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    Roman Republicball (not to be mistaken by the Roman Republicball (18th century) or the Roman Republicball (19th century)) was the era of classical Roman civilization, led by the Roman people, beginning with the overthrow of Roman Kingdomball.


    Origins and Conquest of Italy

    Roman Republicball was born after the deposition of Etruscan Roman Kingdomball by Lucius Junius Brutus; Roman Republicball's first victim was Latin Leagueball, followed by Etruscanball and Samniumball, after that it invaded Spartan Tarentumball, but Epirusball, cousin of Macedonball defended Tarentumball and started the Pyrrhic War, after the war Romeball annexed most of Magna Graeciaball.

    Punic Wars

    Romeball and Carthageball were initially on friendly terms, even making an alliance agaist Epirusball, but after the Pyrrhic War tensions rapidly built up and war between them starting over Sicilyball, with Messanaball falling to Romeball rapidly, in response Carthageball and Syracuseball made an alliance, but were defeated and Syracuseball changed sides; Romeball then invaded Carthageball itself but were defeated near Tunisball and tried to escape but their fleet was devastated by a storm, but eventually, Romeball won and took Sicilyball, Sardiniaball and Corsicaball.

    The Second Punic War started between Romeball and Carthageball, starting with Punic general Hannibal taking Saguntumball, Romeball hoped that the war would happend outside Italyball, but Hannibal passed in Gaulball, then crossing the Alps but it cost him losing almost half of his troops, but that didn't stop him from going southward in Italyball.

    In Hispaniaball, the situation was overall much better for Romeball. In 211 BC, however, Carthageball successfully attacked the Celtiberian tribes that supported Romeball. The future Scipio Africanus, was then elected with a special proconsulship to lead the Hispanic campaign. In 209 BC, he took Carthago Novaball, the main Punic base in Hispaniaball. After the defeat, Carthageball tried reinforce Hannibal in Italyball. So Carthageball crossed the alps but this time Romeball was waiting for them and defeated it.

    In 205 BC Scipio was given command of the legions in Sicilyball and allowed to enrol volunteers for his plan to end the war by an invasion of Africaball. After landing in Africaball in 204 BC, he was joined by Numidiaball's king and defeated Carthageball again, later, Carthageball recalled Hannibal from Italyball but was defeated, ending the Second Punic War.

    The Third Punic War that followed started when Numidiaball exploited the peace treaty to raid and seize Carthaginian territory and making it declare war and Romeball intreveined by destroying Carthageball.

    Conquest of Greece

    Back in the Second Punic War, Macedonball allied with Carthageball due to wanting to expand their influence westward but Romeball noticed and tried to prevent Macedonball to help Hannibal. Macedonball later began the Second Macedonian War but was defeated by Romeball.

    With Egyptball and Macedonball weakened, Seleucidball prepared to conquer all Ancient Greeceball, even making Macedonball ally Romeball, the situation became even worse by the fact that Hannibal was now a chief military advisor to Seleucidball's Emperor, and the two were believed to be planning a conquest not just of Greeceball but Romeball itself. Seleucidball were much stronger than Macedonball had ever been, because they controlled much of former Persian Empireball, and by now had almost entirely reassembled Alexander the Great's former empire.

    A major Greco-Roman force was mobalized under Scipio Africanus, begining the Roman–Seleucid War were Seleucidball was defeated and never recovered.

    In 179 BC, Macedonball's new king showed a renewed interest in conquering Greeceball. With Romeball's Greek allies facing a major new threat, Romeball declared war on Macedonball again, starting the Third Macedonian War. Macedonball initially had some success. However, Romeball responded by sending a stronger army. This second consular army decisively defeated Macedonball 168 BC, ending the war.

    Convinced now that Greeceball would not have peace if left alone, Romeball decided to establish its first permanent foothold in Greeceball, and divided Macedonball into four client republics. Yet, Macedonball's agitation continued. The Fourth Macedonian War, 150 to 148 BC, was fought against a Macedonian pretender who was again destabilizing Greeceball by trying to re-establish the old kingdom. Romeball swiftly defeated Macedonball.

    Achaean Leagueball, seeing the direction of Romeball wanting direct administration, met at Corinthball and declared war. They were swiftly defeated: in 146, the same year as the destruction of Carthageball, Corinthball was besieged and destroyed, which forced the League's surrender, creating the provinces of Macedoniaball and Achaeaball.

    First Civil War

    After some time, the Republic began to colapse, with Slaves rebelling, Plebs wanting more rights and becoming Proto-Communists and many more issues.

    In the winter in 138–37 BC, a slave uprising happend in Sicilyball, but it was put down.

    In 133 BC Tiberius Gracchus was elected plebeian tribune, he demanded land to the Plebs and wanted the aristocrats to loose an enourmous amont of money, then he was deliberately murdered in the Senate. The same thing happend to his brother Gaius years later.

    Around this time Romeball planned to create a province in Transalpine Gaul that connected Italyball with Hispaniaball (who had a rebellion at the time) but was pacified by Scipio Aemilianus, toghether with Tiberus Gracchus (when he was alive), as well as Jugurtha and Gaius Marius.

    After the rebellion Jurgurtha came back to Numidiaball and killed his relatives to become king, so Romeball invaded it.

    Julius Ceaser


    Ceaser's asassination and begining of the Empire






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