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    Ottawaball is the capital of Canadaball. He is one of the largest cityballs in Ontarioball and Canadaball. It was founded in 1826 as Bytownball and renamed Ottawaball in 1855. Being on the border with Quebecball, it also speaks French. Besides having the NHL's Senators, it also has an OHL team, the Ottawa 67s. It also has a CFL team called the Redblacks (formerly the Rough Riders).

    Ottawaball also hosts Winterlude, its own winter carnival. When the Rideau Canal freezes over in the wintertime, it becomes a massive skating rink. In fact, it's the longest skating rink in the world.

    Ottawaball also has two major universities: the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. In the winter of 2022, Ottawaball couldn't get any sleep due to excessive honking from the so-called "Freedom Convoy" invading his clay. Thankfully, Prime Minister Trudeau actually did something about it.


    Seven Years' War

    The 3 Treaty of Paris confirmed the conquest of the United Kingdom of Canada. After defeating the French and their native allies in the Maritimes, the city of Quebec on the plains of Abraham, and later Montreal, Great Britain controlled all of Canada. So the area west of Montreal began to receive many English settlers from the United Kingdom. The population of eastern Ontario has also increased following the American Revolution of 1776, with many in the British Empire. Immigrated to Canada with help from the British, who received 200 acres (81 ha) of land and other items to create a new life.


    • Canadaball - The parent, helps speak for it as capital.
    • Torontoball - Guy with an ego, we're better than you at hockey, dummies! We can't count how many times you got eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs against the Bruins. He also uses drugs.
    •  DCball - Good neighbouring friend, GO CAPS!
    • Montrealball - Don't get angry, we'll always be better than you in the NHL, the majority of the time.
    • Calgaryball - You suck at hockey, but unfortunately we suck more...
    • Edmontonball - You suck at hockey, but unfortunately we suck more...
    • Gatineauball - We love you, but we have a better CHL team!
    • Netherlandsball: I sheltered its Royal Family when it was anschlussed by Nazi Germanyball during WWII, and as thanks, it gives us tulips - we have a Tulip Festival every year.
    • Swedenball - Gave me the Senators' star player, Erik Karlsson. (It's gone though..) We love you, Borkman!
    • Oshawaball - Name stealer!

    How to draw

    Draw Ottawaball isn't very difficult:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
    2. Draw a white drawing that seems a 6 (see the flag)
    3. Draw the right part of the ball of this green
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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