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    French First Republicball

    J'aime l'oignon frit à l'huile, J'aime l'oignon quand il est bon. J'aime l'oignon frit à l'huile, J'aime l'oignon, j'aime l'oignon.
    France-icon.png French First Republicball, when marching to fight the Austrians.

    French First Republicball was upside down a historic stateball in France-icon.png Franceball and was a revolutionary Vivelaspin.gif republican régime of the French nation formed during the French Revolution as a successor to New France-icon.png Kingdom of Franceball.

    It was eventually sucked into various wars against Austrian Empire-icon.png Habsburgball, Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Kingdom of Prussiaball, HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Empireball and British Empire-icon.png UKball among many others throughout the late 18th century. It was eventually taken over by Napoleon and was transformed into Napoleonic-icon.png First French Empireball in 1804.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Prior to the French Revolution in 1789, Franceball was known as the New France-icon.png Kingdom of France and was a powerful nation in Europe. During the American Revolution, Franceball aided the ColAmerica-icon.png American rebels against British Empire-icon.png UKball to undermine them and make up for the French defeat in the Seven Years War. This however left the kingdom finically strained and was eventually forced to file for bankruptcy the lack of action by the monarchy led to the revolution and the creation of the French First Republicball in 1792.

    At first, the king was declared a constitutional monarch but eventually, he was downgraded to a citizen until he was executed. French First Republic-icon.png Franceball wanted equality, democracy, and other rights but also wanted to remove anything that had to do with New France-icon.png its parent. So it repurposed Notre Dame into an atheistic temple and replaced many systems in place that had to do with the monarchy.

    French First Republic-icon.png Franceball then all of sudden declared war on many of its neighbors and engaged in fighting against the oppressive monarchies according to French First Republic-icon.png Franceball. Due to the radicalization of French First Republic-icon.png Franceball. Many insurrection groups began to grow tired of the republic and fought against the republic. As internal conflict and war dragged on, France-icon.png Franceball got paranoid about the many aristocrats it sent to jail believing that Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Prussiaball will help get the aristocrats to stage a coup on itself.

    So France-icon.png Franceball had the best idea yet to deal with the aristocrat problem, to kill them all. France-icon.png Franceball did just that and mobs of people stormed the jails like area 51 and killed many of the aristocrats and priests in the prison what became known as the September Massacre. France-icon.png Franceball then thought it wasn't enough so France-icon.png Franceball killed the moderate politicians as well leading to the radicals part of the Jacobin Party to be the dominant party of France-icon.png Franceball.

    France-icon.png Franceball at that point was getting a little paranoid starting the Reign of Terror by setting up the Committe of Public Safety and the Revolutionary Tribunal so it can test his newest invention the guillotine to get rid of its 'enemies'. France-icon.png Franceball also adopted a new religion called Gulliotineism The Cult of the Supreme Being with Robespierre the leader of the Jacobin Party being the god.

    France-icon.png Franceball told many people to the guillotine because of 'anti revolutionary thought' and this lasted until the radicals in the government told Robespierre to the guillotine and executed him ending the Reign of Terror. Afterwards Thermidorians took control of the government and told many of the radicals to the guillotine.

    The war started to turn to the tide of France-icon.png Franceball with a puppet state made called Batavian Republicball and many countries opting out of the war. Eventually one war general called Napoleon decided to storm the directory and Napoleonic-icon.png First French Empireball was born.

    Relations[edit | edit source]

    Friends[edit | edit source]

    Netural[edit | edit source]

    Enemies[edit | edit source]

    • UK-icon.png UKball - MOI WORST ENEMY! REMOVE!!! I hope I could invade you if I had the chance!
    • Austrian Empire-icon.png Habsburgball - Another stupid monarchist. I beat its at the Battle of Fleurus in Austrian Netherlands-icon.png Austrian Netherlandsball.
    • Ottoman-icon.png Ottoman Empireball - I needed to spread my revolutionary ideas in this caliphate mess. So I liberated its Egypt-Eyalet-icon.png pyramid puppet. But stupid UK-icon.png tea had to join in.
    • Haiti-icon.png Haitiball - Stop le uprising! (even though it was directly inspired by mines) Tu are only mu French Saint-Domingue-icon.png prisoner and you don't deserve freedom! Wouldn't that be losing me property?!

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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