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    Venetoball, also known as Venetosquid, is a regionball of North-Eastern  Italyball.


    A couple of thousand years ago, an empire you've probably heard of called SPQRball conquered its way through the Italian boot, subjugating the local Veneti tribes living in the Venetian lagoon. As time marched on and SPQRball did its thing where it exploded in half, the Venetian lagoon was in a troubled situation. To its north was the Germanic tribes that waltzed their way to Rome and sacked it, and to its east was SPQR... wait, I mean Byzantine Empireball who wanted precious Rome back. All of Italy was retaken by Byzantium as a result. It, along with what would be the Papal States belonged in the province of the Exarchate of Ravennaball.

    Where does our hero Venetoball fit into this? Glad you asked! The folks living in soon-to-be Venetoball wanted to be separate from Byzantium, so they asked politely and Byzantium obliged.

    Serenissima Repubblica!

    Now Veniceball was an independent republic, and they made BANK! When Constantinopleball was sacked in 1204, it took the opportunity to take some islands in the Aegean Sea. was getting super rich off of everyone who asked - (and I mean everyone). All glories come to an end at some point. Napoleon came strolling about being Napoleon and conquering everything and saw that Venice was a pretty nice target. So it took it. Now our serene republic is no more, but Venetoball's story doesn't end there.

    Afterwards and Today

    However in 1814 French First Republicball was defeated and Venice became a province of Austrian Empireball (Lombardy-Venetiaball). In 1848 he revolted as Republic of San Marcoball but it failed. Finally in 1866 he joined Kingdom of Italyball and later adopted by Italyball.

    How to draw

    1. Color the circle of red.
    2. Draw a winged yellow lion with a book
      1. If you're looking for detail, write "PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEVS" on the book
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    pt:Vênetoball pl:Venetoball

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