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    Aomoriball is a prefectureball of Japanball.

    It can into claimings to be burial site of the Jesus Christ, so it is a local attraction.

    During the Occupation of Japan, Aomori's military bases were controlled by the US military. Hachinohe Airfield was occupied until 1950 and was called Camp Haugen. Misawa Air Base was occupied and rebuilt by the United States Army Air Forces; the base has seen a US military presence since then. Radio Aomori made its first broadcast in 1953. Four years later, the first fish auctions were held. 1958 saw the completion of the Municipal Fish Market as well as the opening of the Citizen's Hospital. In the same year, the Tsugaru Line established a rail connection with the village of Minmaya at the tip of the Tsugaru Peninsula.

    In March 1985, after 23 years of labor and financial investment of 690 billion yen, the Seikan Tunnel finally linked the islands of Honshū and Hokkaidō, thereby becoming the longest tunnel of its kind in the world. Almost exactly three years later, on March 13, railroad service was inaugurated on the Tsugaru Kaikyo Line. The tunnel's opening to rail traffic saw the end of the Seikan Ferry rail service. During their 80 years of service, the Seikan rail ferries sailed between Aomori and Hakodate some 720,000 times, carrying 160 million passengers. It continues to operate between the cities, ferrying automobile traffic and passengers rather than trains.

    Aomori Public College opened in April 1993. In April 1995, Aomori Airport began offering regular international air service to Seoul, South Korea, and Khabarovsk, Russia; however, the flights to Khabarovsk were discontinued in 2004. In June 2007, four North Korean defectors reached Aomori Prefecture, after having been at sea for six days, marking the second known case ever where defectors have successfully reached Japan by boat. In March 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the east coast of Japan. The southeastern coast of Aomori Prefecture was affected by the resulting tsunami. Buildings along harbors were damaged along with boats thrown about in the streets.


    Aomori Cities
    Name Kanji Area in km^2 Population
    Aomori 青森県 824.61 279,133
    Hachinohe 八戸 305.6 225,463
    Hirosaki 弘前市 524.1 172,447
    Towada 十和田市 725.65 61,634
    Mutsu むつ市 864.16 55,741

    ja:青森 zh:青森球

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