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    Belgradeball, formerly Singidunumball, is the capital cityball and the largest cityball of  Serbiaball, and no, the waterway is not full of kebab blood. Belgradeball is known for Saint Sava Church. It's also the 3rd biggest cityball in the Balkans.



    While there has been evidence of tribes living in Belgradeball a long time ago, the most notable ones are Starchevo and Vincha cultures. There has been some evidence that Vincha culture might have invented writing.


    Thracians and Dacians ruled Belgradeball prior to the Roman conquest.

    After the  Gaul invasion in 279 BC, the Scordisci took the cityball, naming it Singidūn.

    In 34–33 BC, the Roman army led reached Belgradeball. It became the romanized Singidunum. In the 1st century AD, the cityball was proclaimed municipium. The cityball was so popular which led to the Roman emperor being born there.

    Middle Ages

    Middle Ages were complicated times for Belgradeball since it was tossed around different nations and tribes. In 539, the Byzantine Empireball finally retook Belgradeball. A bit later, Slavs started moving in. In 829, First Bulgarian Empireball takes over Belgradeball and named it Belogradball.

    For about four centuries, the cityball remained a battleground between the Byzantine Empireball, the Kingdom of Hungaryball and the Bulgarian Empireball. In 1284, the former Serbian king at the time, gets Belgradeball and Syrmiaball from Hungaryball, being the first Serb to rule Belgradeball.

    After the Battle of Kosovo, Despotate of Serbiaball, which had Belgradeball as its capital, struggled. Belgradeball was excellent capital for Serbiaball, full of defense against Ottoman Empireball. But in 1427, Serbiaball had to return Belgradeball to Kingdom of Hungaryball.

    Ottoman Empireball and Kingdom of Hungaryball later had a series of wars in which Belgradeball was the main problem for Ottomans. But on 28 August 1521, the fort was finally captured by Ottomans.

    For centuries, Belgradeball was tossed between Habsburgball and Ottoman Empireball, until it finally ended with being part of the Ottomans.


    In 1804, Serbiaball started First Serbian Uprising, in which Belgradeball was playing a key role. Serbiaball started in Second Serbian Uprising in 1815, but this time they won. Belgradeball finally had autonomy and was ruled by Serbs after so many years.

    In 1878, Principality of Serbiaball, got independence. Belgradeball was, of course, the capital.

    Modern Times and World Wars

    Serbiaball had huge losses in both world wars. After World War I, Belgradeball became the capital of Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball. During World War II, the Serbian library got bombed and thousands of historical Middle Age Serbian documents were burned.

    During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Belgradeball got bombed.

    Today, Belgradeball is proudly the capital of Serbiaball.



    • Serbiaball - My parent. I am its capital and eldest child.
    • Pančevoball - Best friend! We both hate our government and can into being toxic! Also it is my neighbor.
    • Podgoricaball - It is small but strong!
    • Novi Sadball - Good guy! We used to be rivals, but I don't think it cares about Serbia anymore.
    • Užiceball (city) - Why do I like you again? Oh yeah, 2 eye patches.
    • Moscowball and Athensball - Both can into capitals!
    • Nišball - It is cool. But it thinks it is better than me just because it has an airport like mine!
    • Chicagoball - Good guy, but please stop stealing my citizens!



    pl:Belgradeball ru:Белград

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