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    Chipi chipi, chapa chapa
    Dubidubi, dabadaba
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    Chipi chipi, chapa chapa

    Dubidubi, dabadaba
    Mágico mi dubidubi

    — Christell

    Chileball, officially the Republic of Chileball, is a snake countryball occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Its neighbors are Peruball to the north, Landlocked Boliviaball to the northeast, Argentinaball to the east, and the Drake Passage to the far south. The country is divided into 16 regions, including its capital Santiagoball and its territories, including Easter Islandball, giving it a total area of 291,930.4 square miles, making it the 37th largest country in the world. As of late June 2020, it maintains a population of about 19.11 million inhabitants. Being geographically in Western South America already gives Chile the advantage of joining OASball, Pacific Allianceball, and UNASURball, as well as the UN like almost every other country. Along with having a highly westernized attitude, as well as a strong economy, Chile has also been able to join OECDball.

    Chile is often seen as a very friendly, but a dramatic country at the same time. It has fought wars with almost every one of its neighbors and has the most coup d'états than any other country, totaling 37. One of the wars even ending up landlocking a certain country. Despite its past, Chile does try to move forward, reconciling with its siblings and opening up diplomatic relations. So in the end, Chile may have had a difficult past, but in the end, its ends up shaking it off.

    Its national day is September 18th. It also owns the tallest tower in South America, Costanera Center. It is also located in the same latitude than Australiaball (the northern regions, hot like a desert) and New Zealandball (the central regions, temperate regions). The southern regions are very cold (Chilean Patagonia), because they are very close to the Antarcticaball.

    In 2006 ut was into Female Leadership!

    Personality and Features

    Always trying to be the best, be useful and stays true to your beliefs, Chileball likes to work and looks down at Argentinaball calling it "lazy". Chileball prefers to build small modest houses and monuments while accusing Argentinaball of being a megalomaniac. In fact, Chileball is obsessed with comparing to Argentinaball, its sibling and lifelong-rival.

    Its favorite food includes humitas, completos, asado, cazuela, pebre, porotos or beans in general, papas chilotas (potatoes), Pisco (there's an origin dispute with Peruball over it), wine, beer, corn pie (pastel de choclo), manjar, mote con huesillo, choripan, empanadas de pino, sopaipillas, and a lot of different sandwiches with Chilean bread, like hallulla and marraqueta.

    It can be very are artistic, steady and inspired,in addition to being very efficient in any work carried out, however, Chileball can also be very arrogant and even cold.

    Chile is often seen as a very friendly, but a dramatic country and with a tendency to introvertism at the same time. It likes to swear a lot and other countryballs think it doesn't speak Spanish properly. This last could be true because Chileworm has deformed Spanish to its limit, but it has no problems when dealing with other Spanish-speaking balls.

    Because of its broken and strange Spanish, its laugh is deformed too; its laugh is written like: "jaksjaksjaksjaksjaksjaksjaks".

    Because of Chileball's similarity in flag design with Texasball or North Carolinaball, USAball often mistakes Chile for Texas or North Carolina.

    Malaysiaball also often mistakes Chile for Malaccaball.



    Chileball is the child of Spainball,long ago, the Camanchangoball, a Native American tribe known for owning a long coastline that stretched to 1/3 of Chileball's modern clay. This is because the geographical mountains known as the Andes range, which goes down through Argentinaball and Boliviaball's western borders has isolated the Chilean tribes ( Camanchangoball, Diaguitaball, Atacamaball, Mapucherawr) from other South American tribes. These Chilean tribes would all be soon invaded by the Incaball throughout the years 1474 to 1485 expanding into Chileball's clay. Mapucherawr would be the only one to defeat Incaball, although the reason is unknown.


    Spainball colonized it after the fall of Incaball in 1534. With the annexation of most of its clay in 1541 it became part of New Andalusiaball, but later split off as the Captaincy General of Chileball. Its parent, having nothing to do with it, gave Peruball ownership over it. At first, the land was useless, but eventually made a good spot for agriculture. Spainball attempted to swallow up Mapucherawr (now Wallmapurawr), but failed as Mapuche was of very stronk.


    It was born in 1818 with the assistance of Argentinaball, although it likes to say that it was born in 1810 in order to appear older. (Which is actually correct.)

    As a child, Chileball grew up in a tumultuous neighborhood, but its home, though very poor, was a safe place.

    Chileball learned to swim from UKball and to box from Franceball. When it became evident that Franceball was not a good boxer, Chileball sought apprenticeship under world-class boxer Reichtangle and mastered war thanks to Kingdom of Prussiaball traditions. (Who knew? apparently Reichtangle does have a nice side). It learned to fly from USAball later.

