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    Russia is of suckings!
    — Nivkhball

    Nivkhball is an endangered peopleball that exists in the Manchuriaball-Sakhalinball region of Russiaball. It is quite worried and afraid, sometimes bored and rarely happy.

    Nivkhball's culture is Nivkh with Tungusic elements and It's traditional religion is Shamanism.


    Nivkhball's homeland remains unclear, some have suggested that it originated in Buyeoball and migrated north, while others connect it with the Okhotsk culture of Sakhalinball and Hokkaidoball, where contact between Nivkhball and Ainuball started.


    Nivkhball's culture and language remains alive, though they mostly adopted Russian culture.



    • Ukraineball - I have a small minority there.
    • Japanball - Quite friendly relations for weird reasons.
    • Negidalball - Another bro! :) Also, both of our races have been almost extinct, so another reason to be friends!
    • Mongoliaball - Not Tungusic but we're friends!!!
    • Yukaghirball - Shamanist Bro!
    • Alaskaball - Contains the Yupiks, and the Yupiks are friends with me so we're pretty good.


    • Ainuball - Frenemies. I was made out of yuo but then yuo KICKED my ass out of Hokkaido. Still some complicated relations between us in today's age.
    • Russiaball - I used to hate yuo but yuo seem to be better now. But please don't invade Ukraine!
    • Tungus Republicball - My Tungusic bro, but why did u join Gulag Maniac?
    • Qingball - Well... Yuo were Tungusic and we were coor and all but then yuo became stinky Chinese and yuo of annexed half of me... YOU FOCKING TLAITOR!!!



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