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    Republic of Hawaiiball was a short-lived republic located in the mid-north Pacific, created after USAball refused to immediately annex Provisional Government of Hawaiiball. It was a One Party state, mainly controlled by the 'Committee of Saftey' what a wholesome name, a White Controlled Group backed by USAball.

    After overthrowing Kingdom of Hawaiiball, they drafted a constitution for the Territory and stripped all natives of their rights.


    After Missionaries came to the islands, mostly from Bostonall, they eventually realized cash crops like Pineapple and Sugarcane could be grown very well in the climate. After amassing huge Plantations, the Americans began to request more and more power within the Monarchy, finally coming to the point of the 1887 Bayonet Constitution, in which the new founded USAball Committee of Saftey demanded full reigning power and the ousting of the Hawaiian Monarchy entirely.

    Obviously, Kingdom of Hawaiiball was not happy or good with this at all, and immediately declined. USA's Marines were sent out to help with the overthrow.

    USAball thought that Hawaii was valuable land and, if it wouldn't be annexed by them, it would end up being annexed by Japanball. With great natural ports like Pearl Harbor, USAball could dock as many ships as they could wish for Dream come true!. Not to mention being positioned in the middle of the Pacific meant that power was inevitable.

    The Monarchy was forced to resign, and a new one-party state was put up with guess who in charge? That's right! The Committee of Saftey. After requesting to be annexed by USAball, they were denied as the then president Grover Cleveland was anti-imperialist. This bought a 4 year period in which Republic of Hawaiiball existed.

    The Queen spent her time campaigning in DCball to get the government to subside on their claim, but she was unsuccessful. After a new, more pro-imperialist was elected, Republic of Hawaiiball was admitted as a Territory of Hawaiiball.

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