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    Alta Californiaballl was a past province of New Spainball. He is made up of present day California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexicoball. It's capital was Sacramentoball


    Alta Californiaball is kind of Arrogant as it brags to it's southern folk that it has more Geographic Diversity than them, ie, Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake, etc. It's kind of like the edgy 2000's kid.


    Spanish Empireball had begun colonizing the Americas, and as they removed the Natives they slowley got more northward. They wanted to get northward to Oregon but got lazy and just decided to claim it for themselves. They never colonized it, and it was for awhile De facto under the control of the First Nations. The Spanish Empire was also more focused on the south, where most of their shiny products came from. Alta California was kind of useless. Spain/Mexico ignoring and practicly discarding this territory probably led to the ablement of The Republic getting independence. Eventually, Alta California (Or as it was under Spain's control Las Californiasball was given to the New Nation of Mexico which had just gotten it's independence. Under Mexican rule, Alta Californiaball was split and out came Baja Californiaball, another Mexican State. Other than that, nothing much happened during Mexican rule.


    • Baja Californiaball - My brother I guess. He's part of now and he doesn't have as many Americans as I do. Also not as rebel like as me...
    • Centralist Republic of Mexicoball - Weird father who never payed attention to me until I started rebelling against him. I think he has favorites.
    • USAball - Ah yes. You again. Hmmm... I have mixed feelings. Thanks for pouring all your people into my land. It made Papa kinda mad though. Enough mad that he sent troops into my land. Real swell of ya. Also don't you think slavery is kind of overrated? I don't know. Shower thoughts - or should I say Pacific thoughts. Have fun never reaching the Great Pacific Ocean you pig!

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