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    British Burmaball was a British colonyball in the Indian Subcontinent. It became part of the British Empireball after the Konbaung Dynasty collapsed in a war in 1885.


    In 1824, a war broke out with the Konbaungball and the British East India Companyball, an earlier version of the  British Rajball. Konbaung, the last kingdom of the Burmese, lost parts of their territory ( Arakan, Tennasserim, Assamball, Manipurball, Tripuraball and others) were given to the British Raj. In 1852, another war broke out, and Lower Burma was taken.

    In 1858, British East India Companyball was given new clothes and was renamed British Rajball. British Burmaball always saw British Rajball as a fatherly kind of ball despite British Burmaball being created before British Rajball.

    In 1885, the British forces aimed for the capital of the dynasty, Mandalayball. The British were attacked by mainly naval forces since they couldn't get their way in and out of the jungle, and they won. All of Burma was taken and it became the start of British Burmaball and the end of the Konbaung Dynasty.

    In 1914 and 1940, UKball gave it guns to fight Reichtangle, Nazi Germanyball and Kingdom of Italyball.

    In 1937, UKball made British Burmaball a separate colony or crown colony. British Burmaball was glad because they hated the Indians

    In 1942, in the Second World War, the  Japanese Empireball invaded British Burmaball and won. It became the State of Burmaball and for a five-year period, there was continuous fighting between the British Rajball and the Japanese Empireball. In 1947, the State of Burmaball dissolved and the clay was given back to the Brits.

    From 1947, the British Rajball gained independence, and the new country was planned from then on.

    In 1948, the planning was done, and  UKball gave British Burmaball independence. British Burmaball then renamed itself Burmaball.


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