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    Democratic Republic of Finlandball was a doctor short-lived puppet government set up by Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball in 1939 during the Winter War against Finland-icon.png Finlandball. It claimed authority over Finland, but really only held territory within occupied parts of Karelia-icon.png Kareliaball.

    History[edit | edit source]

    The Finnish Democratic Republic was established by Stalin-icon.png Stalin upon the outbreak of the Winter War and headed by Otto Wille Kuusinen to govern Finland-icon.png Finlandball after Soviet-icon.png Soviet conquest. The Finnish Democratic Republic was only recognized by the Soviet-icon.png the Soviet Union and nominally operated in Soviet-occupied areas of Finnish Karelia from the de facto capital of Terijoki. The Finnish Democratic Republic was portrayed by the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Union as the official socialist government of Finland-icon.png Finlandball capable of restoring peace, but lost favor as the Soviet-icon.png Soviets sought rapprochement with the Finland-icon.png Finnish Government. The Finnish Democratic Republic was dissolved upon the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty ending the Winter War and merged into the government of the Karelo-Finnish SSR-icon.png Karelo-Finnish SSRball.

    Relationships[edit | edit source]

    • Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball - You are the best! Thanks for invading capitalist fake Finland.
    • Finland-icon.png Finlandball - YOU ARE OF FAKE SUOMI STINKY NAZI!!! I AM REAL SUOMI PERKELE!!
    • Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball - YOU FASCIST SCUM SUKSI KUUSEEN SUOMESTA!!

    How to draw[edit | edit source]

    Just like the flag of normal Finlandball. The flag of Finland is a white banner with a blue Nordic cross.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Catalina Blue 0, 53, 128 C100-M59-Y0-K50 #003580
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Of course like all Nordic countries, the cross symbolises Christianity. Color-wise, some people say the white stands for the winter, while the blue stands for the many lakes and blue skies in Finland.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]


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