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    Bursaball is a cityball of Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and second capital of Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball. He is one of the more relevant cityballs in Turkeyball and is the 4th largest in the countryball. He is very loyal to its father Turkeyball although sometimes Turkeyball forgets it even exists and barely does anything to develop him.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Bursaball was founded as a town of Bithyniaball in 202, back then it was named "Prusa", named after the Bithynian king "Prusias". After being ruled by Bithyniaball for 128 years, it was annexed by SPQRball along with rest of Bithyniaball. Bursaball was known to be stagnant during Romeball times, and was unaffected by most conflicts the empire and its successor Byzantine Empireball were involved in.

    When the Turks arrived they also took Bursaball. Seljuk Empireball pillaged and burned him down and then left him to Rumball. After switching hands between different beylikballs, Byzantineball finally reclaimed him after the Mongol invasion. But after the Mongols went away, more beylikballs formed. Ottoman Empireball invaded and annexed Bursaball in 1326 and made him their capital. As a result, the cityball witnessed a considerable amount of urban growth throughout the 14th century.

    During Ottomanball period, Bursaball continued to be the source of most royal silk products. Aside from the local silk production, the city imported raw silk from Iranball, and occasionally from Chinaball, and was the main production centre for the kaftans, pillows, embroidery and other silk products for the Ottomanball's palaces until the 17th century.

    Following the foundation of the Turkeyball in 1923, it became one of the industrial centres of the countryball. The economic development of the cityball was followed by population growth and Bursaball became the 4th most populous cityball in Turkeyball.

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