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    South African Republicball

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    Transvaalers! Noble was your strive,
    — Volkslied Van Transvaal, ZAR Anthem

    South African Republicball, or commonly reffered to Transvaalball, Transvaal Republicball, or ZARball was a Boer republic that was located in northern South Africa. South African Republicball was born at first in January of 1852, and saw forceful annexation by UKball in 1877. South African Republicball soon later fought for, and won it's independence following it's victory over UKball in 1881 in what is known as the First Boer War. Made up of thousands of Voortrekkerballs, as well as 8balls of northern South Africa, South Africa Republicball expanded and grew wide and far rivaling UKball in influence and it's rich resources. South Africa Republicball maintained independence up until it's death in 1902 in the Second Boer War, where as well as it's brother Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball were incorporated into the Union of South Africa-icon.png Union of South Africaball. South African Republicball is often portrayed, like Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball, ZAR was an excellent marksmen, as well as being fiercely territorial and yet caring for neighboring Boer Republicballs in the region. 

    A fierce advocate for Boer unity in it's early life South African Republicball attempted a union with it's brother, Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball, however infighting had resulted into the outbreak of civil war in the region. This was due to fear that UKball would retract it's recognition of both of the ball's independence. The brief skirmishes in the young life of South African Republicball were known as the Transvaal Civil War. Nonetheless relations with Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball began to deteriorate when war broke out with the neighboring 8-icon.png 8balls, aiding South African Republicball was then later denied any new lands conquered by the two brothers. 

    Nonetheless the two remained close, and with the later outbreak of the Second Boer War over natural resources OOrange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball came to the aid. Both declaring war on UKball launched multiple pre-emptive strikes within UKballs colonies in Colony of Natal-icon.png Natalball, and in the Cape Colony-icon.png Cape Colonyball. However, as the war progressed heavy guerilla fighting as well as the implementation of British scorched earth tactices saw an end to the two's victories and lives. Both were defeated in 1902, but were then incorporated into what would be known as Union of South Africa-icon.png Union of South Africaball.


    Great Trek and Birth

    Predating the birth of South African Republic-icon.png South African Republicball, Voortrekker-icon.png Voortrekkerballs, decendants from Dutch West India Company-icon.png Dutch Cape Colonyball, who migrated from the Cape Colony-icon.png Cape Colonyball for a multitude of reasons roamed the Southern Africa. Around 12,000 of these Voortrekkerballs participated in this 'Great Trek'. Into the South African interior. Multiple autonomous Boer Republicballs were established throughout the Transvaal and Transoranje. Particularly the Transoranje and parts of the Natal were left effectively depopulated as a result of tribal wars between the regional 8balls such as the Zulu Kingdomball. South African Republicball was born as a result of the co-operation of both the Voortrekkerballs and UKball who formally recognized the establishment of an independent Boer Republicball north of the Vaal River 1852 with over forty-thousand Voortrekkerballs.

    Their capital was located near rich gold mines, and much of the income came from this. The Transvaal, led by Paul Kruger, refused to grant political rights to Uitlanders and native Africans. All the while, British Imperialism was on the wane, and the British public's mood turned against the oppression of the sort practiced by the Boers. Under this justification, Cecil Rhodes organized "the Raid" to provoke the Transvaal government, and possibly take it over, which failed miserably. Kruger, perceiving an attack to be imminent, mobilized and invaded Natal (British Zululand), using advanced German Mauser rifles bought using gold profits. After Two Anglo-Boer Wars, Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball (Oranje or Transoranje), South-African Republicball (le stronkest) and Cape Colony-icon.png British Cape Colonyball (BOOO, YOU SUCK) and Colony of Natal-icon.png Natal (ISI ZULU) formed the Union of South Africa-icon.png Union of South Africaball.



    • Orange Free State-icon.png Orange Free Stateball - Transoranje, why not into Union?! Still is brother, and together we shall free South Africa from UKball!


    • Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball - Savage 8ball Kingdom. REMOVE! Massacred countless Voortrekkerballs settling the Natal! But is kind of cool because you can of kicking UK's ass at Isandlwana! (see Anglo-Zulu War)
    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Helped UK-icon.png tea against me, but then became independent and switched sides. Didn't help much aftwerwards.


    • Cape Colony-icon.png Cape Colonyball - Brother? is that you?! Why are you fighting for the British and not us?!??!
    • 8-icon.png 8ball - YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN THE SLUMPS!


    South Africa-icon.png Apartheid doughnut South Afrika is SOUTH AFRIKA FOREVEAR! South Africa-icon.png
    Provinces and dependencies Western Cape-icon.png Western CapeballNorthern Cape-icon.png Northern CapeballEastern Cape-icon.png Eastern CapeballFree State-icon (South Africa).png Free StateballKwaZulu-Natal-icon.png KwaZulu-NatalballGauteng-icon.png GautengballNorthwest-icon (South Africa).png NorthwestballLimpopo-icon.png LimpopoballMpumalanga-icon.png MpumalangaballRobben Island-icon.png Robben IslandballSouth African Antarctica-icon.png Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoria-icon.png PretoriaballBloemfontein-icon.png BloemfonteinballCape Town-icon.png Cape TownballJohannesburg-icon.png Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8-icon.png 8ballKingdom of Zimbabwe-icon.png Kingdom of MapungubweballDutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch Cape ColonyballZulu-icon.png NdwandweballNatalia Republic-icon.png Natalia RepublicballGriqualand West-icon.png Griqualand WestballGriqualand East-icon.png Griqualand EastballGoshen-icon.png GoshenballStellaland-icon.png StellalandballGerman South-West Africa-icon.png UpingtoniaballNieuwe Republiek-icon.png Nieuwe RepubliekballSouth African Republic-icon.png Klein VrystaatballZulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu KingdomballOrange Free State-icon.png Orange Free StateballSouth African Republic-icon.png TransvaalballColony of Natal-icon.png Colony of NatalballCape Colony-icon.png Cape ColonyballBritish Transvaal-icon.png British TransvaalballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Union of South AfricaballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Bantustanballs
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