    When it was a child, it had a fight against Peru-Boliviaball. Chileball has been heard claiming that it defeated both Peruball and Boliviaball, though Peruball says that Boliviaball was actually bullying it and Chileworm just got in the way. (Note: Chileball was forced to team up with its enemy Peruball to survive a re-colonzation attempt from Spainball in 1866.)

    War of Pacific

    As a teenager, it warred them again and defeated them in the War of the Pacific (or the Salpter War), when it took many clay from them (including Boliviaball's coast, something the latter never forgot), from which Chileworm extracted guano and a nitrate called salpter, and currently extracts copper, the base of its economy
    Since then, relations with Peruball and Boliviaball are very hostile. It was during this time that it started developing a long-lasting rivalry with its sibling Argentinaball, who took behind its back (according to Chileworm) some clay that Chileworm claimed as its (though it had never used it before), while it was in the war. In the same war, Chileball and Argentinaball anschlussed Wallmapurawr's clay and gained La Araucaniaball, and to this day Mapucheball is still very angry about it.

    In the war, it got support from UKball, while its enemies got support from USAball, so relations with the latter got tense for a while ( USAball even almost warred Chileball in 1891 because it wouldn't apologize about something that happened while they were drunk in a bar).

    In dispute with Argentinaball, Chile wanted ALL of Patagonia which meant anchlussing Santa Cruzball (Argentina), which would had made Chileball a fat worm. But Chileball came to a deal with Argentinaball so that Chileball would only own Western Patagonia.

    This, is how our little worm Chileball evolved to a super long one.

    UKball gave up it's claims to Magallanesball despite Chileball already having a settlement there.

    20th Century

    Chileball was finally being successful, getting rich thanks to the extraction of nitrate and growing taller and taller, when it got very depressed and made a failed suicide attempt in 1891. It was able to recover quickly, though, and later made a great business deal by selling nitrate, of which he was the sole producer, to European balls (they were really into it between 1914 and 1918). During this period, Reichstangle was so into nitrate that it invented a synthetic version, giving a blow to Chileball's business. Sadly, it lost most of its fortune during the early 1930s, after USAball's Great Depression.

    During World War II it didn't want to get into the fight. USAball (now a friend) did manage to make it declare war to Empire of Japanball in the end, but Chileball did nothing else, not even turning into its worm shape.

    On May 22, 1960, one 9.5 Earthquake caused it to shake itself around Valdiviaball and a tsunami came after. It was considered stronkest earthquake ever recorded in history. The tsunami damaged Japanball and Hawaiiball too.

    south. When UKball pronounced its judgment giving the islands to Chileball, Argentinaball (who was in a bad moment in its life) got very angry and, acting like a very bad loser, said it was "unmendably void".
    It even tried to assault Chileball in 1978, but when it was on its way to Chileball's home, a heavy storm started, so it had to turn around, hoping to beat Chileball the next morning. Only Vaticanball's timely phone call stopped Argentinaball from this madness. Thanks to Vaticanball's mediation skills, they made peace again, but they didn't forget quickly.

    During the Falkland Islandsball war, Chileball secretly assisted UKball, Argentinaball's enemy. According to Chileball, it did it because Argentinaball was still violent and unstable, and it was afraid that the fever of a victory could make Argentinaball turn against it again. Currently, they are in good terms and consider all this just common sibling quarrels, but Argentinaball still brings it up during arguments, much to Chileball's dislike.

    Democracy and Economy

    In 1990 Pinochet gave up power and Chileball became democratic again. Using the economic knowledge and constitution from its recent authoritarian period, he became the wealthiest countryball in the neighborhood (something its former successful sibling Argentinaball can't stand).

    As it grew up, it became more peaceful, but it's still used to have stronk military, just in case (who knows, when that pesky Boliviaball craves Chileball's clay).

    Recent History

    On February 27, 2010, local times 3:34 AM, once again an 8.8 earthquake shakes itself off again, triggered a tsunami, and damaged the port in Talcahuanoball. This was the 12th stronkest earthquake in history and around 500 died.

    Currently Chileball is having a hard time deciding if they should change the constitution or not.

    On July of 2020, Chile made the first animated movie in South America called "Nahuel and the Magical Book/Nahuel y el Libro Mágico" with the help from Brazilball

    (Chileball in its snake Version) and Easter Islandball

    Information for Artists

    Flag Colors

    The flag of Chile is made up of two bands of white and red with a blue square in the upper-left hoist side, with a single five-point star in the middle. Just don't get this flag confused with Texasball or North Carolinaball does.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Philippine Blue 0, 57, 166 C100-M66-Y0-K35 #0039A6
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Maximum Red 213, 43, 30 C0-M80-Y86-K16 #D52B1E

    The star represents the guidance toward progress and honor, the blue box represents the sky and ocean, the white band represents the snow covered Andes mountains, and the red stands for the blood of those who fought in the wars.

