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    Preußen sollte Deutschland vereinen...
    Mission complete! Praise me! Hail me! On your knees!
    — Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia, Hetalia

    The Kingdom of Prussiaball was a countryball that would later become part of Germanyball, heir to the Prussian virtues of Ruthless Efficiency. For over 244 years it dominated Central Europe with its mächtig armies and united most of the kingdoms and states of the past Holy Roman Empireball into one powerful countryball known as the Kaiserreich.


    In the year 1226, the area known as Prussia was conquered by the Teutonic Knights, a military religious order under the Holy Roman Empire who slowly exterminated the native pagan Old Prussian Baltic tribes with a ruthless efficiency only rivalled by the Templar Knights.

    Their lineage under the Teutonic Knights provided the template for the military virtues and Ruthless Efficiency that Prussiaball (and soon Germanyball) would be renowned for.

    The Protestant Reformation in the early to mid-1500s saw most Prussians convert to Protestantism. In 1525, Prussiaball became a hereditary duchy under Albrecht Hohenzollern, the last grandmaster of the Teutonic Knights in Prussia.

    In 1657, after an invasion by the Swedenball, Poland-Lithuaniaball surrendered sovereignty over Ducal Prussiaball which then became the Kingdom of Prussiaball in 1701 headed by the File:County of Hohenzollern-Hechingen-icon.png Hohenzollern dynasty.
    Kingdom of Prussiaball's power grew and in 1772, under King Friedrich II (Frederick the Great), consisted of the provinces of Brandenburgball, Pomeraniaball, West Prussiaball East Prussiaball, Clevesball, Markball and File:County of Ravensberg-icon.png Ravensbergball.

    It was in Brandenburgball that was built the site of the establishment of Prussia's new capital, Berlinball, future capital of Germanyball. In 1806 it went to war with Franceball but was defeated in 2 weeks.

    A major event in German history was the defeat of Franceball in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, making Kingdom of Prussiaball a world power. It was during this war that in 1870, Otto von Bismarck, Prussian chancellor, and exemplar of Germanic Efficiency, orchestrated the unification of the German states.

    The Kaiserreich was established under Prussian leadership with Bismarck as Chancellor and Berlinball as the capital. Wilhelm II, the last of the File:County of Hohenzollern-Hechingen-icon.png Hohenzollern dynasty, became Emperor of Germanyball (Kaiser) in 1888 and ruled until Germanyball's defeat in World War I.

    After defeat in World War I, Germanyball was forced to give up the Danzig Corridor/Panhandle to Polandball and Danzigball once again became a free city.

    This caused the province of East Prussiaball to be separated from the rest of Germanyball. The Rosenberg District was at this time contained in East Prussiaball.

    After  Germanyball's suicide in World War II, Kingdom of Prussiaball was the initial scapegoat for everything as it was accused of being militaristic, war-obsessed and the creator of Reichtangle. In the Polish and Eastern European territories, Prussiaball has been expelled and ceased to be.

    The old Rosenberg District in now part of the Itawa District of Polandball, and all of the villages now have Polish names. Its heritage still survives through Germanyball to this day though and threugh its child Rhineprussiaball that is a micronation.


    Kingdom of Prussiaball was often hated by everyone else because of being excessively über-strict, a pragmatic, disciplined and merciless workaholic who values efficiency above all. Yet this act of toughness to everybody else was more of a Realpolitik way to protect its adopted children, the Germanyballs, from further abuse and bullying by their neighbors.

    When it came to its stepchildren, even to the too-carefree Bavariaball, it revealed itself to be very caring, concerned only with unifying its fragmented stepchildren countryballs so that they could be strong together.

    Its motivation for the creation of the Reichtangle was to secure a one Fatherland where his Germanyballs could enjoy their own Fatherland secure for themselves and by themselves, no longer abused and bullied by outside powers, a single superpower allowed an opportunity to be the centre of Science and engineering for years to come.

    Even today Germanyball, though remembering itself as a quite punishing and demanding mentor, admires itself and upholds itself as the standard for the efficiency that Germanyball today is renowned for all throughout the world.



    •  Ottomanball - Kebab, we used to be allies in WW1.
    •  Bavariaball - I hope you are happy with your castle of gayness.
    •  Germanyball - Hah.... funny Germany... hah... funny. (U SUCH A FUCKING UBERFOLIGTER, LET MEMES LIVE!)
    •  Great Britainball - Mein War sibling. We kicked Franceball's ass together!
    •  Weimar Republicball - Anouther country I joined, it was poor, that is of sucks
    • Kaliningradball - Mein child. First child we was fusion but sibling stole my it. And i'm so sorry that that bad Swastica sent you to the Slavic Name Stealer. Lucky for you, I am slowly seeping back into you. Yuo are the perfect mix of Slavs And Germans. You belong to me.
    •  Chileball - Mein disciple and Padawan. Is My Only Hope to Reinstate My KAISERREICH! (ze bastard did it between 1973 and the 90's), A very good Disciple.
    • USAball - Mein relative. I of helped it in its war of independence and I taught it mein best military tactics and how to beat its parent. Thats why it now has zhe best army in zhe world.
    •  Swedenball - Mein marchs and helms. Same for Chileball, but still, CHILE ICH BEIN MY TRUE N BLOOD CHILD!
    •  Russian Empireball - Vielen Dank for helping splits  Polen and killing Frankreich. BUT YOU STOLE MEIN NAME!!


    •  Franceball - An evil bitch but ich kicked its ass and stole Alsace and Lorraine clays from its back in 1871. and Napoleon in early 19th Century. Nowadays, it learned its lessons on being arrogant, and today a lover and spouse of Germany, having the child (actually don't tell it but it really Belgiumball's child). But it still is arrogant, My child will always have ze better cars! And one thing...MARINETTE IS A FUCKING MARY SUE.
    • Denmarkball - NEVER FORGET THE FIRST SCHLESWIG WAR, AS I WON THE SECOND! Sorry Dane, but Schleswig-Holstein truly belongs to us! Don't even bother trying to fight mein glorious reich!
    • Poland-Lithuaniaball - Anschlussed it three times through the partitions of Poland. (MY SABATON SONG IS BETTER HÖ HÖ!)
    • Austrian Empireball - It was one of my greatest rivals. I eventually triumphed over it. We became allies later.
    •  Spainball - During the Succession War, stinking Frog-loving Bourbons don't belong on the throne!
    • Duchy of Warsawball - GIB CLAY YUO STUPID "COUNTRY"!!!!


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