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    Can't have shit in Detroit Become Humanball is the video game the largest city in Michigancube, USAball.

    It can into human.

    It is known as the Motor City, for being the hotspot of the global automobile industry. Often slandered and unfairly judged, now, it is going through a resurgence with its booming tech scene (fueled by the driverless car movement) and abundance of beautiful architecture, culture and a stunning riverfront.

    Unemployment is on a rapid decline (reduced by half two years in a row) and criminal activity is decreasing, it should also be known that Detoritball had a $63 million budget surplus in 2017.

    Detroitball is often misunderstood since nobody bothers to actually know any facts about it, most will judge Detroitball after some Fox News half-truth, sensationalized soundbite.

    However, Detroitball contributed to USAball's booming pop culture, with Illuminati members rappers and singers. Detroitball is also a significant pillar of USAball's economy and played a critical role in defending USAball in both world wars.

    It is also nicknamed "Hockeytown", for its hockey team the Red Wings (which won multiple Stanley Cups in recent years).  Its other sports teams are the Pistons (basketball), the Tigers (baseball), and the Lions (football - they almost always win their games on Thanksgiving).

    Its closest friend is Windsorball, who lives just across the Ambassador Bridge from it in Canadaball.

    Formerly, Detroitball was a called a ''bankrupt city''. In fact, Detroitball is one of the most dangerous cities not only in Michigancube, but also in the United States. It became poor after the race riots in the 60s. it has 70 000 buildings, 31 000 homes, and 90 000 vacant that are all abandoned in its city.


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