    How to Draw

    Chileball has a drawing rating of trivial.

    1. Draw a freehand circle
    2. Fill it with white and red, on the top and bottom respectively.
    3. Draw a blue square in the left-hand corner of the white
    4. Draw a white star in it
    5. Draw they eyes and you’re finished!


    Friends / Amigos

    • Nepalrawr - BIG PAULY.
    • Brazilball - HUE HUE HUE Best Friends, but yuo got mi out of mundial, 3-0! Yo mostly blame Argentina por this. Thanks for the collaboration for the movie that WE made. yuo are my true best friend and nobody else but you!
    • Canadaball - Really nice guy. I make the first free trade agreement with it.
    • Chinaball - Trade, profits and manufactures wires from Chile's copper.
    • Indonesiaball - Spain's friend, I don't know it very well but we both can into recognize Palestineball together. Am inspired by yuo master commie killer, Pinochet y Soeharto best Amigo
    • Colombiaball - My main problems with Colombiaball are drugs and immigrants, but Colombiaball's coffee and hot women compensate for it. Also, muchas gracias todos for coming to my place to watch My Angelito on TV!
    • Croatiaball - Many of its people live in me, especially from Dalmatiaball; Gabriel Boric, my current president, is of Croatian descent. It beated Argentinaball in football 3-0, which makes it a better friend to me.
    • Easter Islandball - My child. We had some trouble in 2015 but it still lives with me.
    • Ecuadorball - Old pal. Like me it also warred with Peruball in the past. We have taken distance since then.
    • Finlandball - Ah Finlandball...Good friend very up in the north, levan polkka comes from there also. It used to get bullied in the past for this asshole.
    • Franceball - Realtive and rival. Sorry, but my wine is the best of the world! Also thanks for sheltering my people from the coup d'état, yet still hates the UK for no Reason...
    • Germanyball - It taught me to fight and the order of things. I keep its Prussian marches alive.
    • Haitiball - It's having difficult times, so I sends peace force and aid, but it send me many illegal immigrants in return, who disgust me. Now it's better, so peace force is of comings back.
    • Icelandball - It likes my beaches and I like its fish.
    • Irelandball - Our main hero come from there...nevertheless, I don't know much about it ...But I celebrate Saint Patrick's day !!!. (I guess?)
    • Japanball - I thinks that it is so kawaii. Thanks for creating the Anime, including the time when my director meet your famous director! 2022 NEVER FORGET!!; We both have earthquakes and tsunamis. (I remember when I had declared the war, although we never got to a fight, that times those).
    • Latvia - It like potato 🥔 too much...I think it is very cute.
    • Magallanesball - My other child, is a southern región who want independence (not really) and changes time zone... NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU!, but it gives me sovereignty in the Antarctica, so... is fine, I guess. And stop doing dirty things on sheeps...
    • Mexicoball - Allied against Argentinaball. Although still a little traumatized by that small 0-7 in Santa Clara. It also have earthquakes, it helped me and I helped it with those, ¡Weon and Wey amigos! why u broke my costanera center's record of tallest of Latin America'.
    • New Zealandball - Cool country who live in Oceania...it is pretty isolated like me...and love sheep...wait what??? well, kinda my child Magallanesball. It killed a lots of people recently in a rage estate. Calm down pal..or I call my worm form state...
    • Palestineball - Many Palestinians live here, and also likes fútbol! I think Israelcube is kinda mean to it.
    • Philippinesball - We have similar history and we have been helping each other in the times of need! We both are earthquake prone countries, so it and I both donate to each other to aid our people. Forgive me if the earthquake back in 1960 affected your land with its tsunami, I am truly sorry about that. Also lots of its nannies come to my clay... Also, I heard that you suffered from recent earthquakes. Maybe I can help you.
    • Kingdom of Prussiaball - My Martial Master. It is my inspiration to be the mejor soldier, It trained me so rougly, but they were good and pleasant times....Sadly it die and it leave me all alone. I would like to be like it. I will finish what you started. Someday master I will earn your Pickelhaube, I will never forget the preußische Tugenden.... Preußen Über Alles!!....Preussens Gloria Intensifies!
    • Russiaball - It's OK I guess.... they send us lots of female models, so it's OK. They also sended big plane called "El Luchín" to help us in wildfires.
    • South Koreaball - Asian friend. I gib it fruits and it gib me cars and phones. Nice trade eh???. But you have weird music.
    • Spainball - Parent who loves me, We both can into do not recognize Kosovoball! (Aun asi tus doblajes son pencas como la chucha jkajajjajajaja)
    • Gambiaball and Togoball - They are both skinny like me.
    • Nörgeball - You will can into worm too!
    • Turkeyball - I like its soap operas!
    • UKball - Taught me how to swim and helped me to get clay from Peruball and Boliviaball. (Yet I think it is my real parent?)
    • USAball (Except for Texasball and North Carolinaball) - Almost forgot about Pinochet! We are allies and it loves me. Although you told me and other Latin Americans to break up with North Koreaball, that's business relationship for god's sake that doesn't not hurt anyone, BUT ONE MORE THING, STOP CALLING ME TEXAS OR NORTH CAROLINA! Tell your kids to change their stupid flag! Also 3-0 never forget!
    • Disneyball - The leading actor of The Mandalorian was born in Chile! (This is the wae)
    • Vaticanball - A holy ball. It helped to make peace with Argentinaball.
    • Vietnamball - It kinda can into worm too! Also a great trading partner.


