebab, Sırdan, Mombar and other meals...


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