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    San Salvadorball is the capital and the most popular city of El Salvador-icon.png El Salvadorball located in western of its eponymous department

    His National days are from 1-6 of August as the San Salvadoran Festivals. 


    Before the Spanish Empireball's conquest, Pipilballs founded as Cuzcatlan-icon.png Cuzcatlanball placed on the location nearly. The name was changed to San Salvadorball when was founded on 1 April 1525, by the Spanish Guatemala-icon.png Spanish Guatemalaball. On 5 November 1811, San Salvadorball started a Independent movement against the Spanish Rule, and later was adopted by First Mexican Empire-icon.png First Mexican Empireball in 1821 for 2 years, Federal Republic of Central America-icon.png UPCAball as a Federal District in 1834 for six years, and El Salvador-icon.png El Salvadorball as a capital city since 1540.

    San Salvadorball has been as a small cityball until the 20th Century, when buildings are appeared such as Plaza Libertad on 1901 where was celebrated 100 years of First Independent Movement, National Theatre (1901), Hospital Rosales (1922), and Divino Salvador del Mundo Monument (1942). However, the earthquakes has been suffering throughout the centuries such as 1917, 1919, and 1986, plus Inundations.

    Sometimes San Salvadorball can into protests by the corruption and dictatorship since the 20th Century, especially the 1970s when San Salvadorball suffered the cold war effects. And since the post-war era, San Salvadorball can into international community with a neoliberal model, being as one of the most active economy of Central America to develop the cityball as well, althrough their older structures are remembered on the Historic Downtown.



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