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    Assyriaball was the ass of Syriaball an ancient countryball. Formerly stronk, it still lives on today as a ethnicityball, but hasn't had clay to itself in thousands of years.


    Assyriaball was one of the first most powerful countryballs. It emerged after the fall of  Urball and at its peak ruled almost the entire Middle East. It conquered  Ancient Egyptball, Neo-Hittiteball, and even made it out as far as  Cyprusball. After its fall at the hands of Hordeballs from the north, its empire was killed by  Neo-Babyloniaball and Kurdistanball's grandparent  Medesball. Its descendants were ruled by various empires, and in more recent times have been sadly been victimized by a dish called kebab. Later on, it converted to Christianity. 

    Ottomanball and Kurdistanball removed it at the same time as they did  Armeniaball, and the two became friends even though Armenia's parent Urartuball was one of Assyriaball's biggest rivals.

    During Ba'athist Iraqball, Assyrians in the majority supported Saddam because it did no religious persecutions against them. However, Saddam did ban Assyrian languages in school but didn’t really have problems with they speaking it in home. Although his regime attempted attempt to Arabize Assyrians sometimes, Assyrians appreciated Saddam protecting old Iraqi culture. However, after  USAball invasions and the fall of Saddam regime they began to be persecuted again by radical Islamists and Kurdish militants (though they were already being persecuted by Kurds since the formation of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan).

    Assyriaball's spirit was killed by barbarian savage ISISball in 2015, when ISIS destroyed Nimrudball and Ninevehball. If Assyriaball wasn't dead, it would summon the gods and suck out the genocidal spirits of jihadi savages, but Assyriaball watches as its children are unable to prevent the destruction of History. One day, Assyriaball may be revived, but not today. ISISball also keeps on killing innocent Assyrianballs because they are Christian.

    There is of problems with Kurdistanball, they complain a lot about Barzani tyranny. But they try to get along at least somewhat. They still try to push one another. But they still focus on work, like middle eastern Germans except hairier. Both are much hairier. And fewer blondes, and their weird languages.

    Regardless, other balls still want them to try to get along, and this will take a lot of wörk.

    Syriaball and Iraqball are its children apparently, and it works with them against ISISball to save their land. Syriaball and Assyriaball get along greatly. It loves that its child is just as stronk as it was in the past and that the fighting spirit runs in Syria! Oh yeah, and Iraq too.

    "No one can see death,

    no one can see the face of death,

    no one can hear the voice of death,

    yet there is savage death that snaps off mankind.

    For how long do we build a household?

    For how long do we seal a document?

    For how long do brothers share the inheritance?

    For how long is there to be jealousy in the land?" - Assyriaball, 2100 B.C



    • Armeniaball - Relatable, as it faced genocide from the Kebab around the same time I did. People of your clay living villages like Dimitrov, Verin Dvin and Arzni.
    • Greeceball - Same as Armenia but I envy the fact that it was genocided on a smaller scale.
    • Syriaball - My descendant who is going through a civil war and is dealing with terrorists. Stay strong my child. And you have stole my name!!. my son he also have a lot of religion like zoroastriasm,jewish,christianity and yea he had a lot of relig- oh wait you kebab now (what is an kebab anyways).
    • Iraqball - My other descendant who has also been going through rough times for almost 2 decades now. Stay strong my child. Also an kebab like his brother (but can you tell me what the hell is kebab is).
    • Swedenball - Thank you for Recognizing Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Genocide lot of assyrians living in your clay.


    • Ba'athist Iraqball - Gave two shits for me, unlike these two. Why did you try to Arabize me though and You Commit Anfal Campaign Against Me and kurdistan Also You Destroy My Churches, Homes, Villeges And Kill People?




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