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    Uttarakhandball, formerly Uttaranchalball is a stateball of  Indiaball.


    Uttarakhandball was adopted by Indus Valleyball, Vedicball, Kuru Kingdomball, Panchalaball, Magadhaball, Mahajanapadaball, Haryankaball, Shishunagaball, Nandaball, Mauryaball, Guptaball, Garwhal Kingdomball, Delhi Sultanateball, Vijayanagara Empireball, Mughalball, Khandesh Sultanateball, Marathasaur,  British Rajball and  Indiaball. Uttrakhandball means Northern landball/sectionball. In the past, Uttaranchal Pradeshball fought for independence from Uttar Pradeshball because of a massacre which enraged many people and formed many riots.

    How to draw

    Drawing Uttarakhandball can be difficult:

    1. Draw a circle. 
    2. Make a green line 3/4 from the left.
    3. Draw a circle with a purple outline.
    4. Color everything within the green line and outside of the purple circle dark green.
    5. Divide the blank part into 3 triangles.
    6. Make the upper triangle purple and add a crescent by it's side in the middle.
    7. Color the bottom triangle baby blue and add a white circle; leave the middle triangle white/blank.
    8. Go back to the purple outlined circle and make a mountain range with snow.
    9. On the middle of the mountain range, add a black peak on the top. 
    10. Surround the remaining parts of the mountain with a sun.
    11. Draw rays shining out of the sun.
    12. Draw the eyes.
    13. Enjoy with your new Uttarakhandball!


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