    • Argentinaball - My best frenemy (1978 never forget). Its former president is of my ancestry, and I just beat its on 2 Copa America finals, u hear that, Argie?! But we almost have good relations.
    • Peruball - Hostile but weak ball... I kicked its ass many times! Thing were tense, but relations are currently improving and we has lots of trades. Illegal immigrants and legal issues over borders are the only problems with it now... I will tell a curiosity about it: It eats pigeons HAHAHAHA!!! But it is also the only one that slightly understandings my accent
    • Czechiaball - You “stole” protocol pen from mi. Many made fun of it, including mi hahaha!!. But seriously. Couldn't you of waitings after conference?. But I like Ratafak Plachta tho.
    • Swedenball - It's okay, we are friends now. Also gib IKEA and Minecraft plox?
    • Valparaísoball - Please stop setting yourself on fire and then blaming the companies!
    • Malaysiaball (Except for Malaccaball) - Look man one of your child Stole my flag but our relations is. Fine.
    • Bennettreich Israelcube - I do not really hate you. We have signed numerous bilateral agreements. and we get along but i am also friends with PALESTINEBALL however ¡AM RECALLING MY


    Enemies / Enemigos

    • Boliviaball - You are mi good sibling, but... NO PACIFIC COAST AND SEA FOR YUO! JAKSJAKSJAKJSKAJSKAJS! I WILL USE MI WORM! But however, If you don't become Anti-Imperialista, I'll gib yuo sea.
    • Kosovoball - You cannot into real country JSKAJSKAJSKAJSKA!! KOSOVO ES SERBIA!
    • Venezuelaball - They had gone too far with all this "revolution". OASball and I demands DEMOCRACY. But not a military intervention, I would not like that. DIRTY BOLIVARIAN COMMINIST! Also You were a threat, be glad that I didn't take territorios from you!!
    • Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagoniaball - YOUR NOT A NATION AND NEVER WILL!!


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Chileball.

    Click here to see it.


    The Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Tyranny
    The Triple Entente
    Principal Entente Powers: Franceball United Kingdomball Kingdom of Italyball (From 1915) • Russian Empireball (until 1917) • United Statesball (from 1917) • Empire of Japanball
    Associated allies and co-belligerents: 1914: Australiaball Canadaball Serbiaball Belgiumball Montenegroball Luxembourgball Czechoslovakiaball Assyrian Volunteersball Kuwaitball Egyptball 1915: Nejd and Hasaball Asirball 1916: Portugalball Hejazball Provisional Government of National Defenceball Romaniaball 1917: Greeceball Siamball Chinaball Brazilball 1918: Transcaucasian DFRball Centrocaspian Dictatorshipball Armeniaball
    Nations that declared war on the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: San Marinoball Andorraball Cubaball Panamaball Liberiaball Guatemalaball Nicaraguaball Costa Ricaball Haitiball Hondurasball
    Nations that severed diplomatic ties with the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Boliviaball Dominican Republicball Peruball Uruguayball Ecuadorball
    Nations that were aligned to the Entente, but didn't get involved: Norwayball Monacoball El Salvadorball Tibetball
    Allies of World War II
    The Big Three United Kingdomball (From September 1939) • Soviet Unionball (From June 1941) • United Statesball (From December 1941)
    Allied combatants with governments-in-exile: Free Franceball Polandball Czechoslovakiaball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Netherlandsball Norwayball Greeceball Yugoslaviaball Ethiopiaball Philippinesball
    Other Allied combatant states: Chinaball Canadaball Australiaball New Zealandball Indiaball Southern Rhodesiaball South Africaball Brazilball Mexicoball Mongoliaball
    Co-belligerents (former Axis powers): Italyball (from 1943) • Romaniaball (from 1944) Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Finlandball (from 1944)

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